Possessing a six-pack ab is something many people dream off and it is thus no wonder that a six-pack abs workout is one of the most popular programs in the gym. To get this it is important to strengthen your core as the abs are a part of the core muscle group. The good news is that abs workout and core strengthening can be done even at home. Yes, you can have a sculpted midsection by targeting all the major muscle groups and get a strong core and carved abs. Some exercises are:

Core Exercises

A strong core that is flexible not only helps you get great looking abs but is also helpful in your daily life. It helps you get a good posture and also reduces the chances of pain in the lower back. The below exercises teach you to maintain your posture and also create a good foundation for a strong core.


It is a basic core exercise but is also an effective one if done properly. There are not many movements involved in this exercise but it needs a lot of effort. It requires the support of the entire body as it has to be held in a straight line. For completing a plank properly, the forearm strength is important and so are the toes and ankles. There are easier options and difficult versions too like resting on the knees makes it easy and supporting the body on the palms makes it difficult. Try to hold the position for at least 30 seconds increasing the amount in each round.

Dead Bug

This is another beginner exercise for abs that is a great way to stabilize your core as well as the back and spine muscles. It also prevents any lower back pain while improving posture, coordination, and balance. This lower abs workout exercise is done by:

• Lying on the back extending the arm towards the ceiling.
• The Knee should be at 90 degrees and the legs raised.
• Now use lower the left arm and right leg together and then come back to the same position. Repeat the same using the opposite arm and leg.
• Do 10 reps of the same with no rest in between.


This is a good exercise for abs, Butt & thigh. It builds strength and also makes the body core steady. Boat exercise can be done without needing any equipment, like:

• Sit on the floor keeping the knees bent.
• Now lean back a little with the back straight, place your arms in the front, keep both legs together, and raise your feet off the ground.
• Extend your legs straight so that it forms a V shape.
• To make it harder you can raise your arms over the head and spread your legs.
• Do this for 30 seconds and rest for a minute after each round.

Exercises for Core and Abs

1. Bicycle Crunch

This exercise targets the obliques, hips, and rectus abdomen. This exercise is easy to do if done fast but when done at a slow pace the abdomen gets stimulated. To do the bicycle crunch:

• Lie on the back and make sure to keep your hands behind.
• Raise your shoulder off the mat, keep the knees bent at 90-degree and the legs raised, this is the starting position.
• Now move your right elbow to the left knee keeping the right leg straight as close to the floor as possible. Ensure that there is no pressure on the neck by keeping it  relaxed and keep the core engaged during the exercise.
• Come back to the start and repeat it on the other side.
• Do 10 reps of this exercise.

2. Air Chop

This exercise is also called the woodchop exercise and can be done with or without equipment. It not only helps to engage the core including the shoulders, arms, chest, lower and upper back, legs, and butt.

• Stand with your feet hip-width apart.
• Keep your arms raised with elbows bent, hands clasped.
• The arm muscles should be engaged and swing the arms forward when it reaches the chest level stop.
• The action is similar to wood chopping, only difference is it should be stopped at the chest level.
• Do this for 10 reps. One can use a dumbbell to do this exercise to add more depth.

3. Shoulder Tap

This is a seemingly easy abs workout at home which is actually quite challenging to do. It is an arm-abs workout that is more beneficial than the traditional plank.

• Start this exercise in a plank position keeping the body parallel to the floor.
• Engage the core and the arm muscles and tap your right shoulder with your left hand and get back to the start position.
• Repeat the same on the other side. Do not allow the hip to dip at any point.
• Do this for 10 counts and you will see that you need a great deal of arm strength to do this exercise.

4. Reverse Crunch

The traditional crunches can only get you to a certain distance, the reverse crunch adds that extra to give you an effective ab workout. It is also highly recommended abs exercise to reduce that excess belly fat.

• Lie on your back, keep your knees bent at 90 degrees. Place your feet on the floor.
• Push your lower back flat to the ground in such a way that a hand can be inserted between the back and the floor.
• Pull your knees towards the chest lifting the feet off the ground.
• Now raise the hips towards the ceiling keeping the knee slightly bent.
• Lower the feet back to the floor
• Repeat this for 15 counts. Take a 30-second break and repeat for 3 rounds.

5. Side Hip Bridges

Hip bridges are a classic exercise for the core and the abs. They enable you to activate the glutes and the hamstring and hence are good for the legs and butt. This side hip bridge is a variation of the hip bridges and is part of the 6 pack abs workout.

• Lie to your side on the floor with one leg over the other. You can start on the right side, the left foot will be on the top and the right arm on the floor and the left arm on  the hip.
• Keep the palm flat on the floor and fingers spread.
• Engage the obliques and raise the hip up so that it forms a straight line. Hold on for 1 minute.
• Come back to the start
• Repeat the same for 10 counts and flip to the other side and do 10 counts.

6. Plank to Toe Touch

This is a good lower and upper body exercise. It builds the core strength and also works on the abs.

• Start with the straight arm plank position and make sure that the feet are wider than the shoulder width.
• The body should be straight and the knees, hip, and shoulders should be aligned in a straight line.
• Now lift your right arm raising your hips, keeping the knees straight, and extend it to touch the left foot toes.
• Come back to the start and repeat the same on the opposite side.
• Do it slowly as there is a risk of shoulder injury if done fast.
• Complete 10 reps of the same.

The above abs workout for men and women when done regularly as it not only reduces belly fat but also helps in balance, Strength & Conditioning, posture, and reduced back pain. This when coupled with healthy eating will surely get you closer to your dream of toned abs.

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