There is hardly anything that can compare to tucking into bed with a warm bowl of KhowSuey on a weekend. In fact, KhowSuey lovers can hardly go without ordering the dish when at an Asian restaurant. But is the popular KhowSuey as healthy as it is believed to be?

Let’s take a close look at KhowSuey and its health quotient!

What is Khow Suey?

Khow Suey is a sumptuous Burmese noodle dish that borrows its distinct taste from a delicately spiced coconut milk sauce. It is served with a variety of condiments and toppings that elevates the dish, giving it a burst of different amazing flavours.

Different kinds of Khow Suey

The Burmese KhowSuey comes in many variants, tailored to suit local ingredients and preferences around the world. Some recipes, such as Chicken Khow Suey, feature Chicken stock, paprika, and cayenne peppers. While others feature fish sauce and peanuts. There are vegetarian variants too⁠—some of them are featured in Malaysian Veg Curry & Rice Meals.

Here are a few types of Khow Suey:

  • Mohinga Khow Suey: A breakfast favourite in Burma, this KhowSuey contains a variety of ingredients and is served with fish broth, lending it a unique taste.
  • Nan Gyi Thoke: This is a KhowSuey salad mixed with chicken curry and chilli oil. Its version of Chicken Khao Suey recipe is usually topped with crispy fritter, fish cake, boiled egg, and fried peas. This KhowSuey’s Origin can be traced to Mandalay.
  • Shew Taung Khow Suey: This is another variety of Chicken KhowSuey uses egg noodles, chicken curry, and coconut milk.
  • Shan Khow Suey: This Burmese KhowSuey variant originated in the Shan State and comprises shredded chicken or pork meat cooked with soya bean gravy.
  • Kaw yay Khow Suey: This Burmese Khow Suey is also known as gooey Khowsuey. This Khow Suey Recipe uses corn starch, lending its soup dish a thick consistency.

Other Khowsuey variants include Myay O Mee Shay, Indian Style Burmese KhowSuey, and more. It may also be served as Asian Veg Curry & Rice in many restaurants menus. Different types of Burmese Khao Suey require different cooking methods. But no matter the kind of Khow Suey, rest assured that it will be a hearty meal that will feature in your list of comfort food! 

Major Ingredients of KhaoSuey

Burmese Khao Suey is often considered a healthy dish, be it the vegetarian variant or a non-vegetarian one. And rightly so⁠—It is gluten-free, sugar-free dish, and has tons of veggies! Here are some ingredients that go into a typical Khao Suey Recipe: 

  1. Noodles: When made with egg noodles, the KhaoSuey becomes all the more nutritious, thanks to its extra protein serving. Alternatively, the Khao Suey’s vegetarian version uses rice noodles.
  2. Coconut milk: It’s what lends Khao Suey its distinct taste. The regular KhaoSuey Recipe’s base comprises a delicately spiced coconut milk curry. The use of coconut milk has several health benefits:
  • Coconut milk consists of healthy fats as it is rich in short and medium-chain triglycerides 
  • It contains antioxidant properties, thanks to its Vitamin C and E content 
  • Coconut milk is also rich in electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Potassium is essential for healthy muscle functioning and the maintenance of a normal heart rhythm. Magnesium is crucial for the maintenance of normal nerve and muscle function as well as a healthy immune system. Phosphorus is an important structural component of teeth and bones.
  • Coconut milk is known to increase the levels of the good cholesterol, HDL in the body, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke
  • It also has antiseptic properties and assists the body in fighting infections caused by fungi, viruses, and bacteria. 
  • Coconut milk also contains iron.
  1. Meat: The traditional Burmese KhaoSuey is made with either chicken, fish, or pork, making it a good option for a high-protein diet. A meal rich in protein is essential for muscle building and healthy functioning of the body. 
  2. Vegetables: The Khao Suey Recipe, especially in the veg option, features a variety of vegetables. The generous quantity of vegetables can provide the body with the essential nutrition, adding to the wholesome goodness of the Khao Suey.

Health risks of Khao Suey

While the tasty Burmese KhaoSuey is packed with nutrients and is often considered a healthy dish, regular consumption could deter your fitness and health goals. Here are some things you may want to consider before making Khao Suey a regular feature in your diet: 

  1. As Khao Suey contains cholesterol-heavy coconut milk, regular consumption may pose a risk of high cholesterol, especially in those prone to cardiovascular diseases. 
  2. Owing to the high dietary fibres from coconut milk and lots of vegetables, Khao Suey can cause digestive problems. Eating too much Khao Suey may cause gas or constipation.
  3. Coconut milk also contains a lot of sugar. This can make the Khao Suey an unsuitable option in large servings for those with insulin resistance and diabetes.
  4. KhaoSuey is calorie-heavy, owing to its coconut milk content. One medium-sized serving of KhaoSuey has around 600 calories. So if you’re on a calorie deficit, we’d recommend limiting your Khao Suey consumption. 
  5. If you’re someone who’s allergic to nuts, make sure the Khao Suey recipe does not include peanuts or any other nut you may be allergic to. 

Khao Suey is a wholesome dish⁠, packed with nutrition and taste. Moreover, it’s a one-pot dish, making it a relatively easy recipe to whip up at home. It’s no wonder that it is a well-loved noodle dish the world over. But like all things fitness and health, Khao Suey should be had in moderation. So feel free to indulge and enjoy the Burmese Khao Suey every once in a while in healthy medium-sized servings.

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