What Is Anterior Pelvic Tilt?

The anterior pelvic tilt is a condition in which the front part of your pelvis tilts moves downward and the back part rises. Thankfully, most of the people who have this condition do not experience any severe symptoms and the condition remains unnoticed. 

The anterior pelvic tilt is not the only type of pelvic tilt. There are two other main types of pelvic tilt namely posterior pelvic tilt and lateral pelvic tilt.

You do not need to be worried if you are diagnosed with an anterior pelvic tilt as you can do anterior pelvic tilt fix with exercises. However, if you do not correct it even after noticing symptoms, it can lead to an incorrect body posture, a change in the shape of the spine, and so on.

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Symptoms

Most people suffer from mild instead of excessive anterior pelvic tilt. They do not experience any pelvic tilt symptoms for a long period. When your tilt is only mild and you are not noticing any symptoms, there is no need for an anterior pelvic tilt fix. However, you require to practice anterior pelvic tilt workout if you experience any of the following anterior pelvic tilt symptoms:

  • Pain in the pelvic region while walking
  • Hip pain
  • Headache
  • Weakness or numbness in various parts of legs
  • Pain in the lower back

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Causes

Before you start doing exercises to correct anterior pelvic tilt, you should know what is causing your problem in the first place. This way, you will be better able to choose the right exercise among a large number of anterior pelvic tilt exercises. Here is a list of the most common excessive anterior pelvic tilt causes:

  • Various Types Of Disorders: An anterior pelvic tilt can actually be the side effect of any other disorder. This disorder can either be functional, structural, or even neurological. In such a case, you have to treat the disorder before you do anterior pelvic tilt correction.
  • Imbalance In Anterior Pelvic Tilt Muscles: If there is an imbalance in your anterior pelvic tilt muscles, you will develop this condition. The most common muscles that are imbalanced and lead to anterior pelvic tilt are Quadratus Lumborum, Adductors, Gluteus medius, Obliques, and Tensor fascia latae.
  • Incorrect Posture: Your chances of having anterior pelvic tilt increase a lot if you sit on a chair for long hours in an incorrect posture. This incorrect posture actually changes the tissues present in your spine, neck, pelvis, legs, and so on and that, in turn, leads to anterior pelvic tilt. So, an easy way of anterior pelvic tilt correction is just sitting in the right posture.¬†

A few other common causes of anterior pelvic tilt are:

  • Shortening of the hip flexors
  • Lengthening of the hip extensors
  • Weak stomach muscles
  • A change in the shape of the spine

Prevention Tips For Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Prevention is always better than anterior pelvic tilt treatment. It is true that anterior pelvic tilt cure is easy with the help of various anterior pelvic tilt exercises but you can change your lifestyle to entirely prevent yourself from the condition. Here is a list of some tips that will help you decrease the chances of anterior pelvic tilt:

  • Do not sit in the same position for long hours.¬†
  • Practice some type of physical activity such as stretching, running, jogging, etc. daily.¬†
  • Every time you sit on the office chair or your couch at home, ensure that your body posture is correct.¬†

How To Correct Anterior Pelvic Tilt

The best way of anterior pelvic tilt treatment is performing exercises. Once you detect symptoms, know the cause of your condition, you can choose an exercise for anterior pelvic tilt and add it to your workout at home. So, learning these exercises will be your last step in knowing how to correct anterior pelvic tilt.

Here is a list of the 4 best exercises for anterior pelvic tilt:

  • Anterior Pelvic Tilt Posture: By strengthening your abdominal and buttock muscles, anterior pelvic tilt posture helps in reducing the pain and moving the pelvic muscle back to its ideal posture.¬†
  • Squats: This exercise is so versatile that even people who don‚Äôt have any interest in knowing how to fix anterior pelvic tilt can benefit from it. It treats anterior pelvic tilt by targeting your buttock muscles, hamstrings, and various other leg muscles
  • Anterior Pelvic Tilt Sitting Posture: If you are bored of the standing posture, you can choose its sitting variation, also known as the anterior pelvic tilt sitting posture. This posture can strengthen your back, abdominal, and buttock muscles.¬†
  • Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch: If you want to practice an exercise that can help you with anterior pelvic tilt cure without requiring much effort, you should try this exercise. It is an easy exercise that loosens and lengthens your tight hip flexor muscles.

Precautions And Safety Tips:

Here is a list of some safety tips and precautions you need to keep in mind while doing exercises to fix anterior pelvic tilt:

  • Instead of high-impact exercises, always start your workout with low-impact stretches to fix anterior pelvic tilt.
  • Never practice exercises to correct anterior pelvic tilt with a full stomach. Create a gap of at least 3 to 4 hours between your last heavy meal and the exercise for anterior pelvic tilt.
  • If the anterior pelvic tilt workout is not giving positive results, you should consult a chiropractor.¬†
  • Do not practice exercises to fix anterior pelvic tilt at least 6 to 7 months postpartum if you have delivered by cesarean section.


From symptoms and causes to how to fix anterior pelvic tilt, now you know everything about this condition. Now it is time to practice some exercises and stretches to fix anterior pelvic tilt. Just keep in mind that even the best exercises for anterior pelvic tilt will not give you results if you do not stick to your workout routine. 

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January 4, 2022

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