In an era where silence is considered unusual, it is evident that all of us are immersed in the knots of this hustle-bustle journey called life. We live in a world where constant busyness and distractions are the norms. All of us are dealing with the pressing issue of being unable to focus on one thing, the inability to be mindful and to stop being judgmental.Fret no further, for all of this is solvable!Meditation, a word that invites varied interpretations and misconceptions amongst layman is one of the most effective and feasible solutions.

What is meditation?

It is training oneself to be aware of the present and be mindful. Well, focusing the mind and body on a single task without contemplating about the future or worrying about the past is the essence of meditation. It is not about becoming a different person, a new person, or even a better person. It is indeed a process of knowing and learning to deal with the raw version of yourself. Shed away all the insecurities, achievements and dive right to those fundamentals and principles that make you who you are today. To assess your pros and cons without being judgmental is one of its luring benefits. Just as it is important to know what meditation is, it is of prime importance to realize that meditation is a skill that can be learnt with patience and time. Always awed at monks and nuns who meditate for hours or even days together? Wanted to incorporate yoga and meditation in your schedule as well? But, that simply is not possible with the frenetic schedule you have! So what about a 5 min meditation?

What is 5 min meditation?

The idea of daily 5 min meditation is not to focus less on it, but instead to throw light on how keeping aside 5 minutes daily can have profound benefits. Though it sounds easy, people struggle to unwind the hurling mind in 5 min meditation and enable it to take on a day with optimism and mindfulness. That is when 5 min guided meditation finds its significance.If you find yourself wondering to a maze of thoughts that ultimately turn out to be negative or demotivating, then the 5 min guided meditation can free you of its clutches. Relying on meditation music or soothing podcasts can do the job with ease. It can also be a breathing exercise, a mantra or even visualization imagery.The next possible question that can arise is when to practice the 5 min meditation. It can be done at any time of the day. You can either kick start with a 5 min morning meditation to set the tone for the rest of the day or wrap it up with a 5 min sleep meditation. This largely depends on the person you are. Both of them are highly beneficial and infuse a great deal of positivity to the otherwise mundane life. The habit of 5 min sleep meditation ensures a peaceful state of mind to relax, sleep, wake up fresh and to carry forward the aura throughout the day. But if you are an early bird who practices yoga asanas, then there is no better way to experience the tranquillity of the dawn other than 5 min morning meditation. Irrespective of the schedule, it is quintessential to begin on a note of gratitude that is possible with morning meditation for 5 minutes. Otherwise termed as the 5 minute gratitude meditation, it is a process of sitting back and thinking about all the good things you have been blessed with. The very fact that you are one among the lucky ones to see the morn must motivate you to practice 5 min meditation and strive to be better than yesterday.

What are the benefits of 5 min meditation?

Just closing the eyes and letting your mind meander will not let you reap the benefits associated with morning meditation 5 min. What is needed is 5 min meditation, a state where one pays full justice to the idea of carpe diem, a Latin aphorism that roughly translates to seize the day.

‚Äć1. Enhances empathy

The deep state of flow that 5 min meditation induces builds and social connectedness and makes you more affectionate and approachable as a person. Emanating amicability, dealing with people becomes an enjoyable process rather than a hectic one.

2. Decreases Symptoms of Depression, Stress, and Anxiety

Making 5 min meditation a part of the daily routine is known to have significant impacts on the thought processes of an individual. It is a stress stabilizer than chisels resilience and insightful nature.

3. Improves emotional health and well-being

It boosts self-esteem and morale all of which contribute to overall development. Striking a balance between the busy routine and emotional wellness is facilitated through 5 min meditation. Absorption of good and bad incidents with equal emphasis, easy management of pain, and improvement while dealing with the emotional effects of stress are some of the highlights of 5 min meditation.

4. Meditation increases attention by inducing a state of flow

Mindful awareness comes naturally to us when we meditate, and we reach flow state where the mind is in complete harmony with itself. A study on the effects of 5 min mindful meditation found that people who are regular meditation practitioners had increased attention and concentration span.

5. Overcome addiction and improve the effectiveness

Ever found yourself craving for something so much that it adversely affects the mindset? This is because the mind is unable to exercise control on its feelings, emotions and needs. With 5 min meditation gain better perspectives and control over the constituents of the mind. Overcome addiction and experience sustained wellness that is assured through the regular practice of 5 min meditation.

6. The upper hand in cognitive abilities

What are the disadvantages of 5 min meditation?

  1. It may prompt negative thinking
  2. It might damage your sense of self
  3. Meditation might bring back old wounds

‚ÄćHow does 5 min meditation affect your overall health and mental health?

Often successful people have extraordinary cognitive skills and undivided attention span. This is not because they are extraordinary; rather it is because they strive to stand apart through ordinary habits. One such life-changing habit is 5 min meditation. Studies have revealed that both transcendent and mindful 5 min meditation practices improve the brain's problem-solving and decision-making strategies, which can bring a desirable shift in both your personal and professional life.

Tips and techniques for beginners

For faster and effective results there are certain tips a novice can follow:

  1. Establish a routine.
  2. Focus by setting the attention on a point or object
  3. Don't be attached to distractive thoughts.
  4. Play some soothing music or mantras for increased concentration.
  5. Find a quiet place, like a meditation center or garden to meditate.

Use these tips to do 5-minute meditation at home and improve your mental well-being!

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July 19, 2022
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