Get to your grips and burn fat fast with a battle rope exercise. Improve your cardio fitness with these classic gym workouts whose fame never fades. Everybody would relate to a skipping rope exercise when we talk about rope workouts. However, these are done with special equipment which is easy to install. Performing it not only looks impressive but has lots more to offer. It increases overall strength, muscular endurance and loses fat extensively. As it burns fat exclusively, rope exercise for weight loss works wonders. So, what’s not to love?

An added advantage is that the exercising kit is ideal as a rope workout at home as it occupies minimal space. It can be attached to a wall or pole, depending on the facility available. It also comes in various sizes to suit the needs of multiple people. Now let us see how it works and benefits the body.

How To Master Battle Rope Exercise?

There are some techniques to perform the battle rope workout flawlessly. Do you want to know how?

  • Solid Stance – You have to stand with the feet wider than the shoulder’s width. Instead of standing upright, bend slightly in the knees and hips, thrusting the chest forward.
  • Perfect Grip – An ideal grip must be on the handle with the thumb on the rope. The hands must be facing each other to flick the wrist according to the moves of the hand rope exercise. This will also prevent the rope from slipping away from sweaty hands.
  • Flick Properly – Visualize as if you are throwing the rope away with a quick flicking motion. Move it up and out and then lower it, alternating between both hands. Take care to do this rope exercise at home without tugging the ropes towards yourself, as it will cause shoulder injuries.
  • Understand Your Rope –You should choose the right rope length and thickness. First, check whether the wave is reaching the anchor point. To be more precise, an ideal rope to perform the battle rope workout for beginners in a proper form should be nine metres long with one-fifth of an inch thick. Then as you take it up the notch, you can progress and get exercise ropes for arms around twelve metres long with two inches of thickness. Gradually make the shift as you advance, as overdoing will cause injury. At times these injuries tend to create permanent health problems.
  • Breathe – You have to take long and deep breaths to sustain along with the entire workout.
  • Lean Forward – A rope exercise in the gym must be started and ended close to the anchor point by leaning forward slightly.

List Of Best Battle Rope Exercises

A rope exercise in the gym is either performed as a warm-up or as a main workout. You can also do it at the end of an exercise session to make up for the left-out time and build more intensity. Ropes are great to burn more calories and are time-based. Therefore, follow the below-elaborated rope exercise for weight loss and see visible results in a short duration.

Biceps Wave

Take care to stay in a squatting posture with a minimum elbow move having the back straight. Have your entire body still and make rope waves as fast as possible. Focus on performing a greater number of reps with a high amplitude. Doing this will give the best movement to the biceps as it is the best battle rope workout for beginners.

Lateral Whip

Perform this hand rope exercise by slightly bending the elbows and taking the ropes up as a lateral raise. Next, place your thumbs pointing forwards and whip the ropes down. Raise the speed as you advance through the move. A lateral whip will improve your posture as it targets the rear back muscles.

Outside Spiral

You can easily do an outside spiral rope exercise at home with alternating arms to make outward circles. The rope moves like a corkscrew which works both rotator cuffs and shoulders effectively. There are few variations for different levels of fitness. It will include a half-kneeling posture with both clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations. This is a fun and dynamic way to train the back and rotator cuffs. This rope exercise benefits the body by stabilising the muscles of shoulder joints and effectively creating a core tension.

Lying T

In this exercise, you will have to lie face down and extend your arms out, forming a T shape. Hold exercise ropes for arms and move them like preparing for lift-off, and as it goes up and down, it will work the upper, middle, and lower traps along with the shoulders. It can be used as the main exercise or warm-up but make sure to squeeze your glutes without arching the lower back throughout the move.

Jumping Slam

Aim for a high amplitude with this workout by jumping and bringing both the ropes down together. Then, repeat with greater heights and velocity. It is referred to as the grand finale variation of a battle rope workout. It needs excellent fitness levels to be performed. Treat it like a jump squat and slay it. Take care to keep the elbows straight and the torso neutral throughout the exercise. Burn that extra fat and pump your heart rate with no slouching.

Face Pull

A face pull is done with the help of the cable pulley machine, positioning it slightly above the head. Reach and grasp the handles with both hands. Perform this battle rope exercise by stepping back until the arms are entirely extended. Then engage the core and lean back approximately at 20 degrees. Pull the handles towards your forehead with palms facing inwards. Then slowly open the arms and maintain good posture. Focus on controlled motions to benefit well.

Benefits Of Battle Rope Workout

Rope exercise benefits the system by:

  • Burning calories and burning fat
  • Sculpting muscles
  • Increasing mobility
  • Reducing the risk of injuries

Wrap Up

Now you can efficiently perform the rope workout at home by investing in the equipment, which is not very expensive and occupies very minimal space.


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December 30, 2021

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