Do you feel tired midway even if you have not done anything strenuous or feel exhausted when walking for a few minutes? If yes, then you have low stamina. You might feel confused and scoff off the low stamina idea as you are a fit and active person. It’s just you feel tired of a few things. Well, easily getting tired is an indication of your stamina being low. In simple terms, stamina is the energy and strength required by you to do activities for a long duration. Having high reserves of strength and energy in your body is essential for good overall health. A high level of stamina and endurance helps you in maintaining body weight, optimal heart rate, and enhanced lung function. Apart from maintaining good physical health and improving your performance in physical activities, stamina also assists you in improving your brain activity, sexual performance, moods, and augmented cognitive thinking. In addition to all these benefits, building your stamina also enhances your metabolism, strengthens your bones, develops your muscles, and reduces your risk of injury. Therefore, building your stamina will guarantee a stronger and healthier body with better mental health. The most efficient way to increase stamina and increase endurance is to start a daily exercise regime. Daily exercise will improve your energy levels, physical strength, flexibility, and balance. Most of cardiovascular exercises improve your oxygen supply to your body.  Ample oxygen improves your energy level and in turn, increases stamina. In starting, you may feel tired after a few exercises only, however with passing time and practice, you will see a change in your endurance, energy, physical strength, and body stamina. An exercise regime followed for a long time, enhances your stamina and endurance. You will observe how you feel less tired and can do any form of physical activity with ease and without exhaustion.

Exercises to increase Stamina

The best way to increase stamina is to incorporate different types of exercises in your daily routine. The exercises should include endurance exercises, strength exercises, balance exercises, and flexibility exercises.  Each type has different benefits and a combination of these is beneficial for stamina building. All four types of exercises needn’t be performed every day or done together. You can choose the exercises as per your need and preference and do them alternatively to add variety and improve results of your exercise regime.

1). Endurance Exercises-

Endurance exercises are the most common type of exercise done. They help in keeping your lungs and circulatory system healthy and improve overall fitness. By regularly performing endurance exercises you reduce your risk for many diseases such as heart diseases, stroke, and diabetes. The endurance exercises fall into the following types:


Walking is the most simple, easy, flexible, and free exercise. You don’t need any special equipment or a place or time to do it. When starting any exercise regime, it’s best to start with walking. You can walk anywhere such as your home, garden, park, road, treadmill, mall, etc. If walking on rough terrain, preferably wear shoes to protect your feet, otherwise no other consideration. Walking is a good choice of exercise for the elderly, people with joint issues or people who cant do other exercises due to any illness or on the advisement of their doctors.

 Climbing Stairs, ski machines, steppers, and ellipticals

Taking stairs or climbing stairs is a simple endurance exercise. It improves your cardiovascular health. There are many exercise machines too which work on the principle of climbing stairs such as ellipticals, steppers, etc. these exercise machines fit into a small space and are good for an overall workout. Though people with hip or knee issues should exercise on them in consultation with their doctors as these machines put extra stress on joints.


Cycling is good for people of all fitness levels to build endurance and improve stamina. Overweight people can start with a stationary cycle to improve their cardiovascular health without mechanical stress on their hips, knees, back, and ankles.


Swimming is a good exercise to increase stamina. However, people living a sedentary lifestyle or with low-exercise tolerance or a heart condition should consult their doctor before starting it. Otherwise, it is a good exercise for everyone else to build strength and tone their body. People with joint pains benefit a lot from swimming or water walking due to the buoyancy of water.


Running and jogging are challenging endurance exercises. Though running is not advised for people who have low stamina as it requires good cardiovascular health and strength. Beginners should start with brisk walking, build stamina, then move on to jogging and then to running. Using treadmills is a good option to increase running stamina as it lets you control your running speed and records various physiological measures.

Aerobics or Aerobic dance

Aerobics or aerobic dance is a great way to exercise and get lean. It includes high-intensity movements on fast-paced music; therefore it requires a high level of fitness. This endurance exercise is a great way to build your stamina and improve your health.

Benefits of Endurance Exercises 

Endurance exercises not only increase stamina but also benefit you in many other ways such as:

  • Improving your cardiovascular and pulmonary health. This lowers your resting heart rate.
  • They reduce your blood pressure.
  • The risk of stroke, heart attack, or heart disease is reduced.
  • Increase blood and oxygen circulation.
  • Lower risk of diabetes.

2). Strength Exercises-

Strength exercises are targeted to build your muscular strength to get strong. Strong muscles are necessary to make your everyday activities easier and maintain a good balance to avoid falls or injuries due to falling. Strength exercises are also known as resistance training or strength training when weights are used to improve muscle strength. Strength exercises include lifting weights (including own body weight) and exercises done using a resistance band. You can do strength exercises that require you to lift weight or heavy objects or use resistance bands at home or go to a gym to use strength training equipment. You can learn Head-Stand & Push-Ups or Pilates for better muscle strength.

Benefits of Strength Exercises 

Strength exercises are useful for:

  • Increasing your muscle mass, body strength, and endurance.
  • Boosts your metabolism by increasing your muscle mass and so burns fats to make you leaner.
  • Increases your bone density, thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Improves your posture.
  • Strengthens your joints to improve balance.

3) Balance Exercises-

Balance exercises are exercises that are targeted to improve your balance by building your core strength to prevent falling. These are mostly recommended for older adults or people who have balancing issues and may get injured due to it. Many strength exercises targeting the lower body also improve your balance. Balancing exercises include Tai Chi, heel-to-toe walk, and standing on one foot.

Benefits of Balance Exercises 

Balance exercises help you in:

  • Improving your balance.
  • Strengthening of core muscles.

4). Flexibility Exercises-

Flexibility exercises as the name suggest improving your flexibility. Flexibility is an easy movement of the body to do various things such as bending down, looking over the shoulder, etc. The absence of flexibility is stiff muscles or body where you are unable to do things such as tie your shoes bending down or looking back while reversing your car. Flexibility exercises include yoga, Pilates, tai chi, and other stretching exercises for various body parts such as calf, ankle, arms, etc.

Benefits of Flexibility Exercises 

Flexibility exercises help you in:

  • Increasing your range of motion.
  • Relaxing you physically and mentally by releasing tension.
  • Supports your spinal musculoskeletal health.
  • Improves your mobility.
  • Reduces your risk of injury when doing other exercises or movements.

Building your stamina is not an overnight thing. It takes time and requires persistence. Therefore exercising daily, even for a short time is recommended. As you build to increase your stamina and improve your endurance you can gradually increase the exercise duration and intensity. Different exercises target different organs or body parts, so it is recommended to do a variety of exercise routines for optimal functioning of all vital organs and ensuring good overall health and high stamina. Good stamina will not only benefit you physically but also improve your mental health.

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