Music meditation is practiced by listening to it comfortably and relaxing the mind and body for almost 20 minutes. By doing this, one experiences a positive shift in his/her mental state and fosters a stress-free mind frame.

What is Music Meditation?

Music is a beautiful aspect to manage stress and improve the overall mental health of a person. Music for relaxation will help in lifting one's mood and create a peace-filled state of mind. Meditation is also a popular stress management strategy followed to calm both mind and body by lowering the stress hormone called cortisol to help us sleep better, and it also rewires the brain with all positive thoughts and qualities of mind. Thereby, by combining meditation and music, music meditation is instantly relaxing and acts as a bonus to alleviate stress levels. Music meditation is performed with the aid of a tune that mostly has a specific religious content or music that has slow beats that soothe the mind quickly.

Stepwise Instructions to Practice Music Meditation

The method to practice music meditation is as follows:

  • Choosing music is the first crucial step to practicing music meditation.
  • The music for mindfulness should be enjoyable classical or slower tempo music without lyrics preferable to prevent distraction and fully engage with the conscious mind. Flute music for meditation is considered the best.
  • Take a comfortable position to start with the meditation practice.
  • Most of the population makes the mistake of assuming that sitting on the floor with their legs crossed is the universal meditation position. But it has to be emphasized that as far as meditation is concerned, any posture that is comfortable for the person performing it should be chosen.
  • But it is recommended to avoid the lying down posture alone as it tends to put a person to sleep. Falling into sleep will eventually prove to be of no use to him/her as dozing off will cause zero benefits through meditation.
  • By settling down in a suitable position and listening to the meditation song, the individual should inhale and exhale correctly by making use of the diaphragm. Inhaling should be done through the nostrils by gently expanding the belly and then exhaled through the mouth.
  • Consciously while breathing, the practitioner should relax all the body muscles starting by concentrating from the head to the tip of the toes.
  • The individual should stay focused on the relaxing meditation music and allow all the feelings they feel while listening to music.
  • Very rarely, music for relaxation might evoke emotional and negative feelings or thoughts. In that situation, try swapping to other meditation music online in your playlist or try to redirect the attention to the present moment and give rise to more positive thoughts.
  • Continue to practice this for several minutes until you run out of the allotted time for relaxing meditation music.
  • At the end of the session, you will realize that you have muted your inner voice and have been you throughout the process by listening to the music for mindfulness and immersing your thoughts into it.

Guidelines to Perform Music Meditation

The various dos and don'ts associated with music meditation are:

  • Choose the music for relaxation playlist or create one of your choices as you are going to be the listener.
  • Please prefer instrumentals or flute music for meditation without lyrics to create a better calming effect on the body.
  • Make use of proper loose attire to avoid discomfort in the middle of the session.
  • Choose a comfortable posture to perform the meditation effectively with more convenience.
  • Please opt for a naturally lighted-up environment with yellow lights to enhance better mood and increase the benefits obtained from the meditation song.
  • Empty your bladder before sitting down to perform the meditation practice.
  • Do not have meals at least two hours prior to the practice.

Types of Music for Meditation

The kinds of music that will help in aiding music meditation are:

  • Sounds of Nature
  • Classical Beats
  • Music with an Ambient Touch
  • Binaural Beats
  • Instrumental Beats

Benefits of Music Meditation

The numerous benefits that are associated with music meditation are:

  • Morning meditation music is highly encouraged to be practiced by students as it increases the concentration levels tremendously. The meditation for kids benefits the most with increased memory power as it effectively boosts the neurons in the brain with regular practice.
  • Music Meditation helps to increase and improve the quality of sleep. Therefore, it is beneficial for people suffering from insomnia, sleeplessness, and depression.
  • Morning meditation music creates a positive energy vibration all along the body of the person performing this, and hence everyone needs to lead a happy and peaceful life.
  • According to certain studies, it is proven that music meditation reduces the blood pressure in the body by causing an improvement in proper blood circulation to all organs.
  • Yoga meditation music is known to reduce cholesterol levels in the body and decrease the risk of stroke.
  • Music meditation is highly beneficial for a patient's post-surgery to get relief from pain and anxiety.
  • It is also seen to boost immunity levels in the body, thereby helping the body cope with various infections naturally. This is one significant latest development in the world of science to combat the arising coronavirus scenario. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to listen and practice meditation to stay fit and survive the pandemic. This is very recent positive news according to the current survey.
  • It helps to sharpen the mind of a person and eases anxiety.

The Takeaway

Just like sleep stories for kids, without any doubt music meditation helps you in different ways. And as there is no risk in listening to music and all the sounds that work for a person, it is best suggested to practice music meditation to combat stress and all other problems that can be resolved with this type of meditation practice. This also involves no investment of money and energy to perform. Therefore, music meditation can be easily practiced by almost everyone without any particular place requirements too. This makes it overwhelmingly welcomed by many.


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July 13, 2022
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