Goals are the stepping stones upon which dreams are turned into reality. For a successful life journey, motivation acts as an enabler. It helps in realizing our objectives. It is a defining factor that turns a good thought into action and positively impacts our confidence, relationships, and the world around us. Motivational stories of famous personalities tell us about the key to their success and inspire us to change our thinking, working, and behavior. No matter the adversity, these individuals have won in their respective fields because of their undying determination, strong motivation, and relentless perseverance. These stories make us realize that it is essential to step out of our comfort zone to chase a dream. Even if we fail in our pursuit, we should pick ourselves up and try again. Failure, after all, is just a way to learn and grow.Motivation can be compared to the spark that ignites an engine to move. You may be born talented or have acquired the best skills, but you cannot reach far in life without motivation. With the right examples to motivate, it becomes easier to be innovative, plan, take corrective measures to deal with changing circumstances.

  1. Work-life & personal life balance

Work plays a significant role in our lives as our earnings ensure there’s food on the table, and medical bills are paid when we’re not well. However, one must remember that harmonious work and personal life balance can improve health, productivity, and ultimately performance. Balancing personal and professional life is not easy for all. In today’s unpredictable world and demands of the modern lifestyle, it is essential to maintain work-life & personal life balance. So, set realistic short-term and long-term goals that can be achieved without getting stressed. Implement time management strategies and avoid distractions that derail your attention and productivity.

  1. Freedom To Fail is Vital If you’re Gonna Succeed

Ego is a part of our identity that we consider as ‘self.’ This sense of self-esteem sometimes dictates our reactions to situations and people around us. Research says that over-exerting our egos can lead to exhaustion and stop us from learning from our failures. As per the success mantras by Jonty Rhodes, we learn that it is ok to fail at times. Instead of growing defensive or experiencing fear at the thought of failure, we need to use our failure to make us stronger, discover new paths. Failure causes the taste of success sweeter and increases our appetite to take chances in life.

  1. Getting Stronger For Women

Contrary to popular belief, women can lift heavy weights while exercising and do compound exercises like deadlifts, rows, and squats. Weight Lifting for Women can yield faster and more dramatic results. Lifting heavy weights tones a woman's body by bringing out her natural curves and body structure. Since females have lesser testosterone levels than men,  their bodies become smaller due to more muscle and less fat after lifting heavyweights. They become leaner and curvier, which often leads to becoming more self-confident. Research also proves that an adult woman feels excellent and becomes more energetic by lifting weights and workouts. Weight-lifting also prevents muscle loss in older women by burning fat. Strength training reduces the risk of injuries by the production, which is the primary fiber of connective tissue. Weight lifting reduces the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular problems, boosts energy levels, enhances fitness and flexibility, relieves stress, and improves sleep quality.

  1. Hard Work & Self-Discipline

There’s a saying that ‘When talent does not work hard, hard work beats talent.’ There are no shortcuts or easy pills to success. It is just not an academic qualification that takes you places.  Hard work and the discipline to see things through will work wonders for your growth plan. Establishing a solid work ethic requires perseverance, patience, and, most importantly, motivation. Those who are persistent and patient management to get the desired result. Self-discipline teaches us the values of commitment, consistency, and how to deliver on promises. Instead of being driven by impulse, one learns to evaluate the situation by logic and make better decisions that lead to success. Review your actions at the end of the day to increase your self-awareness. Analyze which ones supported your long-term goals and which ones didn’t.  This way, you will learn to ignore distractions, cope with stress, and perform better in life.

  1. Following Your Passion is the Key To Success

Reconnecting with your childhood is essential.  Never give up what you were good at in childhood. As children view the world with an uninterrupted sense of wonder and awe, their imagination runs wild, and they think they can be the next change-makers of tomorrow. And why not? Instead of the ‘safe roads’ that lead to occupations people are not thrilled about, it is better to embrace childhood dreams that relieve stress and hopefully lead to a rewarding career. Passion is synonymous with motivation. It is the key to happiness and fulfillment in every sphere of life. Channeled properly, it can become a competitive edge over others who are working for everyday existence. It is the fuel that makes you cross the most significant obstacles and eventually leads to success against all the odds.

  1. How To Be cheerful In an Imperfect World

It is so easy to be overwhelmed and complain about the negativity of the world around us. In such a situation, we tend to search for signs of happiness. Instead of getting nostalgic about the long-gone ‘good-old-days’ or carrying the invisible burdens of regrets and fears, it is better to look within. Gift yourself each day a moment of cheer, a smile, and be grateful for what life has already bestowed upon you. Participate in the festival of life, however imperfect it may be. Instead of considering yourself to be a victim of circumstances, take responsibility for your actions. Look for the controllable, make plans, focus on them, and treat yourself with small joys of life that bring fulfillment. We need to emphasize the importance of compassion and a contemplative attitude to develop as creative, autonomous, and emotionally mature human beings.

  1. Create Your Will Power

Self-control and willpower are necessary to accomplish anything in life. We often succumb to temptations, excuses, negative traits, and impulses like inaction and laziness that leave our goals unaccomplished. People with substantial willpower delay instant gratification, overcome obstacles, change habits, and achieve success. Adopting daily healthy practices like creating and meeting self-imposed deadlines, a fitness regime of yoga and meditation can strengthen your willpower. Mahatma Gandhi had once said that ‘strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will’. So believe in yourself that you can, and you will find the courage to make choices that will lead your path to success.

  1. Focus on the Journey, Not The Goal

It’s easy to get lost in a routine while we are chasing a deadline or regularly performing the same set of tasks. However, this can hinder growth and expansion in other areas of interest. By expanding our minds to learn and challenge ourselves to try new things, we gain valuable experiences through that journey of discovery that can be cherished for a lifetime. Big goals can be scary and intimidating. We need to realize that small wins and slow progress multiply to bring greater happiness in the long run. Celebrate the progress and enjoy the journey by keeping track of what you’ve accomplished with a list of tasks already completed. This will boost motivation, heighten your positive thoughts, and sustain your productivity.

I hope these motivational tips help to reignite your passion and pinpoint your purpose to achieve your dreams. Intensify your motivation to start with a fresh outlook and determination to succeed. However, being passionate about what you do helps to stay motivated with a sense of genuine excitement. Regardless of how challenging your journey of life is, cultivate a curious mind, take risks while protecting your accountability, which are the keystones to prolonged success. We can remember the quote by William Jennings Bryan, who says that “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.”

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