Life is better when you dance and when that helps you burn calories, life gets even better! Gone are the days when losing weight meant to hit the gym and sweat it out. Dancing is one of the most popular and trending ways these days to drop some pounds and get in shape for it invokes nothing but pure joy and bliss! Dance workout makes us look forward to exercising as it is less painful compared to other forms like walking, cardio, HIIT (High-intensity interval training). And let's not even get started on the planks! Plenty of dance workout videos are available on the internet to shake your legs! The dance videos take you through each step with such energy and fun that the whole session of exercising sways past you in a flicker. Listed below are some types of dance exercise videos, ranging from African to Bollywood, to help you choose one for your next exercise session. Dance fitness for beginners: To those who are starting their dance fitness right from the scratch, this kind is the best. These dance exercise videos are choreographed with simple yet effective steps to help you get warmed up. The dance steps are not very difficult and with the perfect instructions for every beat, these videos are the pick if you want to do it with your mother, aunt, or even your granny!

12 Best Dance Workout

1. Zumba dance for weight loss:

The word Zumba oozes out fun energy. A high energy form of aerobic exercise with the slight influence of Latin dancing, Zumba is a jolly way to inculcate physical activity in your life. Engaging in Zumba dance for a flat tummy is a wise choice as it helps in strengthening your core and boosting heart health from the aerobic exercises. Zumba dance for a flat tummy also helps in full-body toning. Switch on to your favorite Zumba dance video, available for free, on the internet, and burn those calories off.

2. Belly dancing workout:

Belly dancing workout helps in achieving your fitness goals and is the right choice for a flat stomach. Involving a lot of muscle movements of the abdominal and pelvic area, practicing belly dancing helps in improved digestion and decreases backache. Just thirty minutes of this workout strengthens your core and helps in giving your body a sound sleep. The steps involving a bending of the torso and rotating your hips and waist tones your midsection.

3. Aerobic dance workout:

Aerobic dance workouts are fun and a diverse form as it offers a variety of exercises to choose from according to your level of difficulty. With steps that include jumping jacks, jogging, skipping to name some, aerobic dance is intended to work on everybody part individually, and including various types of equipment such as dumbbells and steppers, it gives you that further strength. Like Zumba dance workout, this is also one of the most preferred ways of exercising by women.

4. Pop cardio dance exercise:

Pop music and cardio exercises are the classic mix-ups in the world of dance workout. This style integrates plenty of repetitive strength movements to pop music that mainly focuses on increasing your heart rate. With music that is motivating and peppy, this style is so fun to groove to that you forget you are working out. This style includes exercises such as hip swings, squats, jogging where you stand, and much more.

5. Dance Party:

Exercising gets more fun when it's with your gang of friends or family. The dance party is similar to the dance arcade games except that you need to do the same with your friend in front of your television or computer. Play a dance party video or even a Zumba dance video on your television or system and mimic the steps with your friends to find who gets the most correct! A smart way to have fun and burn calories at the same time, isn't it?

6. Bollywood dance exercise:

Still missing dancing to your cousin's Baraat or your friend's Sangeet? Fret not as the Bollywood dance routine is the ideal way to make up for the yearning and shedding some weight. A widely famous form of dance workout, this style is the perfect choice for the desi person in you as it incorporates cardio exercises to popular Bollywood music, giving you a high-intensity workout. You will start swaying to the songs in no time not realizing the number of calories you burn.

7. Hip-Hop dance for the abs:

If you liked movies such as 'Step up' and 'Street Dance', then this style is for you. The hip-hop dance tutorial involves a lot of steps from the hip-hop style along with exercises that you will soon find yourself to be puffing for air! The routine is generally easy to follow along with, and the sequence of steps sticks to the rhythm clearly that even if you miss a step, you can follow it up easily. It is packed with enjoyable dance moves to great hip-hop songs and this workout is good for all levels that ensure you get an adequate amount of exercise for the day.

8. Yoga and dance:

The time has come to witness one of the most sensational trends discovered by man! A calm activity like Yoga along with an intensive activity like dancing is seamlessly combined to give your mind and body the right doses of wellness. Popularly known as Buti Yoga, this style is a blend of power yoga and active tribal dance, these innovative dance workouts are meant to sculpt and tone your muscles.  Squats, hip rotations, bouncing and jumping along with yoga asanas set to tribal music help you lose weight more naturally. This form is a popular choice among the ladies after the Zumba dance workout.

9. Tribal dance:

A primitive dance form, tribal dance exercise is effortless to participate in. With only simple steps to perform that involves mainly jumping, jogging, and shaking your body to the pulsating sounds of drums. Dancing to the tribal songs early morning help in kick-starting your day as the rhythmic steps and music help in increasing the energy of your body instantly.  

10. Folk beats from South India:

South Indian folk music is known for its racy beats and fast-paced songs that make your heart thump faster. The folk dances are known to have steps that are choreographed for complete physical and mental well-being. Thus, including some peppy South-Indian dance workout videos to your routine is a great way to lose weight as it helps in conditioning and strengthening your whole body, especially your leg muscles. Choose your favorite Tamil or Telugu song and dance your heart out to attain that increased physical strength along with some fun.  

11. Sensual dance:

Apart from a belly dancing workout, you can also try your hand at other forms of sensual dance to lose the extra pounds. Also effective in toning your flexibility, some popular forms of sensual dance include pole dancing, aerial classes. These not only help in building your flexibility but also helps in strengthening your total body. A very sexy way to escape your ordinary dance exercise, this is also a great way to explore with your partner for some extra fun.

12. Latin dance:

After giving your shot at Zumba dance for weight loss, you can also try Latin dance to shed some extra pounds as Zumba is largely based on Latin dance. An excellent way to strengthen your core and hip muscles, this style takes in a lot of elements from the aerobic workout. This style works great with your partner and also helps in giving your arms a solid workout. Your hip flexors are also conditioned well giving you great flexibility. With so many routines to choose from, bid goodbye to your gym for all these can be easily practiced at home. Drag your friends or family to a fun session of dancing and burning calories to double the bonding and excitement. Fasten your shoe-lace and dance your way to fitness and wellness.

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