Why is Vitamin D important to our health? Vitamin D is necessary for the human body in a large way as it monitors the strength of the bones, teeth and protects us from a range of diseases like type 1 diabetes, flu, blood pressure, allergic sensitization, etc. Vitamins are resources that cannot be produced by the body and have to be taken through diet. But Vitamin D is also known as a prohormone that can be produced by the body. Regular exposure to the sun can stimulate your skin to produce enough vitamin D that is more than sufficient for your body. All of us know that Vitamin D is most needed for the regulation of calcium and maintenance of phosphorus levels in the blood. But most of us don't see the importance of Vitamin D in fighting the battle against depression. Here are a few factors of how important is vitamin D in our daily lives fighting depression.

Importance of Vitamin D in healthy brain function

Vitamin D is like food for the human brain. It carries a cholesterol backbone and is as effective as steroids when it comes to healthy brain function. Vitamin D itself is a fat-soluble hormone that plays an important role in brain health. Once the brain is sharp and active, it can reason out the emotional factors and avoid depression. Recently experts have said that the importance of Vitamin D3 is like a neurosteroid that performs various actions in the brain to keep it alive and active always.

How does Vitamin D work for the brain?

New research states that the deficiency in Vitamin D affects a type of brain scaffolding that supports the neurons. This scaffolding is otherwise known as perineuronal nets that form strong supportive mesh-like structures around certain neurons to stabilize the contact between the cells and neurons. These neurons send signals all over the body for proper functioning. The importance of vitamin D in the body is that it helps the brain send proper signals and supports memory function. Lack of vitamin D in the body may cause loss of the support of perineuronal nets and may have trouble in maintaining the connections. It ultimately leads to a cognitive malfunction of the brain. Hence the importance of vitamin D in the body is to maintain good health of the brain and increase memory power. A good healthy brain being able to reason out and balance emotions can avoid depression.

Resists extreme mood swings

Those who are fighting depression and might have heavy mood swings must start taking supplements of vitamin D. The importance of vitamin D is not known to many of us as we have mostly been concentrating on vitamin C and E all these years. Depression can make you feel low and not able to get up from bed in the mornings or sulk in your room the entire day. Study about vitamin D importance has helped doctors and psychologists give Vitamin D to patients who are battling depression. One will be able to handle their mood swings better if they have a balanced portion of Vitamin D in the body. You can also recover slowly with the help of therapy, and Vitamin D. Many rehabilitation centers and mental health centers give vitamin D supplements to their patients to recover quickly and enhance proper brain functioning.

Regulates better sleep

Sleep is a major factor to be considered while fighting depression. If one does not sleep and give rest to the brain, he or she may not be able to handle the rest of the day and end up having terrible mood swings. Vitamin D's importance is so that the brain can rest and give enough sleep when given supplied with Vitamin D. It also is a part of an important antioxidant in the brain that induces sleep and allows the organs to function properly. Improper sleep can cause the malfunctioning of all organs of the body. There is a connection between the nervous system of the brain and vitamin D that regulates better sleep at night. Doctors and psychologists explain Vitamin D's importance to their patients who are battling depression and loss of sleep.

Instigates the happy hormones in the body

Vitamin D is a neurosteroid and is responsible for the maturity of the brain. It has a major impact on the growth of the brain muscles. It stimulates the most important antioxidant in the brain that impacts adult brain functioning and helps instigate the happy hormones in the body. These hormones fight back depression and keep your brain healthy and happy. It also plays an important role in neurological conditions. It is neuroprotective and regulates the immune system.

Gives energy to the mind and body:

As said earlier, Vitamin D is a major food for the brain. It is the main component that keeps the neurons around the brain active and in proper function. Vitamin D varies between individuals who result in a sound mind and body. There is evidence that vitamin D deficiency can strike the right balance between the heart and mind. It gets you emotionally stable to avoid depression and continue with your day's work happily and pleasantly. There is also strong evidence through clinical trials that Vitamin D can cure brain disease. So if brain disease itself can be cured, why not depression?

Reduces the risk of depressive symptoms

Suppose you have not fallen into the traps of depression yet, but are moving towards it, like finding mild symptoms such as lack of sleep, loss of appetite, etc., it's time you check your Vitamin D3 levels. Do a Vitamin test and a Ferritin test or a Full Body Checkup to know the status of your health and regulate them at the earliest possible. The faster you get to know your depression symptoms, the better for you. Get help from your family and your loved ones to focus on a healthy diet, adequate sleep, and mental stimulation.

No side effects

The best part of Vitamin D is that it has no side effects. Consumption of sufficient Vitamin D will only provide you with good bone health and proper nerve function. Vitamin D's importance is to be spread to all those who feel depressed and emotionally unstable. It also fights fatigue, bone pain, muscle weakness, muscle cramps, and muscle aches. The benefit of Vitamin D goes on and on. They may even help prevent some types of cancers.


It is important to get a full-body checkup after you have recovered from depression to know the status of your health. Vitamin D deficiency is mostly due to lack of exposure to sunlight, inefficient production in the skin, lack of vitamin D in the food you intake, etc. Those with gastrointestinal disorders, renal diseases, and liver diseases may also lack Vitamin D. Excessive fatigue and tiredness may also be a sign of Vitamin D deficiency. Hence it is important to take enough supplements to improve brain health, energy levels and fight depression. You can also consult a doctor if you are not able to handle it by yourself. Include Vitamin d in your diet as much as possible to stay healthy and fit.

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