A chiselled body with sculpted arms, flat abs, and perfect bodyweight that's something everyone wants. But is that enough? Does this define a healthy body? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Without a calm and healthy mind, you can't enjoy the happiness of a salubrious life. In this quest on mindfulness, meditation has turned out to be a game-changer. And as difficult as it may sound, meditation is as simple as deep breathing for beginner level. Other than that, you can also join classes and learn meditation basics from professionals or just read this article for some easy and quick meditation techniques.

Short Meditation: Quick-Way To Healing

Short meditation is also becoming a great way to channel inner peace through easy practices. You can use these methods on an everyday basis to improve your mind and way of living. Here, we are going to unravel amazing short meditations that can change your whole life. But before that, let us tell you 10 benefits of meditation (backed by doctors):

•  Releases stress and anxiety
•  Increases attention span
•  Strengthens the immune system to fight off diseases
•  Reduces aging
•  Boosts self-awareness
•  Tingle's creativity and imagination
•  Increases patience and tolerance
•  Relaxes mind and boosts happiness
•  Boosts metabolism
•  Connects you with the present

Now, let's help you know more about short meditation techniques and how you can perform the. Read on!

Effective Short Meditation Exercises You Can Try Everyday

1. The Breathing Exercise:

The first and most easy one is a simple breathing technique. Imagine you are about to go on stage for your big performance. The anxiety is creeping in and you know it can ruin your work. So what can you do? Take a 5-minute break and perform this short guided meditation for anxiety and you are good to go! How To Do It: Sit comfortably in a chair and take a deep breath. As you breathe in, notice the changes in your body. While breathing out, let the body loose and soften. Once comfortable, close your eyes and notice how your body is reacting to the breathing process. Don't focus too much on the mind. Let it distract and come back to peace at its own pace. When you feel calm, open your eyes gently, and get ready to startle the world.

2. The Mindful Meditation:

As the name suggests, this meditation technique allows you to tune out distractions and focus on the present moment. Pay attention to your senses and feelings without judging them. The body scan meditation is a great short meditation for relaxation you can try. The technique not only makes you aware of the present but also releases stress, muscle pain, and fatigue in no time. How To Do It: Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Begin by taking deep breaths and paying attention to how each part of your body reacts to it. Start with your feet and toes. Focus on any pain or discomfort and release them through the mind. Allow that area to loosen up and become soft. Slowly work your way up through your thighs, buttocks, stomach, chest, back, hands, face, and finally your head. Relax each part of your body. For the best experience, you can also take up the course for guided body scan or short guided meditation for sleep at Cure.Fit.

3. The Focus Technique:

This short meditation is all about zeroing in on the details on a particular object till you can't see anything else. No matter how difficult it may sound but once you master it, this technique can work wonders for your concentration skills. It also brings calmness and anchors you in the present. What's more? You can try this short meditation to start the day and stay focused on work. How To Do It: Sit or stand in one place and find an object to focus on. It can be anything, from an apple to a small stone or even a dot on the wall. Now, close your eyes and take deep and slow breaths. Open your eyes, study the details of the object closely and gently close the eyes again. Try to picture the exact object with all the small details in your head using your imagination. Focus and make it as similar to what the real object was. The more you practice this technique, the more sharpened your brain will become with time.'

4. The Walking Technique:

Not many know but there is a thing called the walking technique; and trust us, nothing can get as easy as this short meditation. It is suitable if you have a hectic schedule or are not comfortable with sitting or lying still even for five minutes. If you are stressed and tensed at work, you can take out five minutes from your schedule and release your anxiety and tension through this short meditation. How To Do It: Find a peaceful location where you can walk without any disturbance. Take 10-15 steps, pause, and breathe. While walking, observe the area, the trees, the people, and even the grounds. Not just visual, also focus on the sounds such as the chirping of birds and taps of your foot on the ground. This is basically a deliberate way of thinking and being aware of your surroundings.

5. The Mantra Meditation:

The last one on the list but definitely the most typical one is the mantra meditation. If you are looking for a short meditation for positive energy, this is your answer. It is one of the oldest ways of meditation that is also being used in current times. The mantra meditation involves the repetition of certain words or phrases to feel focused. And unlike the popular belief that mantras are tough phrases, you can also use easy words like peace or love for your meditation. You can also try Sanskrit chants like Om or Aham Prema as mantras. How To Do It: First choose a word or a phrase that you want to repeat like a mantra. Now, simply sit in a quiet location. Take deep breaths and repeat the mantra. You can count it for 108 times. To make the counting easy, you can try using a prayer bead or mala. These sounds help you feel connected to a spiritual level.

To Sum Up

Meditation is relaxation and there are hundreds of ways and guided meditation techniques that can open up a new way of healing and calmness to you. It can help you feel happiness more and live your life to the fullest. We, at Cure.Fit, got you covered with easy 5 min meditation exercises with experts. Check our sessions and choose one that suits your needs the most. Not just this, but we also offer advanced meditation for those who want to make meditation a crucial part of their lives.

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