Unlike popular notions, dental care for children is not only limited to your child's teeth. The state of her teeth impacts the health of the entire mouth area that includes their tongue, gums, and the entire body. To ensure great oral health for life, dental care for children must begin in infancy. This is when your child's primary teeth begin to take shape and good habits of oral hygiene for children will decide how healthy her mouth stays with fewer dental problems. Dental care for children should start as soon as you start nursing your infant. At this stage, their teeth are just below the surface of their gums and are just waiting to erupt. To ensure that your infants gums are always clean, you should wipe them with a soft and wet gauze at least 3-4 times a day. At times, we do all this but still, some dental issues affect our children due to the lack of proper kids dental care. How do you assess if your child is suffering from some problems with her teeth and gums? Here are some symptoms to look out for:

  • Swollen, red, or sore gums.
  • Pain in teeth or around the gums.
  • Sensitivity to certain foods like hot or cold drinks and eatables.
  • Constant bad breath.
  • Inability to chew food.
  • Loose teeth.
  • Spaced-out teeth.
  • Receding gums
  • Bleeding while brushing or flossing.

If you see any of these symptoms in your child, you should immediately consult doctor online to seek an appointment.

Why do children get dental problems?

Tooth decay and other dental problems are common in children majorly due to the sensitive nature of their teeth and eating habits. Here are some reasons why children get dental issues:

  • Not following oral hygiene for kids properly and regularly i.e. not following a proper routine of teeth cleaning for kids.
  • Consuming too many sugary, sticky, and acidic foods and drinks.
  • Having a dry mouth due to low production of saliva.
  • Deficiency in fluoride that leads to thinning of the enamel.

Why is dental care for children important?

Dental care for children is critical for the proper growth and development of your child in more ways than one:

  • Following a regular routine of dental care for children saves the child from the pain that comes from infections and cavities.
  • Following a schedule of dental care for children helps in her feeding and proper breathing.
  • Not following a routine of dental care for children leads to the transmission of bacteria from their bloodstream to other organs. This, if left unchecked, leads to serious conditions like a predisposition to diabetes, thyroid, and cardiovascular issues.
  • Not following proper oral hygiene for kids may lead to other conditions like deficiency of vitamins, acid reflux, tooth grinding, etc.
  • Improper dental care for kids that causes broken teeth, etc. may lead to a feeling of being unattractive. They may stop smiling and talking. Unchecked, these mat lead to stress, unhappiness, and even depression.

What is the best way to ensure kids teeth care?

Maintaining kids dental care is a complicated yet critical process. Dental care for children is a sustained lifelong process that requires a change in behaviours and oral care habits of not only children but also their parents. Good Child teeth care habits require making children responsible for their health from an early stage. Whether your child brushes her teeth herself or you do it for her, here are some tips for ensuring healthy teeth for kids that last them a lifetime!

  1. Clean the teeth regularly: Simply cleaning your children's teeth is not sufficient. Good habits of dental care for kids include brushing their teeth after every meal. Good dental care for children is also about using the right techniques of cleaning. The brush should be kept towards the gums and moved in small circles as if gently massaging the teeth. Ideally, you should spend at least 30 seconds in each of the four corners of the mouth.
  2. Look after the entire mouth: Proper dental care for children also involves cleaning the tongue, which is often a hotbed for bacteria. An unclean tongue can not only lead to cavities and gum problems, but it is also responsible for bad breath. You can scrape your child's tongue with a soft scraper and wash it afterward.
  3. Flossing is important: We often think that flossing is for adults only. This couldn't be farther from the truth. A great way to maintain proper dental hygiene for kids is flossing. Flossing needs to start as soon your child's teeth start touching each other. You can use kid-friendly flossers that deep clean the hard-to-reach food stuck between the teeth.
  4.  Use good quality equipment: The quality of equipment i.e. toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, etc., that you use for your children is as important as using the right technique of brushing. The toothbrush that you choose for your children should be kid-friendly and have soft bristles and a textured grip. The toothpaste should be fortified with fluoride but shouldn't have artificial flavors.
  5. Visit the dentist regularly: Getting regular dental treatments is as important as getting a full body checkup. To follow a great routine of dental hygiene for kids, you should start taking them to the dentist starting their first birthday. The dentist will ensure the good dental care for children that would include assessing the condition of their teeth, understand the dental history and give you tips on dental care for children. If required, dental treatment for children will also be provided. This is essential for catching the issues early on that not only become more severe later on but also lead to you having to get expensive medical procedures.

There is no alternative to a good routine of dental care for children. A great way to ensure that it is followed is that this routine should be made fun for children. For them to follow it well, it needs to be something that they look forward to rather than running away from it. Another way to inculcate these habits is to set a good example so that they can see you following a routine and follow it themselves.

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