What is Meningitis?

An inflammation of the meninges is known as meningitis. Meninges are essentially the three membranes that cover the spinal cord and the brain. This Disease happens when the fluid which surrounds the meninges gets affected.There are different types of meningitis which happen due to different Causes. Some of the common and not so common ones have been mentioned below for your knowledge:

  • Cryptococcal
  • Carcinomatous
  • Viral meningitis
  • Bacterial meningitis
  • Fungal meningitis
  • Parasitic meningitis
  • Non-infectious meningitis

A neurologists doctor is the best person to Treat you for various types.

Meningitis Symptoms

The meningitis Symptoms vary from individual to individual depending on their age. Different age groups will be affected in different manners. The symptoms also vary depending on which type of meningitis you have been affected by. Some of the common Symptoms across different types and different ages has been listed below for your understanding:

  • Sudden high fever
  • Experiencing Seizures
  • Having less to no appetite and feeling thirsty very often
  • Having difficulty in walking or feeling sleepy
  • Experiencing headache along with nausea and vomiting
  • Having a very severe headache that is very unusual
  • A stiff neck
  • Increased confusion and or difficulty in understanding even the simplest of things
  • Developing sensitivity to light
  • Developing skin rash
  • Feelings of being slugging

Who is at Risk?

Meningitis Risk Factors differ from individual to individual as age has a factor to play in this. Certain red flags for when an individual might be at Risk are:

  • Anyone with a low immunity tends to be more prone to getting infections of various kind
  • An individual who has AIDS/HIV or another sexually transmitted Disease
  • Someone suffering from autoimmune disorders
  • Anyone who has undergone chemotherapy
  • Someone who has had organ transplant or bone marrow transplant

These are just few of the red flags that one should keep a lookout for against this Disease and be cautious.

Meningitis Causes

The meningitis Causes different depending on which type of meningitis you have been affected by. However, we have discussed some possible Causes for you down below:

  • When a fungus, bacteria, virus or a parasite passes through the individual’s bloodstream and reaches either the brain or the spinal cord.
  • Once this happens then they set up home in either the linings or the fluids around these important body parts and then start developing into a more advanced form of infection.
  • In the case of a non-infectious one, then it is due to an external injury or some other condition.

How is Meningitis Diagnosed?

For meningitis Diagnosis a doctor will perform various tests and exams and look out for certain things:

  • Firstly, the doctor will conduct a physical exam and do a health history to understand the body of the individual. He will look out for certain things like an increased heart rate, fever, neck stiffness and a reduction in consciousness.
  • He will also order for a lumbar puncture also known as spinal tap to take place. This allows him to look for an increased pressure in the individual’s central nervous system.
  • Other meningitis test that he may ask to do include blood cultures, a complete blood count, chest X-rays and CT scan. He might also ask for glass test.

How is Meningitis Treated?

Meningitis Treatment is done basis the type that you have been infected with.

  • For certain types like bacterial, hospitalization is required.
  • Fungal type is Treated with antifungal medicines for meningitis.
  • Parasitic may include antibiotic Treatment depending of if the doctor is looking at Treating the infection directly or the Symptoms.

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How can Meningitis be Prevented?

Meningitis Prevention is done through a number of things which are very simple in nature:

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes not smoking, avoiding contact with sick people and also getting adequate amount of rest in your daily life. This includes a healthy diet and doing exercise to build your immune system.
  • There are certain vaccinations which also help to protect an individual against certain different kinds of meningitis.
  • Practicing good personal hygiene is also of utmost importance as certain types spread when an individual comes in contact with another person’s nasal secretions and saliva.

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