What Is A Close Grip Bench Press?

A close grip bench press is similar to the well-known exercise traditional bench press except that you have to do the former with a narrower grip and the latter with a wide grip. Close grip bench press focus on building strength and increasing the size of chest and triceps muscles. 
Professional football, basketball, and rugby players add close grip barbell bench press to their workout since it is a very effective exercise for working on the upper body and pushing muscle limits. Another reason why players prefer this exercise is that they can practice it even when their shoulders are injured a little. 
This does not mean that amateurs do not benefit from close grip dumbbell bench press. The close grip bench press form can be tailored according to the fitness level of every individual and hence even beginners can practice it quite easily. 

How To Do Close Grip Bench Press: Step-By-Step Instructions

Here is how you can practice the workout with the correct close grip bench press form:

  • For your safety, use a smith machine or a spotter.¬†
  • Use a combination of a flat bench and power rack for the exercise.¬†
  • Now, place the barbell at an appropriate level where you can lift the bar off with someone‚Äôs help.¬†
  • Put weight onto the barbell according to your fitness level and strength.¬†
  • Lie down on a bench with the help of a close grip.¬†
  • Keeping your arms locked, lift the bar from the rack with someone‚Äôs help.¬†
  • Keep the bar straight over you.¬†
  • Breathe in and gradually bring the bar close to your chest.¬†
  • Meanwhile, you have to keep your elbows close to your body.¬†
  • Breathe out and start pushing the bar up.¬†
  • You have to engage your triceps muscles while pushing the bar up.¬†
  • Lock your arms when the bar is at the maximum height.¬†
  • Move the bar back to the rack gradually once you are done with an incline close grip bench press.¬†

Common Mistakes

Here is a list of some common mistakes that people do while practising decline close grip bench press:

  • If a spotter or smooth machine is not available in the gym or workout at home, people still try to lift the same weight while doing the close bench press grip.¬†
  • Never try to push the weight up using momentum. Not only does it decrease the effectiveness of close grip bench press workout, but it also increases the chances of a sternum injury.¬†
  • Do not increase the rep too much to use a close grip bench press as a weight loss exercise.
  • If you go with a close grip bench press alternative, consult your gym trainer first for the weight you should lift.¬†
  • If your hips are getting lifted off the bench, it is time to reduce the weight for your close grip bench press exercise.¬†

Close Grip Bench Press Benefits

Close grip bb bench press might not be as famous as the traditional bench press but it offers the same number of benefits. Here is a list of some close grip bench press benefits that you can get by sticking to your workout routine:

  • Strengthens Your Muscles: The most important benefit of close grip tricep bench press is its effects on various muscle groups. The exercise mainly targets your triceps muscles. Apart from that, chest and shoulders muscles are also engaged in CGBP workout.¬†
  • Builds Resistance In Your Body: If you want to gradually increase your body resistance and your ability to lift heavyweights, a close grip bench press is the right exercise for you. In fact, most weight lifting exercises do not engage chest and shoulder muscles but that is not the case with a close grip tricep bench press. By engaging these muscles, you can lift heavier weights than you otherwise couldn‚Äôt.¬†
  • Increases The Size of Your Triceps: Beginners often put all their focus on their biceps muscles and their triceps muscles get ignored. If you want to build bulky triceps, you should definitely add close grip bb bench press to your workout.¬†
  • Easier Than Traditional Lift: Beginners often find it difficult to practice traditional bench press. If you are also facing the same problem, a close grip bench press can be the perfect alternative for you. The narrow grip used in CGBP workout can actually reduce shoulder strain and this helps the lifter bench heavier weight.¬†

Precautions And Safety Points 

Every exercise that involves weight lifting should be practised with extra care. If you want to keep yourself safe from injury while practising incline close grip bench press perfectly, you should keep the following safety points in mind:

  • If your gym has a smith machine or spotter, use them for extra safety while doing narrow grip bench press.¬†
  • Keeping your hands at a shoulder-wide distance to each other is necessary not just to effectively activate the triceps muscles but to also decrease the risk of injuries while doing close grip dumbbell bench press.¬†
  • Keep your hips on the bench while you perform a close grip bench press.¬†
  • If you are feeling pain or any type of discomfort in your shoulder and wrist, you should stop practising close grip press immediately.¬†
  • Even if you think that you are comfortable with weights, do not rush while doing close grip barbell bench press. Keeping the movement in control from start to finish is important to stay away from injuries.¬†
  • While doing narrow grip bench press, do not use weights heavier than what you are comfortable with. Heavyweights might help you build strong biceps but they can also lead to injuries.¬†
  • Whether you are doing a close grip press or some close grip bench press alternative, wrap your fingers and thumb around the bar to make a full standard grip and reduce the chances of losing the grip.¬†

Close Grip Bench Press Workout - The Conclusion

If you can’t lift too heavy barbells but want to build your triceps muscles, a decline close grip bench press can help you. It might take some time for you to learn the perfect technique of this exercise but once you learn it, you will be able to lift weights with much ease. 

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