Life is insanely busy for almost everyone around the globe. This is the tempting factor for anyone to directly kick start with the workout and skip a warm up exercise or stretching session. Easing out the muscles and driving them into an exercise mode is the first step prior to a strenuous workout session. Warm up exercise is a low-key exercise that is performed before the main event. Warm up exercise and stretching are two major essential pre-workouts to loosen the muscles and initiate the heart pumping to get geared up for the main workout. Warm up exercises before workout are usually done for 5 to 10 minutes, and one should increase the period of them if the training is going to be intense. Full body warm up exercises always have critical components that increase the body's temperature and activate the muscles to promote the main workout and maximize the results.

Types of Warm Ups

The list of warm up exercises are:

Arm Circles

These are the best warm up exercises to loosen up the tension prevailing on the shoulder and joints. It is done by standing with the feet wide apart and the arms to the sides. By swinging the arms forward in a circular motion, one must loosen up the shoulder muscles. The circular movements are continued eight times and then for another eight times in the opposite direction on both hands.

Hip Circles

These are the best warm up exercises before workout to loosen the hip muscles and prepare the lower body exercises. This is done by standing with the feet together and raising one knee to 90 degrees. Then by making a circular motion with the hip out and with the knees, it is done eight times. Switch the direction of the circle another eight times and repeat on the other leg. One should make sure that this movement is done by creating wider circles. This is an effective back pain exercise as it reduces the stiffness of the hip muscles.


Workout warm up is a process that targets stretching the hamstrings and activates the core. This will also increase the pumping of the heart even more. This is done by placing the feet and hip wide apart and arms on either side of the body. Then by bending the hips and reaching out to the floor with the hands, one should crawl to a high plank position. Pausing for a few seconds, the person should crawl back to their feet and stand up. This is considered as one rep, and it is done for eight consecutive reps.

Jump Rope

Another kind of full body warm up exercises wherein the heart rate is pumped up instantly, and the body's temperature goes up quickly. This is done by grabbing a rope jumping for two minutes continuously.


Workout warm up initiated by squats is considered very efficient for the glutes, quads, and hamstrings. This is considered best to be done before strength training. This is done by standing with the feet apart to the shoulders' width, and toes turned out slightly with the hands-on chest. By bending the knees, the hip is squatted by bringing the butt down to the knee's height. One should take care to hold the chest high.

Side Lunges

These types of warm ups work the lower body muscles and help to strengthen the legs, hips, and glutes. A side lunge is made by standing with the feet wide apart. Then by squatting to one side by bending that knee, the other leg is maintained straight. By pausing briefly for a few seconds, the side lunge is performed to the other side. Eight such reps are done with one to three sets depending on your stamina.

Benefits of Warming Up

The essential benefits of warm up exercise before a workout are:

  • The list of warm up exercises mentioned above will increase the body temperature. It tends to activate all the joints and muscles for a good workout session.
  • Warm up exercise increases the flexibility of all the muscles and joints in the body.
  • Warm up exercise increases the circulation of blood and therefore provides oxygen to all parts of the body.
  • Warm up exercise tends to increase the range of motion of the body parts.
  • Warm up exercises for kids lowers the risk of injury that a body is prone to through a high-impact exercise.
  • Best warm up exercises cause less muscle tension and lessen the pain and stiffness by relaxing them.
  • Warm up exercise also helps in muscle relaxation.
  • Warm up exercise prepares the muscles and the nervous system to perform better during the main workouts.
  • Warm up exercise increases the performance levels.
  • A warm-up gradually revives the cardiovascular system in the body.

Warm up Stretches

The excellent warm up exercises for kids are nothing but stretching. The warm up stretches increase the overall workout performance, and it includes a dynamic stretch that warms up all the key areas of the body. This is also a type of workout warm up that has to be performed roughly for 8 to 10 minutes. Static stretches are the ones done post-workout. These various types of warm ups stretches are:

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Standing Quad Stretch
  • Hamstring Stretch
  • Walking Lunge
  • Side Stretch
  • Bridges
  • Pigeon Pose
  • Open Lizard

Bottom line

By overlooking all the above points, exercising without a warm-up or stretching exercises is a big no-no. Warm up exercise will push a person hard from zero to hero. We can conclude that warm up exercise and warm up stretches are vital to any exercise regime. The body will always need to get prepared before launching into any workout. The main goal is to reduce the chance of injury in an individual, which is the most crucial concern. And to sum it up, one should also understand that if he/she is new to fitness or has any medical issues, he/she has to consult a doctor before performing anything on their own necessarily.

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July 22, 2022

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