1. Zesty PaneerThis is a quick paneer recipe that comes packed with an amazing assortment of flavoursbrought about by lime zest, oregano herbs, paprika powder, lemon juice, and garlic. Everyingredient adds its subtle flavour to the recipe. This grilled paneer recipe can be enjoyed withsalads and cool drinks.

   2 Gremolata Grilled Paneer with Pesto QuinoaIt is a mouth-watering Italian, simple paneer recipe that can be cooked in a healthy style.Prepare soft paneer steak and garnish it nicely with Italian Gremolata. Serve it with sautéedveggies and Basil Pesto Quinoa. You can do away with cream sauce and keep it healthy. Itis high in protein and good for growing kids.

3. Paneer MasalaIt is one of the most traditional paneer dishes that is cooked in most of the Indian households.Health-conscious people can prepare this easy paneer recipe at home sans butter or cream.Use onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, and whole Indian spices to whip up this delectable dish. Itis high in protein and very nutritious for people across all age groups. Garnish it will long slits ofgreen chilies and fresh coriander leaves.

4. Paneer Pudina MasalaThis dish is slightly different from quintessential paneer masala recipe commonly cooked inmost of the Indian households. In this recipe, freshly cut pudina or mint is added which impartsits subtle flavour to the recipe making it more flavoursome. You can also use the puree of freshmint to give a lovely minty flavour. Serve it for lunch or dinner with piping hot rotis or pulao.

5. Achari Paneer with 3-Leaf RotiPeople who love typical pickle-flavour in their food love this recipe. It is made using typicalpickle masalas that bring a lip-smacking flavour. Some of these masalas which are easily foundin every Indian household are mustard seeds, fennel seeds, cumin, kalonji, fenugreek seeds,and more. Kashmiri mirch added to it. Add tomato puree and ginger garlic paste and add softdices of paneer to the gravy. Serve it with 3-leaf roti.

6. Chilli PaneerPeople who love typical Chinese flavours can go with this best paneer recipe that involvesadding sauces like Soy sauce, chili sauce, vinegar with a hint of sweet. This recipe requiresveggies like capsicum, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and a lot of spring onions for garnishing.Serve it hot with fried rice or noodles.

7. Chipotle Paneer BurritosWhen looking for a filling and healthy snack choice, this dish proves to be the best choice. Youcan enjoy guilt-free burritos using wheat burrito wrap. Add a healthy filling of scrambled paneerMexican rice, and mashed beans. Flavour it with classic pepper and onion mix. Use high-fibrered rice to make it a healthier option.

8. Paneer KormaMughlai food lovers are sure to relish this amazing paneer recipe. It is a scrumptious paneerdish served with hot chapatis or rice. Go with mild Indian spices and tangy tomato puree toprepare this dish. Go easy on butter and cream to keep it healthier and low in fat. Garnish it withlong juliennes of ginger and coriander leaves.

9. Kadai PaneerIt is another one of the most popular and easy paneer recipes cooked in many households.This recipe can be made rich and delectable by adding a crushed cashew base. It will give it aricher and creamier texture to the recipe. Add dices of capsicum, onions, and tomatoes with softcheese cubes. Serve it with roomali roti or naan.

2. Achari PaneerIt is a delectable and mouth-watering paneer recipe. It is cooked using tangy tomato, onionmasala tossed with typical Indian spices to give it a pickle like a flavour. Use Kashmiri mirch fora nice colour and flavour and serve it with hot Rotis. When cooking this recipe, fresh curd canalso be added to the recipe to add a hint of yoghurt in the dish which brings out the bestflavours. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves to make it presentable.

11. Cashew Paneer with Ginger-bell Pepper RiceBring the amazing flavours of the far east into your kitchen when whipping up this delicacy.Roasted cashews, colourful bell peppers, and diced cottage cheese are tossed together withmushroom oyster sauce and tangy soy sauce. Serve it with brown rice made with an infusion ofginger and garnished liberally with spring onions.

12. Paneer Khatta PyaazIt is undoubtedly one of the bestselling cottage cheese recipes cooked with typical Indianspices. This dish gets its khatta or tangy taste with caramelised onions that add a tangy flavourto a tomato-onion gravy base. People who are into healthy eating can cook it without butter andlow fat. Serve it with piping hot rotis.

13. Peri Peri Paneer SaladWhen planning to throw a lavish dinner, add this sizzling salad, an easy paneer recipe to yourdelectable spread. Add a delightful twist to this recipe by adding peri peri marinade, oregano,and black pepper. Balance chilli flavour of the salad by placing cut mangoes at the top. Thishigh-protein paneer is sure to tantalize taste buds.

14. Paneer RollKids and adults alike love sinking their teeth into this delectable roll made using soft cottagecheese. This is a quick and easy paneer recipe packed with delectable flavours. Paneer ismarinated in lemon juice, kasoori methi, hung curd, veggies like capsicum, onion, and zucchini,and Indian spices. Roll it in whole wheat parathas.

15. No-cream Paneer LababdarIt is another one of the several of most liked, delightful, and simple paneer recipes. This recipeis quick to make and uses whole Indian spices, red chilis, green cardamom for its subtle flavour,and slits cashew nuts to add richness and creamy texture to the gravy.  This dish can beenjoyed with hot chapatis or rice.

16. Saag PaneerCommonly known as Palak paneer, this is also one of the quintessential paneer recipes cookedin Indian homes. Soft, diced paneer cubes are added to palak or spinach gravy made withonion, tomato, and garlic gravy. An assortment of Indian spices is added to the gravy to infusedelectable flavour into it. Serve it with rice or piping hot rotis.

17. Mattar PaneerIt is a lip-smacking, gravy-based paneer recipe that comes with fresh peas added to it. Thegravy is made using tangy tomatoes, onions, and ginger garlic paste. Add coriander leaves forgarnishing and serve with hot chapatis and rice.

18. Paneer Keto MealsIt is healthy and one of the best paneer recipes where a lot of veggies are added to it. Go forfresh seasonal vegetables like bell peppers, cauliflower florets, beans, spring onion, garlic, andfresh coriander leaves. Grilled paneer is added to sautéed veggies with spices added to make itflavoursome.

19. Palak PaneerThis is a delectable gravy-based paneer recipe. Palak or spinach is another major ingredientthat is added to the preparation. Onion, ginger, garlic, and tomato puree is added to make itspicy and flavoursome. Serve it with piping hot rotis or rice.

20. Soya Paneer Do PyazaThis recipe gives you a double dose of proteins with soft paneer dices and soya chunks addedto it. Capsicum, tomato, and onion rich gravy is prepared with delightful spices. High fibreveggies and proteins added to it to make it a healthy food option. This recipe is best served withchapatis and rice.

21. Hummus Spinach Paneer PaniniThis cottage cheese recipe comes with a burst of flavors with oven-roasted veggies andspinach paneer mix. The mix is then layered with cherry tomato spread and hummus servedwith roasted pepper dip and 100 per cent whole wheat panini.

22. Spanish Paneer Stew & Brown RiceThis is an awesome tasting paneer recipe served with a healthier version of rice. When lookingfor something light but healthy to it, this recipe is your best bet. In this dish, paneer chunks arestewed in a tomato-based sauce that comes with zero cream. Infused with irresistible flavors,this tangy and tasteful dish is served with salad and brown rice pilaf.

23. Scrambled Paneer SandwichThis paneer recipe is an all-time favourite of kids and grown-ups, Easy and quick to make, it ismade by packing scrambled flavourful paneer in two slices of wheat bread. Cook a mintflavoured scrambled paneer and enjoy it as a breakfast or evening snack. Rich in protein, it hasmint that is good for digestion. Add spicy chutneys or cheese spread to add more flavour to thesandwich.

24. Paneer TikkaIt is a popular vegetarian starter dish served in house parties and restaurants. Easy and quick tomake, this recipe has paneer chunks marinated in hung curd, lime juice, an assortment of Indianspices, and fresh veggies like onions, capsicum, bell peppers, and tomatoes for a few hours.Once the mix is well-marinated, it is grille din oven so that the spices get well infused withpaneer.

25. Paneer BhurjiThis crumbled quick paneer recipe is lip-smacking in taste. Ingredients added to this recipe aretomato, ginger, onion, lemon, coriander leaves, green chilis, and Indian spices. This dish can beserved with rice or chapati.

All these paneer recipes are cooked using healthy cooking methods and techniques. Certainingredients are added, and a few replaced to make it healthier and tastier than ever. Whetherhaving a party at home or cooking for your loved ones, try any of these paneer recipes andenjoy its delectable taste.


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