What is a Rowing Exercise?

A rowing exercise is as simple as rowing a boat. Though it looks simple, it involves quite a lot of muscles. The rowing workout involves the whole body muscles and increases your stamina. Try using the rowing machine, and you will be out of breath within a short period. In the long run, you might even notice the muscle gain in different parts of the body. In order to do an effective rowing workout, keep rowing with full force and pressure for one minute and take mild strokes for the next one minute to relax the muscles. This helps you go on with the exercise without taking many breaks.

Which Muscles are Exerted while doing the Rowing Exercise?

The rowing exercise engages all the body muscles. The primary muscles that work during this exercise are the legs, arms, core and glutes. Doing this every day can increase your endurance levels and help you perform better. Experts say that rowing activates twice the muscle mass than any other exercise. A single action of the rowing exercise can work on the hamstrings, glutes, core and back muscles. Rowing strokes even have an effect on the lower body, like the quadriceps.

When to do Rowing Exercise?

An upright rowing exercise is usually done on an empty stomach in the mornings. Those who don’t have time to work out in the mornings can do it in the evenings. But the best results of rowing workouts are seen when you do it on an empty stomach.

How to do Rowing Workouts?

A seated rowing exercise can be done with the help of a rowing machine at the gym. Choose to do the rowing exercise for back muscles and legs. It helps you maintain a good posture and stay fit. The method of rowing has four steps. Let’s take a look at it:

Step 1: Catch

Sit straight in the rowing machine with your back straight and shoulders firm. Keep your arms straight and hold the string so that you can row effectively. Keep your feet into the shaft to lock them, so they don’t slip away while rowing. Once you come to this position, you are ready for the seated rowing workout.

Step 2: Drive

For your next step, push yourself backwards with your legs. Ensure you pull the strings with your arms while pushing your legs behind. Once your legs reach a straight position, lean slightly back or maybe up to 45 degrees. Hinge at the hips so that you don’t slip off your seat.

Step 3: Pull

This is the final movement where you pull the string and the handle towards yourself. Then, slowly pull the handle close to your torso and get back to the initial position.

Step 4: Recover

Recovering is getting back in position and again starting from the catch. While recovering, let your hands loose and lean forward to bring the torso over the legs.

Is it Good for the Abs?

Yes, the rowing exercise benefits the abs as it squeezes the ab muscles while you pull and get back to the initial position. The action where the knees are bent and brought near the chest as much as possible gives pressure on the abs and helps in toning them. Even the standing rowing exercise has a good effect on the ab muscles. The rowing exercise targets the body energy systems and gives a strong core. The stubborn fat in the stomach is difficult to burn and can be done by doing the rowing exercises daily.

Does it have an Effect on Fat Loss?

Fat loss is the initial stage of fitness. One has to undergo fat loss in order to stay fit and healthy. The unwanted fat in the body is burnt by doing various exercises. The rowing exercise is not only a good lower body workout but also a complete package where the entire body is put to strain and helps you stay in form. You can do bent-over rowing exercise for fat loss or after your regular cardio workout, which shows excellent results.

What are The Types of Rowing Workouts?

Rowing workouts are plenty in number. Here are a few that helps you stay fit and healthy.

1. Included in the Warm-up Session

Rowing exercises can be a part of the warm-up sessions before doing weights or deadlifts. Try doing them for about 5 minutes and then increase the timing gradually.

2. Used in Core Exercises

The main purpose of core exercises is to strengthen the muscles around the spine and protect the spine. The rowing exercise is a major exercise that works on the core muscles and has many other benefits.

3. It is a Part of the Cardio Workout

It can be an excellent cardiovascular exercise as you might be out of breath while doing the rowing exercise just for a few minutes.

Who Should Avoid Rowing Machines?

Those with spinal cord problems and back injuries should stay away from the rowing machine as there are chances of causing more damage to the muscle. Those with minor sports injuries can also avoid the rowing machine as this exercise involves the entire body and can increase the problem. It is best to ask the doctor if you can use a rowing machine and then go for it. 

hose recovering from surgery should not use the rowing machine, as it may affect the stitches. But once the stitches have healed, you can get back to normal exercises.

We can also do the rowing exercise at home with the help of a rowing machine. For those who cannot afford a rowing machine, never mind, hit the gym and try doing the exercise for at least 10 minutes. Beginners can start with 10 minutes and gradually increase the time, whereas practice can give it their best shot. It can be a part of the home workout or the indoor workout. Make maximum use of this exercise to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

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