Do you want to challenge your body, lose weight and build endurance? You can choose resistance bands exercises! They work very differently from dumbbells and kettlebells as they target specific small and large muscles on the body joints. This weight loss exercise uses a single resistance band, with which you can perform various levels of resistance depending on your current fitness. They are a great option to workout at home as they can be easily carried anywhere owing to their lightweight nature.
Exercises for resistance bands originated during the 1900s and were designed for muscle rehabilitation. They were made of surgical tubes, and owing to their benefits; their popularity continued to increase with every passing day. It might look tiny, but the power it offers is unimaginable. Resistance bands workout can strengthen the major muscles in the body and produce more energy from them.
Resistance bands are ideal for lower body workouts, forcing you to work your glutes and legs and move in a better form. Leg exercise with resistance bands is excellent for treating knee problems, strengthening the knee joint muscles. This eventually will help your legs hold heavier weights with time. Moreover, they can be tuned in as per the fitness level required, and they can be used by anyone ranging from beginner to advanced.
Another vital criterion to perform the exercise using resistance bands is that it will help to give you a better stance and gain more from the training. A resistance band will correct your posture to activate the right muscles if you perform any move wrong.

Benefits Of Resistance Bands Workout

Please read the mentioned resistance band workout benefits, and in the end, you will find several reasons to buy one for yourself.

  • Exercises for resistance bands are very efficient as the body's muscle fibres work hard to handle its instability. This recruits all the muscle groups better than any other equipment.
  • The resistance band workout benefits your body by improving the natural moves in day-to-day activities like throwing, lifting, swinging, etc.
  • Resistance bands are inexpensive, even with different brands and good quality ones. This makes resistance bands exercises for beginners more affordable and comfortable as they invest lesser amounts for their fitness. This will get them started without any second thoughts.
  • The benefits of resistance band workout are that it is portable to carry to places as it is light, small and flexible. You can drop them into any of your bags and take them anywhere.
  • Resistance bands exercises for beginners help them with basic strengthening extensively as they can quickly shift from one workout to another. During the starting stage, no one will have the stamina to continuously perform; a resistance band gives the flexibility to change between exercises and be consistent.

What Are The Types Of Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands come in various forms and colours but vary from brand to brand. Exercises for resistance bands help in categorising the bands. Most of them are yellow for beginners with the least resistance, red for medium resistance, blue for heavy resistance and purple for ultra-heavy resistance workouts. The other popular types are:

  • Braided Bands contain four brands braided together and are suitable for rigorous outdoor training as they are very durable. Braided bands are also available in various resistance levels.
  • Traditional bands vary in thicknesses with their resistances depending on their size. These classic bands are great for strengthening muscles and are cylindrical, with long tubes attached to plastic handles on the ends.
  • Flat bands are the best for mind-body exercises and various physical therapies.
  • As their name suggests, looped bands do not have handles but are provided with loops on the ends to place them around your ankles or wrists.

What Are The Different Resistance Band Exercises?

The four significant portions of the body which you can target with exercises using resistance bands are abs, chest, back and legs. Let us discuss the best exercises amongst them.

1. Resistance Band Chest Exercises

A push-up exercise using resistance bands will work the chest muscles effectively. Start by lying on the stomach with the band on the back and anchored under the hands. Take a plank posture and then bend your elbows to lower the chest to form a straight line from neck to toes without sagging. Start with a low speed with stronger resistance by extending the elbows. Hold this position for a few seconds to develop strength. Then repeat these resistance band chest exercises for 8 to 10 reps.

2. Ab Exercise With Resistance Bands

The banded bridge is an ideal resistance bands workout to activate the hip abductors and stabilise the hip joints simultaneously. It is performed with the band around the thighs and lying on the ground with the face-up. Place your heels close to the hip, and then lift the hips high. Keep the shoulder blades on the floor and then open the knees gently. You have to maintain a scoop in your tummy while you roll the spine down. Perform at least 2 sets of this ab exercise with resistance bands for 10 reps.

3. Resistance Band Back Exercises

The bent-over rows are exercises for resistance bands to focus on the lats, traps and rhomboids with looped bands. Start by holding the resistance band in a crossed manner by stepping on it with both feet. Then hinge forwards at a 45-degree angle by bending the knees slightly and extending the arms. Pull the elbows up using the lats with the spine neutral and pause at the topmost position. Please take care not to open your chest and then return to the starting position. Perform these resistance band back exercises as per your capability.

4. Leg Exercise With Resistance Bands

The lateral band steps are exercises for resistance bands to strengthen the quads and glutes. The legs above the knees should make a quarter squat position with resistance bands around both. Take care to have your feet pointed forwards as wide apart as your hip. Move 12 inches to one side in a controlled manner two or three times. Repeat in the other direction and keep moving until you feel fatigued.
Now that you have a comprehensive knowledge of exercises using resistance bands, you can start right away and get all the benefits from it in a proper form. When beginners perform exercises for resistance bands, they gain extra support, whereas advanced individuals can effortlessly increase the difficulty levels by including more resistance in their workouts.

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