What is a half burpee?

Burpees are an excellent exercise to enhance your mobility, coordination, and strength. However, there are reasons when a person may need to modify this intense workout and do a toned-down version of it.

These reasons may include a person being overweight, having suffered recent injuries, or being out of practice. 

This is where a half burpee comes in. This is a calisthenic exercise that lets you skip the pushup part and is great for people who are still trying to find their form with this exercise. In half burpee muscles worked include those across your entire body. 

How is a half burpee done?

Although it may seem simple, the half burpee exercise is a combination of complex moves that require you to be mindful of its form and technique. 

Here is how you can perfect the half burpee form:

  1. To begin the half burpee exercise, get into all fours. Your toes must be flexed and in contact with the floor. 
  1. Make sure that your hips are over your knees and your hands are wider than your shoulders. 
  1. Engage your lats by rotating your shoulders. Grip the floor with your hands. 
  1. Straighten your legs and lift your knees off the ground to get into the high plank position. Keep your legs hip-width apart.
  1. Pre-tension your shoulders and hips, engage your core and tuck your pelvis. Keep your chin tucked in throughout the movement. 
  1. Now, jump your feet towards your hands to mimic the movement of a full burpee.
  1. Jump your feet back to the starting position. 
  1. Continue jumping your feet back and forth. 

Sets and reps of half burpee exercise: You can start with 3-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions. Gradually increase these with practice. 

Learn To Half Burpee Exercises provided by Cult.fit - Watch This Video

The burpee is a bodyweight exercise which works almost every muscle in the body and the cardiovascular system. Learn how to do these exercises by Just watching this video.

What are some variations of half burpees?

One of the best things about half burpees is that there are some great variations of this exercise that help add more strength and movement to your workout. Here are some of the most effective variations for you to try:

  1. Dumbbell half burpee: This is a great alternative for people who suffer from bad wrists or weakness in the arms. Holding a weight helps keep your wrists straight, which reduces the pressure on them. To do the dumbbell half burpee, you need to place a weight in each hand and follow the same steps as in the traditional form of the exercise. 
  1. Half burpee push-up: This is an excellent exercise to challenge your shoulders and arm muscles and burn calories faster. To do this exercise, you need to do a push-up at the bottom of the half burpee movement.
  1. Mountain climber half burpee: This variation of the half burpee exercise activates and challenges the muscles in your core, legs, and hips. It is also a great cardio workout that improves your circulation and helps you lose weight. To do this exercise, lift your knees in an alternating movement towards your chest between each half burpee repetition. 

What are the benefits of half burpees?

Half burpees have tremendous benefits for not just your physical health but also for your mind. Here are some great reasons to include this exercise in your workout routine:

  1. This is an excellent exercise to stimulate multiple muscle groups. In half burpee muscles worked include your shoulders, core, arms, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. This makes them a total body workout that builds endurance and strength in your upper and lower body. 
  1. One of the most important half burpees benefits is that it is an excellent high-intensity cardio exercise. It gets your heart rate up, makes it stronger, and prevents the risk of heart diseases.
  1. In half burpees calories burned also increase. Since doing this exercise requires you to perform short bursts of exercise in quick succession, you burn almost 10 calories a minute. These half burpees calories burned benefit helps you lose weight especially around the abdomen and prevents the risk of obesity-related diseases such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, kidney problems, etc. 
  1. Half burpees are a great way to improve your circulation. This not just builds your immunity and makes you healthier, but also boosts your memory, focus, and concentration. When practised regularly, half burpees prevent the risk of neurodegenerative disorders too.
  1. One of the most important half burpees benefits is that they can be either used as a warm-up exercise or for building up your strength for more challenging exercises. They help prepare your body for pull-ups, jumping jacks, and other such advanced compound exercises.
  1. Half burpees help work your core. This promotes better balance, stability, and prevents the risk of injuries.
  1. This is a great exercise to enhance your range of motion and hence your flexibility and functionality.
  1. Half burpees are beneficial for people who suffer from postural problems. By working your core muscles, they help prevent and manage lower back pain and stiffness. 
  1. An important advantage of half burpees is that they can be done with a minimal setup without any equipment. This makes them a great addition to your workout at home

How to do half burpees safely?

Like any other exercise, half burpees also need to be done using the right technique to increase their efficacy and reduce the risk of injuries. 

Here are some things to keep in mind while doing this exercise:

  1. Learn burpee exercises from an experienced trainer to correct your form and prevent injuries.
  1. Don’t start doing too many repetitions at the outset. Start slow and get used to the half burpee form before increasing your practice.
  1. Always do a warm-up before doing this exercise. 
  1. Modify this exercise keeping in mind your conditioning and flexibility levels.
  1. If you feel pain or nausea while exercising, stop working out immediately. 


This is not just an excellent strength-building and weight loss exercise, but also a lot of fun! However, the key to gaining the benefits of half burpees is to stay regular with your practice and keep challenging yourself. 

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