The universal myth is that resting is best for the back. But this is not true. Moving is always good for the back. Exercise for lower back pain will help in strengthening back, stomach, and leg muscles overall. All these, in turn, will support the spine and relieve lower back pain. This is because the exercise for lower back pain will eventually increase the blood flow to the lower back area and reduce the stiffness. Finally, exercise for spine speeds up the healing process and helps one recover quickly.

How does Exercise Treat Back Pain?

Exercises reduce stiffness of the connective fibers of the ligaments and tendons, thereby making them flexible. This exercise for lower back pain will further increase mobility and prevent the connective fibers from tearing under stress, causing injury and backache.

Exercises for Lower Back Pain

The exercise for lower back pain that will help relieve them are:

  • Stretching Exercises
  • Yoga Postures

Stretching Exercises

The various stretching exercise for lower back pain is:

Child's Pose:

This is an effective yoga posture to relieve lower back pain. It is done wherein the person has to balance with hands and knees on the ground by sinking the hips to rest on the heels. The belly must rest on the thighs. By hinging the hip and folding forward, one must walk the hands out in front. This exercise for lower back pain is repeated by holding the pose for up to one minute and then focusing on deep breathing.

Knee to chest stretch:

An instant exercise to relief lower back pain will be knee to chest stretch. The person does this exercise for lower back pain by lying on the ground on the back with the knees bent and feet flat. By drawing one knee to the chest, the hands are used to clasp the thighs. By not lifting the hips, one should lengthen the spine down to the tailbone. With proper inhale and exhale, the posture is held for two minutes. This will resolve the lower back pain right side by drawing the right knee towards the chest. And the lower back pain left side will be resolved by pulling the left knee towards the chest.

Seated Spinal Twist:

These are lower back stretches with a twist that increases mobility and works best on the hips, glutes, and back. It provides instant lower back pain relief. It is done by sitting with both legs extended in front. One knee is bent and placed in front outside to the other leg. And then, the body is twisted to the side of the knee that is bent. This exercise for lower back pain is repeated on the other sides. This posture is then held for a minute. This will resolve the lower back pain right side by twisting towards the left side. And the lower back pain left side will be resolved by turning towards the right side.

Pelvic Tilt:

These lower back exercises are done by lying on the back with both the knees bent in front and the feet are placed flat on the ground. By making use of the abdominal muscles, the back is flattened. Breathing is done at a regular pace during this exercise, and this position is held for 10 seconds. Then the person must relax and keep repeating this exercise for lower back pain for best results.

Cat-Cow Stretch:

These lower back stretches are not only for the spine but also for the shoulders, neck, and chest. It is done by staying on all fours, and then by pressing the hands and feet, one is recommended to look up and inhale. Then by tucking the chin in, the person should exhale by arching the spine towards the ceiling. This exercise for lower back pain is repeated for each breath, and it is done roughly for 2 minutes. This is efficient to treat both lower right back pain and left side ache.

Yoga Postures

The yoga for lower back pain to combat lower back pain is also used to increase strength and conditioning exercises, they are:

Locust Posture:

These lower back exercises are a gentle backbend where the back torso, arms, and legs are strengthened. This is done by lying on the stomach with the palms facing up. The chest is slowly lifted along with the head by touching both the toes together. Then the heels turned out. The pose is deepened by lifting the legs. By looking straight ahead and upward, the pose is retained for one minute. This exercise for lower back pain is repeated for a few more counts.

Bridge Posture:

These lower back exercises for pain relief are a backbend to stimulate and restore the spine. It is done by lying on the back with the knees bent and heels drawn into the sitting bones. The tailbone is lifted off the ground by resting the arm along the body and pressing the feet. The thighs are held parallel while doing this exercise for lower back pain, and the posture is held for one minute. Then slowly, the body is brought back down by breathing deeply; one should relax.

Cobra Posture:

This is the single best exercise for lower back pain. It strengthens the muscles on the spine and buttocks and stretches the chest and shoulders. It is done by lying on the stomach with the legs extended behind. With the elbow and forearms' help, the body is slowly lifted up and then going back down gently by lowering the abdominals. This pose is held for a few minutes, and then the exercise for lower back pain is repeated at least five times.

Final Words

Exercises to work the core muscles increase flexibility and stability, thereby preventing injury and reducing lower back pain. Besides performing all these lower back exercises at home for pain on a regular basis, one should also pay attention to his general posture. The person must refrain from carrying heavy things and change his lifestyle accordingly. This will help him/her solve a part of his underlying lower back pain problem with no effort.

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July 22, 2022

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