Among the most amazing benefits of yoga, flexibility always remains an underrated one. Not a lot of people turn to yoga poses for flexibility. However, if you truly understand the blessing of flexibility, you will realize that it prevents various injuries, boosts joint health, and also prevents back pain. Not just this, some people believe in the myth that a lack of flexibility can affect their yoga asanas. The truth is, you should actually do yoga to increase flexibility. Just follow the flexibility yoga every day and you can see the improvement soon. To help you, we have jotted down some of the best yoga asanas for flexibility. Read these yoga poses for flexibility carefully and start soon.

Yoga For Flexibility

Reclined Hand To Big Toe Pose (Supta Padangusthasana)

Though it looks simple, Supta Padangusthasana is one of the best and tough yoga poses for flexibility. You can adapt this pose and make it simple by using a strap around the raised foot. Stretch your body as far you can. This flexibility yoga works great for stretching your groins, hips, hamstrings, and calves.Instructions

  • Start by lying straight on the mat. Now, bend your knees so that the soles of both your feet are flat on the ground.
  • Now, raise your right need and hug it towards the chest.
  • Grab the toe with your right hand with a yogi toe grip or fit a strap around your instep.
  • Slowly extend your right leg straight up.
  • If possible, straighten the left leg on the mat. If not, you can keep it bent.
  • Put the left hand on your left thigh to keep the hip flat on the mat.
  • Breath for 5-10 times while holding this position.
  • Repeat the pose on the left side.

Butterfly Pose (Baddha Konasana)

Another fun yoga for flexibility, Baddha Konasana creates flexibility in the thigh, hip, and groin region. It is also beneficial in urinary problems and even makes childbirth easier as per some doctors. What more? You can also perform this yoga for digestion & gut health.Instructions:

•  Sit on the yoga mat with your spine straight and relaxed shoulders.
•  Now, bend your knees and bring your feet together such that your soles are touching each other.
•  Try to move the heels towards the pelvis but do not push beyond your comfort.
•  Press the thighs and knees on the floor and then raise them up again.
•  Do this butterfly movement as many times as you can.
•  Relax and repeat 3-5 times.

King Dancer Pose (Natarajasana)

After a yoga for flexibility beginner level, it is time for an advanced level yoga for flexibility. Natarajasana is a difficult yoga for strength and flexibility that requires strong balance, intense bending and twists, and patience. You will need a considerably long time to become an expert in such yoga poses for flexibility. But once you get a hold of this yoga to increase flexibility, you will also feel improvement in your balance, strong core muscles, and better concentration. Instructions:

•  Stand straight in Tadasana or the Mountain Pose with your bodyweight equally on both feet.
•  Now, shift the weight on the right foot. Bend the left knee and raise it up.
•  Grasp the instep of your left foot with your left hand. Your left toe and left thumb should be pointing in the same direction.
•  Slowly raise your right hand straight up to the ceiling.
•  Lift your left leg in a backward direction and move your torso forward to counterbalance.
•  Deepen the backbend and take your left leg higher but keep your torso active.
•  Fix your gaze or drishti at one point so that you can maintain the balance.
•  Hold this pose for at least 5-10 breaths.
•  Repeat the pose on the right leg.

Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

If you are looking for yoga for tight neck and shoulders, bow pose is a wonderful option. This pose also increases flexibility in the back effectively while stretching internal organs such as lungs, hip flexors, and vertebrae as well. This type of yoga poses for flexibility lessens the strain and stress on muscles and boosts motions. Apart from being  one of the best yoga poses for flexibility, bow pose is also beneficial for those who have a desk job and suffer from poor body posture. Some people also use this yoga for weight loss and belly fat burning. Instructions:

  • First, lie flat on your stomach. Keep your hand on the side and chin on the mat.
  • As you exhale, bend your knees and bring the heels as close to your buttock as possible.
  • Lift your hands and grasp the ankles. Make sure that your fingers take hold only of the heels and not the toes.
  • Inhale and lift your heels up towards the ceiling using the grip of your hands. Also, raise your head, chest, and thighs. While raising your body parts, roll the shoulders. In this pose, only your core is touching the mat while the rest of the body is raised up towards the ceiling.
  • To deepen the stretch, draw your tailbone. Your body will feel stretched.
  • Keep your gaze straight and hold this pose for about 15 seconds.
  • Exhale and release the pose. Relax for a while and repeat.

Yoga Poses For Flexibility - Things to Keep In Mind

While you can perform these yoga asanas for flexibility easily at home without the need for any special equipment, there are a few things you must keep in mind.

  • Always seek guidance from an expert when trying yoga poses for flexibility to avoid serious injuries or strain in the muscles. This is applicable to you even if you are trying yoga for flexibility beginner.
  • If you have a previous injury in the back, legs, or hands, talk to your doctors before performing yoga for flexibility.
  • Never rush when performing yoga poses for flexibility as it may lead to soreness and sprain in the muscles.
  • When choosing the right clothes for performing yoga poses for flexibility, always opt for comfortable ones that allow freedom of movement.
  • You may experience a bit of pain and soreness after performing yoga poses for flexibility in the first few days. Thus, keep doing it regularly to get into practice. In case the pain persists, talk to the yoga instructor or doctor as you may have an injury.

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