There are a plethora of ways to stay fit and learn easy workouts to build perfect lean muscle. It needs one to be disciplined and do them regularly to achieve the desired results.

What is an easy workout to build perfect lean muscle?

There are different workouts that are present, depending on what your aim is. If your aim is to get a lean muscle look for your body shape, there are some easy workouts that can help you to achieve that look. It is best to know about these easy workouts for beginners that can help to build that perfect lean muscle. Having a lean muscle body can always prove to be very beneficial. To build lean body is quite a task but it only requires rigorous practice. Not only is building lean muscle excellent for providing strength to ones core as well as the necessary limbs, thriving to build a lean body has other perks such as to exercise for weight loss.

Why are easy workouts to build perfect lean muscle important?

A lean muscle body is for those people who are looking to achieve a sportsmanlike physique, it is to look leaner and make the bones stronger by focusing on the lean muscle mass. There are separate types of exercises available for those who are trying to build that lean muscle look. A lot of restrictions need to be kept in mind to get that lean muscle body. Since the category of lean muscle workout is specifically for those who are trying to get a leaner posture, their focus is mostly on reducing weight, and hence they exercise to reduce belly fat. Their calorie intake has to reduce exponentially.

What are the different types of easy workouts to build perfect lean muscle?

1. Endurance: 

It helps you to make your enduring capabilities a lot more. Eg : Swimming, biking, dancing

2. Strength: 

Strong muscles help in making your core a lot stronger and independent enough for you to do everyday activities with a lot more ease. Eg : Lifting weights, resistance bands

3. Balance:  

Body balance is very important. Some people tend to have a little less control over it, especially older people. Eg: Head to toe walk, stand on foot exercise

4. Flexibility: 

Stretching is a brilliant way of flexing your muscles and making them more flexible. Eg: Calf stretch Exercise, Ankle stretch exercise

10 Types of easy workouts to build perfect lean muscle to fit in your day to day life

The desired lean muscle mass can only be achieved by having a strict lean muscle diet and having some effective lean muscle exercises in place, heres a list for the same:

1. Deadlifts: 

One of the most effective exercises to get lean muscle, this exercise helps in providing tons of strength to your back as well as the lower portion of your body.

2. Bent over rows: 

A lot of the weight of the lean muscle mass depends on the muscle strengthening in the core, this lean muscle workout provides exactly that due to the bending posture that is needed for this.

3. T-Bar Rows: 

This lean muscle exercise is quite similar to the previous one, however in this, the palms are often facing each other so there are certain changes spotted in the grip mechanism. It is one of the most sorted lean muscle exercises to practice.

4. Squats: 

These strengthen your leg muscles. The legs need to be placed in parallel on the floor, as painful as it is, it is one of the most effective exercises.

5. Leg Press: 

This lean muscle exercise is also aimed at strengthening the core leg muscles for a firmer stand.

6. Shoulder Press: 

The shoulder press is to strengthen and build mass on your tricep area.

7. Decline Bench Press: 

This lean muscle exercise allows the person to lift more weights than usual, which is directly dependent on the building of the volume of your muscle mass.

8. Flat Bench Press: 

The ultimate goal is to build stronger and leaner muscle, and this lean muscle exercise ensures exactly that.

9. Barbell curls: 

One of the best lean exercises that work wondrously in the bicep region. A good amount of pressure is given on the wrist which further propagates the bicep muscles to tense up and do the necessary action of mass building.

10. Weighted Dips: 

Another very suitable lean muscle workout for those who want to concentrate on their tricep region.

What are the Benefits Of easy workouts to build perfect Lean Muscle?

Lean muscle building has various health benefits too, it is more than just fitness:

Helps in weight loss: 

It comes as no surprise that the gained muscle mass will help in propagating weight loss because that is the aim of a lean muscle workout regime to get a leaner and athletic look.

 A much healthier life: 

Lean muscle exercise routines have a very positive impact on our mental health as well, it is not only about physical health.

More Strength for your body: 

The lean muscle exercises help in strengthening the core of your muscles, building mass and thus gaining strength.

 Healing properties: 

Increasing muscle mass provides more protein percentage which promotes quicker healing

What are the disadvantages of easy workouts to build perfect lean muscle?

  • Too much exercising can lead to some severe heart problems
  • Too much of strengthening exercises can lead to a lot of inflammation
  • Addiction to muscle building exercises can become stressful for your mental health as well
  • It might lead to premature aging for some people
  • Over- exercising can be harmful for diabetic patients

Dos & Donts of easy workouts to build perfect lean muscle


Stick to some technical failure limitations as it systematically breaks down your forms which is good for your body

Always have a good intake of proteins as it is a key factor to build lean muscle

Training at every rep will work wonders for your enduring capacing and the overall strength

Focus on your muscles and its movements, helps in building a connection with your body


Dont aim for absolute failure where you try to do more reps than it is possible for your body to endure

Dont skip days when your body is getting used to a certain pattern of reps

Dont skip proteins because you dont like it too much

Dont zone out, help in building a connection between your body and the muscles

What to eat after workouts to build perfect lean muscle?

Lean muscle diets should include - High protein foods are mostly recommended to get a lean muscle look. A list of food items for this diet would include- eggs, salmon, tuna, chicken breasts, shrimps, soybeans, beans, milk, almonds, chickpeas, brown rice, tofu- to name a few. They are all excellent sources of nutrients like proteins and vitamins.

Is it effective to do easy workouts to build perfect lean muscle at home?

It is very effective as long as you know which kind of exercises are suitable for your body type. Most importantly it should fit in your plan to build the perfect lean muscle. The list of exercises mentioned are some of the easier ones that can be done at the comfort of home to build up your lean muscles.

What to do post easy workouts to build perfect lean muscle?

  • It is most recommended to intake proteins as soon as you are done with the workouts as it is the most beneficial at that point of time
  • Replace your fluids with water, though it is best to have water before the workout too, but more so after workout

What is the right age to do work out to build perfect lean muscle?

20-30 is the best age group when you should focus on building perfect lean muscle if you intend to. It is said that certain hormonal levels are at their peak at the age of 19 and hence these exercises will be effective. Post age 30, the hormonal levels are most likely to decrease, therefore it is important to know the right age to do it.

What are the equipment and accessories required to build perfect lean muscle?

  • Kettlebells for workouts like single-arm snatch, swing, front squat
  • Sandbags for workouts like lunges and thrusters
  • Abs wheel for intensive exercises such as planks for strengthening core muscles
  • Resistance bands for easy workout like band-resisted push ups and deadlifts

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