Borderline Personality Disorder

What Is Borderline Personality Disorder?

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a psychological condition in which a person's moods, emotions, and behavior get unstable. It is one of many types of personality disorders. Personality disorders are mental/psychological conditions that develop in a person during his or her teenage years or adolescence. If the condition is not treated at right time, it can get complicated and create distress in a person's life. Treatment of BPD can help cure this condition to a large extent. There are four types of borderline personality disorder, as described by Millon:

  • Discouraged borderline
  • Impulsive borderline
  • Petulant borderline
  • Self-destructive borderline

Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms

BPD affects different aspects of a person's personal life - emotions, relationships, and little things that one enjoys. Borderline personality disorder symptoms are as follows:

  • Behaviors: A person suffering from BPD often shows impulsive behavior. Excessive alcohol drinking, taking drugs, overeating, and performing risky sexual activities are some of the things that are often done in BPD.
  • Emotions: Mood swings are one of the major symptoms of BPD. A person can feel happy one moment and very dull the very next moment. This mood shift can last for minutes or even days.
  • Relationships: People suffering from BPD are often found doing arguments and conflicting in their relationships. They always stay in fear that their loved ones will leave them one day.
  • Self-image: Their sense toward themselves also changes from time to time. One moment they feel like a good person, and the very next moment they may feel evil.

Who Is At Risk?

There are certain factors that can increase a person's chances of developing this condition. These borderline personality disorder risk factors are as follows:

  • Family history: Your chances of developing this condition increase if one of your close relatives like mother or father also has the same condition.
  • Bad childhood: People who have bad memories of childhood are found more vulnerable to this condition. Those who were sexually abused, physically harassed, or neglected during childhood are often found struggling with BPD in their later days.

Borderline Personality Disorder Causes

ÔÇŹJust like other psychological disorders, causes of borderline personality disorder are known. However, there are some factors that can push this condition are:

  • Brain structure: People with BPD are found to have some differences in their brain structure.
  • Family history: As mentioned earlier, a person who has a family member with the same condition is more likely to develop the condition.
  • Bad experiences: Traumas of childhood can push a person towards this condition.

It is to be noted here that though these factors make a person more prone to the condition, they are not exactly the causes of the condition.

How Is Borderline Personality Disorder Diagnosed?

Borderline personality disorder diagnosis is done by a psychiatrist by the following methods:

  • A detailed interview is taken by the doctor
  • A psychological evaluation is done after interviewer if the psychiatrist finds symptom of the condition
  • A detailed medical history is taken to note risk factors

How Is Borderline Personality Disorder Treated?

It is used to believe that borderline personality disorder cure is not possible, as the condition does not respond to any treatment. However, recent researchers found that the condition is very treatable. Doctors use the following methods for borderline personality disorder treatment:

  • Psychotherapy: Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and mentalization-based treatment (MBT) are used by psychotherapists to treat the condition. These might even involve the family members and closed ones of the patient.
  • Medication: Doctors might recommend medicine for borderline personality disorder. These medicines curb the symptoms of BPD.
  • Hospitalization: In severe cases where the person tends to be suicidal, hospitalization and other intensive treatments might be needed.

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January 14, 2022

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