You must already be knowing that it is always recommended to sit with your back straight since a bad posture can lead to many health issues such as back and neck pain. Not just this, having a strong and straight back can enhance your overall looks, help your nervous system to function better. 
While you can’t really force yourself to sit straight, you can take a better approach by doing various back exercises at gym. Since the back has many muscles, you need to perform different types of back exercises at gym ensuring the right approach for your fitness goals.
A back workout at gym can rejuvenate your whole body as it engages multiple muscles groups including your core and lower body muscles. To help you, we are here with the best back exercises at gym. Read on: 

How To Do Back Exercises At Gym?

1. Pull Ups 

Pull-ups is the most fundamental exercise of the back workout. It is highly recommended as it builds up your strength and makes the back broader. Generally, wide-grip pull-ups work the best for your back muscles. It is considered a great back workout at gym for beginners too. Regular practice can develop more strength and avoid severe injury since it involves your bodyweight only. Just practice it under an expert’s supervision and it will become the best exercise for back at gym or at home. 
Gym members also try variations of pullups to create the best back workout at gym. However, we have shared the classic version that you can easily add to your workout at home. 

A pull-up bar.


  • Stand under a pull-up bar.¬†
  • Spread your arms about 1.5 times your shoulder length. And grab the pull-up bar.¬†
  • Pull your body weight up with the help of your arms and the support of the pull-up bar.
  • Hold your body up for a while and then return to the initial position. This is one rep.¬†
  • One set consists of 8-10 reps.
  • Keep the same grip consistent for 8 weeks to benefit from maximum results.

2. Lat Pull Down:

A fully grown sculpted back is developed by doing the best back exercises at gym. And you cannot only depend on the back workout at gym that only involves body weight. Here’s when Lat Pull Down fits the situation. It can be done Lat pulldown machine that consists of a pulley on which weights are connected on one end and the other end is connected to a bar or rope. This same equipment can be used for many other best back exercises at gym. 

Lat bar down machine


  • Go in front of the Lat Pull Down bar machine and decide the weight that you will be able to pull.
  • Start from 15-20kgs as the pulley makes it easier to pull weight.
  • Grab the bar and sit on the bench associated with the machine
  • There are two grip types you can hold, wide grip and shot grip. Wide grip works on the broadening of the back, whereas shot grip helps in working on the core muscles of the back.
  • Choose the grip according to your preference. Now, pull the weights by squeezing your lats. Don‚Äôt forget to engage your core muscles. Pull the grip till your upper chest and then move it back overhead. This is one rep.¬†
  • Do 2-3 sets of 8-10 reps.¬†

3. Seated Cable Row

Another best exercise for back at gym that you can try is a seated cable row.  It works on your back and forearm muscles. Once you have mastered this back workout at gym for beginners, you can also try its variations by trying a single-arm cable row. Some people also include seated cable row as a weight loss exercise since it engages your muscles and helps in burning calories. 

Cable Machine


  • Adjust the weight as per your strength.
  • Sit down on the bench and bend the knees around 60 degrees with your chest pushed out.
  • Now pull the bar towards your stomach.¬†
  • Hold it for a second and release the bar slowly. This is one rep.¬†
  • Do 2-3 sets of 8-10 repetitions.¬†

4. Bent-Over Barbell Row

It is one of the most effective back exercises at gym that will tone your back and make it muscular. In fact, this workout activates more than 80% of the back muscles. All professional trainers still include this variation in the workouts irrespective of whether the person is a beginner or a trained athlete. 

A bar and weight plates.


  • Get the bar and attach weight plates to it according to your own strength. You can start with 5-10 kgs.
  • After the setting of the weight plates is done, bend slightly forward with your chest facing the floor. Make an angle of 15-45 degrees.
  • Maintain a hip-width distance between your feet and rotate them slightly.
  • Hold the bar just right next to your knees, keep your core tight, and lift the bar moving it towards your belly button and with your elbows going right behind your back.
  • Bring the bar back to the starting position. This is one rep.¬†
  • Do 2-3 sets of 8-10 repetitions.

Some other exercises you can include to customize the best back workout at gym are: 

  • Dead-lift
  • Chest Supported Row
  • Single-arm dumbbell row
  • Inverted row

Safety Tips: 

When you perform back exercises at gym, here are some things to keep in mind to avoid injury:  

  • If you are at the gym, get more specific details about the workout and its technique from the instructor and try to do the first 2-3 repetitions under their supervision.¬†
  • Tie lower back belts for support if you are lifting more weights.
  • Start with smaller weights and put the weights down if there is some muscle contraction or pain.
  • Tight muscles are prone to injuries. Thus, always do warm-up to stretch your muscles before and after the workout.¬†
  • Don‚Äôt forget to take proper rest after the workout.¬†
  • Be patient with your growth as bringing the changes in the body is a step-by-step procedure and chasing fast results can get you in trouble.


A strong back and good posture offer a range of benefits for the long run. They not only prevent injuries and help you be more alert but also keep you active throughout the day. So, start performing back exercises at gym today and notice the difference yourself. 

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