Hitting the gym is very important to keep yourself healthy and physically sound. Gym exercises strengthen your muscles and make you look fit and attractive. Usually, gym exercises for back and workouts are in the form of sessions that help you strengthen the other parts of the body too. It could be leg exercises, back exercises, abdomen exercises etc. They help you develop strong muscles and build your body better. Gym exercises for the back are essential as they stabilise your spine, twist your torso and give a better posture for the body. Here are a few compound exercises that add a lot of strength and mass to the back muscles.

8 Best Gym Exercises to Build Your Back

1. Deadlift

Many might be under the impression that weight lifting and deadlifts are only for powerlifters and bodybuilders, which is not true. It is a weight training exercise for everyone that mainly works on your back muscles. Apart from that, it works on your calf muscles, hamstrings and hands. 

Deadlifts have been shown to improve the rate of muscle production in a body. It is a weight training exercise with a loaded barbell on the floor. You should bend down and lift the loaded barbel of the floor to the level of the hips and torso. Ensure that the barbell is completely perpendicular to the floor before you bend again to place it back on the ground. The exercise considers the hips and the legs as primary movers, and you get stronger day by day. ‚Äć

2. Bent-Over Row

Bent over rowing is another exercise that targets a variety of back muscles. The exercise is usually done in the gym with the help of dumbbells or barbells. Bend forward and keep your spine flat. If you are using a barbell, hold the barbell with your hands and fold your elbows to bring the barbell rod to your chest. Keep lifting slowly, hold for a second and bring your hands down again. This gives pressure to the back muscles and strengthens them. Even if you use dumbbells instead of barbells, it is the same procedure. This exercise is as effective as performing exercises using machines. Back exercises with machines can also strengthen back muscles but need monitoring in the beginning.

3. Pull-Up

A pull up is one of the best back exercises in gym, where you can expand your shoulder muscles and strengthen the upper back. Gyms have the lat pulldown machine with a helper struggling to place the bar at the right position. Pull-ups is one of the back workout gym exercises that give you a solid V cut and expand the upper body. The exercise is very effective and builds functional strength. The best way to begin is to try holding your body weight. Pull-ups come under this category of exercises. All you have to do is stand under the lat pulldown machine with chin up and feet slightly apart. Raise your hands to hold the bar with palms facing away from you. Pull yourself up to feel the pressure on your back. Come down slowly again. Do these at least 10 times a day to get the maximum benefit from the best back workout at gym.

4. T-Bar Row

For back workouts, machines are not very huge or bulky. They are simple and can be purchased for your home if you're a fitness freak. To do this exercise, place one end of the empty barbell in one corner of the room and fit plates on the other end. Cross your legs over the barbell and keep your legs apart. Bend forward to 45 degrees and stay in this position. Pick the barbell with palms facing each other and hold it with your elbows straight. Now bend your elbows and lift the barbell towards your chest in the same position. Repeat the same about 20 times in two rounds to strengthen your back muscles.

5. Seated Row

The seated rows are back exercises in gym for beginners. For this, you have to sit in the rowing machine with your legs in front of you. The rowing machine has two handles that you can hold with your hand. Once you pull the handles towards your chest, the towering seat moves forward, automatically folding your legs tightly. This gives tension in the back and reduces the excess fat at the sides. The seated row exercise comes under the gym exercises for back pain. Doing this exercise for about 20 repetitions a day can strengthen the back muscles and give you a good shape.

6. Single-Arm Smith Machine Row

These gym exercises for back are done with the help of a smith machine. Stand in front of the smith machine and lean at a 90-degree angle. Pick up the barbell, which is supposed to be placed at two feet in the smith machine above the ground. Lift the barbell with weights in one hand and come down slowly. Do at least 30 lifts in one hand before you switch to another. These gym exercises for back muscles are very effective, and you will see results faster than the normal ones.

7. Lat Pull-Down

Again this type of gym exercises for back is about pulling down from the top. The biomechanics of the lat pulldown machine works in such a way that the bar in the lat pulldown machine is above your head, and you have to sit on the bench while pulling the bar down to your shoulders and slowly release. Try home workouts online if you don’t have time to hit the gym.

8. Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

Usually, while performing lower back exercises gym trainers help you in the beginning. This single-arm dumbbell row is a classic exercise that is simple and gives huge results. Just bend one knee and stretch the other one straight behind. Hold the dumbbell in the right hand while folding the left knee. Keep your right hand on your right thigh for better support. Bend your left hand and bring the dumbbell close to your chest, and slowly come back down. 

Back workout gym training is essential for a healthy and fit body. You can also try back workout at home provided you have the right equipment.

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