Music can help in alleviating stress from our mind by calming our psychology without making any conscious efforts. It is also great at uplifting our mood, slowing our breathing, and helping us relax. Meditation is another powerful tool for stress management. From short-term benefits like calming the body and mind, to building resistance towards stress over time with consistent practice, the potential of this tool in stress management cannot be denied.Not always do we need to practice advanced meditation exercises to find a mindful minute in our chaotic lives. Short meditations exercises can also go a long way in improving and clearing out our mental space. Both music and meditation are known to have wonderful benefits for stress management and overall health of a person. Combining music with a meditation practice can enhance the positive effects of both, bringing a greater experience of stress relief to an individual. Mindfulness meditation music practice can be a simpler way of inculcating mindfulness in your life. It can prove to be a more instantly relaxing practice than other forms of meditation exercises. For experience meditation practitioners, mindfulness music therapy can be another tool to consistently grow their practice.Here are some lesser-known benefits and facts of adding relaxing mindfulness music in your meditation practice or your regular activities.

1. Reduce stress

One of the biggest benefits of listening to music while meditating is anxiety and stress reduction. The most common issue faced by people today is stress. With different areas of our lives becoming more and more demanding, it is natural for a person to feel stressed out and to worry about the future. Taking breaks to listen to relaxing mindfulness music can help in managing our stress levels. When listening to soft and pleasant music, we tend to feel calmer and drop the pressures of life for a few moments.

2. Deeper meditation

For people who are already meditation practitioners, listening to some music while meditating can help them go a little deeper in their meditation practice. It works on improving our cognitive abilities and will help us meditate better. Listening to music while meditating also helps in finding inner peace and happiness within ourselves.

3. Better concentration

Music for mindfulness has proven to be very effective for better concentration levels. Listening to mindfulness music for work or during meditation can help in keeping our brains more centered, and may work on keeping us in a good mood at work. It can help in providing us with the required support at the workplace and keep us at ease while working on difficult projects. It can work in enhancing our productivity levels in a healthy way.

4. Balancing emotions

Maintaining an emotional balance is crucial. Problems in life can strike us at any moment. A balanced mind may help us in maintaining our calm when dealing with these changes, instead of escaping them. Both music and mindfulness can help us in approaching and working through our difficult emotions in a safe and calm way. Listening to insight meditation music regularly can help us in working with our mind to balance our emotions. It will equip us to deal with our emotions in a better way and can accelerate relationship healing.

5. Helps in better sleep

Listening to mindfulness music for sleep is one of the most effective practices that can be adopted for better sleep. Sleep is extremely important for a healthy and balanced life. A proper amount of quality sleep enables us in functioning better in our lives. Listening to pleasant music before bedtime will help in taking the tiring day off ourselves and instil calmness in our noisy brain. It also relaxes our body by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, the part of the brain that helps us relax and prepares us for sleep.

6. Healing the body

Practicing meditation has also been known to help us heal ourselves. Incorporating some gentle music in the background for our meditation practices will allow us to heal our bodies naturally. Studies say that there are a host of benefits noted in people who practice music meditation during recovery after surgery. Meditation has calming effects on our body as well as our atmosphere and can aid in peaceful healing.

7. Mindful eating

Listening to music for mindfulness works a great deal in controlling and changing our bad eating habits like eating on the go, stress eating, and eating fast. Listening to mindful music can help us in relaxing and eating slowly. It creates a tranquil environment at the dinner table making mealtimes a more healthy and pleasurable experience. Good food and eating habits can help a great deal in maintaining a healthy digestive system and overall wellbeing.The benefits of listening to mindfulness relaxing music are myriad. Since the practice involves basics meditation, it can also be easier to adopt for a lot of people who find meditating difficult.

Here is how you can begin with a practice?

  1. Choose a music for meditation that can help you relax and that you enjoy listening to. You can choose from Indian classical music, Gregorian chanting and primordial sounds, sounds of nature, instrumental music, etc. Choosing music with a slower tempo and without lyrics will help is avoiding distractions and aid in engaging the conscious mind.
  2. Get into a comfortable position. You can come into a cross-legged seat or any other position that you find comfortable. Then close your eyes and relax the muscles on your shoulders, belly, and even on your face and jawline. Begin to concentrate on your breath and start breathing through your diaphragm.
  3. Breathe in deeply through your nose and draw the breath down to your belly. Try to gently expand your belly as you breathe in, rather than your chest. Then slowly exhale through your mouth.
  4. Try to be aware of any thoughts that crop up. Acknowledge any thoughts that come up, even thoughts about the music you are listening, before gently redirecting your attention to the present moment, the sound of the music, then sensations and feelings in your body. As thoughts come to your mind, gently let them go and bring back your attention to the present moment. Try to stay focused on the music.
  5. The goal of the practice is quiet your inner voice and just be. Immerse yourself completely into the music and just be in the present moment. Continue practicing it for several minutes every day.

Start slowly by practicing for only a few minutes every day instead of doing lengthy practices inconsistently to reap good benefits of the practice. Mindful music can be inculcated into your life even if you do not practice meditation. You can just put on some pleasant music during working, eating, during your yoga practice, etc. and having a relaxing is your prime health and fitness care provider that provides consultations by experts. operates with the best team of speciality doctors, fitness experts and medical and lifestyle coaches providing the highest quality care to all patients. You can download the App or use the Website for an all-round preventive and curative healthcare experience.

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July 19, 2022
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