Gone are the days when people chopped wood and gathered it to light their ovens or fire their furnaces. Nevertheless, it is a great workout that burns most calories and is an excellent core exercise, just like the hollow hold. Now you can perform this woodchop training indoors with just dumbbells or without weights. Therefore, they are an ideal workout for a home exercises routine that significantly impacts the obliques and abs with every lift and twist. The overall move strengthens the core extensively and creates magic to benefit your physical activity.

If you are an athlete or sportsperson, do not forget to include it in your everyday fitness schedule. Core activation is of great importance to swing, paddle or lift. The rotational movement of a woodchops exercise is an intensive workout that significantly affects the back and abdominal muscles, improving body stability. It can be done in various forms with different tools and lowers the backache. Read on to gain more knowledge about the wood choppers exercise.

How to do the Wood Chopper Exercise?

The traditional wood chop with dumbbell is the popular version. It is done by standing with the feet as wide as the shoulders parallel to the other. With dumbbells in both hands, start by rotating them to the right. Avoid straining the body by pivoting the feet to the right side of the body. Take care not to strain the back during the chops wood workout. There are two steps in this exercise, namely chopping and lifting.

The first step is lifting the dumbbell to one side of the body and raising it to the head outwards. While doing this, to aid with the rotation, you have to pivot the leg and elevate the weight simultaneously. However, there will be minimal movement in the body while doing the entire set of a woodchop.

The next step is the chopping movement. In this, you will move your hand from the head back to the hip in the opposite direction. Remember to have the head, and the body straight while performing a standing wood chop exercise.

You have to do the entire workout in a controlled manner and pause between each rep to keep the momentum less. Now that you have understood how to do woodchopper exercise try doing 2 sets of 8 to 15 reps on both sides.

Check out this video to learn how to do Kettlebell Woodchoppers by Cult Fit

This video helps you to learn how to do Kettlebell Woodchoppers that helps you work your obliques.

What are the benefits of wood chop exercise?

The advantages of performing the wood choppers exercise cable are:

  1. You can do this functional workout with various tools and equipment like a cable machine, dumbbells or resistance bands.
  2. The wood chop exercise benefits the body’s strength and eventually helps perform activities like lifting, pushing and pulling effortlessly in day-to-day activities.
  3. Wood chop with dumbbell stabilises the muscles in hips, shoulders and trunk.
  4. A standing wood chop exercise is ideal for women in their second or third trimester and for people who cannot lie on the ground and perform a core workout.

What are the precautionary measures to be taken with a wood chop exercise?

Always bear in mind to keep the body trunk stable throughout a DB woodchop as there is a normal tendency for everyone to bend and flex the spine while chopping, and twisting the spine will cause an unnecessary strain. If there is any discomfort or pain experienced during the exercise, reduce the motion range and decrease the speed or stop performing. 

In the case of the usage of resistance bands, you can decrease their resistance. The following vital measure is to perform with lighter weights and then gradually increase them or perform a wood chop with resistance band as you master the move and gain better control. Consult a physician in case of any injury or emergency.

What are the variations of wood chop exercises?

You can perform a wood chops exercise in various methods and make it more challenging. Instead of doing a standing wood chop, you can perform in a lunging position, also referred to as a half kneeling wood chop. Start with one leg in the front and the knee at the back bent under the hips. Now lift the weight from the outer side of the hip and over to your head. Changing the stance and doing a half kneeling wood chop will help you make a move more challenging. You can also do a full kneeling chops wood exercise with the knees parallel.

The equipment used will add to the wood chop exercise variations using a gym ball, kettlebell, cable machine, etc. It gives a modification to the hand positioning and grip. Performing the cable woodchop with the pulley in its highest position is called a high cable woodchop, and its results are similar to the wood chop with resistance band.

You can perform the cable woodchop with the feet to the shoulder distance by holding the handle to one side. Then pull it down to the opposite hip such that the workout focuses more on the obliques. You can also perform the high cable wood chop exercise by anchoring the weight at a low position. Now from the lowest point, you can move to the highest such that the shoulder and trunk extensors are concentrated better here.

The same move with the cable machine is called the horizontal cable woodchop. Perform this exercise by moving the shoulders, torso and arms by twisting the body and pulling it across from body to face and then in the opposite direction. Now uncoil and go back to the starting position and try doing the reps by alternating sides after finishing it on the side. Thus, a horizontal cable woodchop makes the exercise more challenging to the upper body.

The standing wood chop is the best workout to add strength and train your core in various ways. As it uses different techniques and tools, it can accommodate all your needs. If you are a beginner, try doing a DB woodchop and reap all the benefits it bestows to your daily activity. However, some people do it without dumbbells too at their home. Start today, stay consistent and visualise your transformation around your hips and obliques in a short duration.

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