Are you familiar with anaerobic exercise? How to define anaerobic exercise? Anaerobic exercises involve higher intensity movements with a higher power. It is different from aerobic exercise but is very commonly seen in all your workout routines. An anaerobic workout is very effective as it burns tremendous amounts of calories and builds the body's endurance. Here are many more details you need to know about it.

Define Anaerobic Exercise

The science behind the anaerobic exercise is that it does not need oxygen and therefore can use only glucose for fuel. On the other hand, aerobic exercises can use oxygen to produce energy, and consequently, they use both fat and glucose for fuel. Glucose is readily available in the muscles, effectively utilized with a quick burst of movements. As you start exercising vigorously, there will be a temporary shortage of oxygen being delivered to the working muscles in the system. As a result, anaerobic exercise gets fuelled with glucose through glycolysis.

Glycolysis takes place in the muscle cells during any high-intensity training without oxygen, thereby producing energy. This process releases lactic acid, which is why the muscles get tired after every energy burst during the activity. However, your body will be able to eliminate or tolerate the lactic acid effectively.

Difference Between Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

The easier way to classify aerobic exercise from anaerobic exercise is that aerobic means 'along with oxygen' and anaerobic means ‘with no oxygen’. Anaerobic exercise releases energy with a constant supply of oxygen to keep the activity sustained. It does not need any additional energy from any other source, whereas an anaerobic exercise makes the body demand more energy than what our aerobic system will produce. So, a body needs its anaerobic system with more energy, depending on muscle sources.

Exercise done at a slow pace like cycling and jogging are examples of aerobic exercise, whereas anaerobic exercises list includes HIIT, sprinting and interval training are anaerobic exercises that require more intensity to perform.

Anaerobic Exercise Types

Movements that need intense energy as short bursts are the standard anaerobic workouts. The anaerobic exercise types are cardio exercises like jumping rope, sprinting, weightlifting, biking and HIIT.

Anaerobic Exercise Benefits

Anaerobic exercise might sound like a lot of workouts, and it is true. Once you visualize the benefits for yourself, the intense workout regime will make you look out for more. A few of the well-defined advantages of anaerobic exercises are:

  • It increases bone density and strength with resistance training, thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Most of the population opt for anaerobic exercise for weight loss as it burns more fat in the system. If your body handles lactic acid production, it will tremendously aid in maintaining a healthy weight. Perform HIIT anaerobic exercises at home every day, and you will be surprised to see the reduction in body fat in two months.
  • It increases your power, and a study stated that baseball players who performed thirty seconds wind sprints three days a week saw an average increase of 15% of the total body power.
  • An anaerobic workout boosts the body metabolism as it maintains the lean muscles. Both high-intensity exercise and more lean muscles will lead to increased burning of calories every time you sweat.
  • It increases the lactic threshold. As you train regularly, the anaerobic exercise benefits the body's threshold point to expand double fold. This, in turn, improves the body's ability to handle lactic acid production. Thereby you will be able to work out harder for more extended periods.
  • Anaerobic exercises list of push-ups and bodyweight squats effectively reduce the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.
  • A high-intensity anaerobic exercise will be beneficial to fight depression and help with improving mental health.
  • By building more muscle mass and strength, it will protect the joints efficiently. It means you will have more excellent protection against injury by practicing it regularly.
  • Anaerobic exercise for beginners is ideal as this workout improves the athletic ability of the person. It increases the body's ability to store glycogen, which provides more energy to perform intense physical exercises.

Risks Associated With Anaerobic Exercise

Anaerobic exercise for beginners is typically recommended after consulting a doctor or trainer as it could be hard on the body. Therefore, it is best to consult a physician with your medical history and then go ahead with an anaerobic workout routine to prevent any mishaps. If you proceed without identifying your fitness level, you might get injured. Most importantly, if you plan to perform anaerobic exercises at home, seek guidance to do the activities in proper form.

An anaerobic exercise is an activity that breaks glucose from energy without the help of oxygen. The basic concept here is that the oxygen demand surpasses the supply when a lot of energy is released in a short period. Therefore, these exercises are specialized and done for a short duration at high intensity. Hence, the risk is higher.

Precautionary Measures To Take During Anaerobic Exercise

As anaerobic exercises are high-intensity workouts, and so there are specific points to keep in mind while performing an anaerobic exercise.

  • Visit a coach and trainer before starting with your workout routine.
  • Warm-up sessions before every anaerobic exercise session are necessary. It will prevent injury and relax the muscles well in advance.
  • Wear proper attire so that you can train effectively with greater efficiency.
  • Eat a balanced diet to prevent fatigue and gain stamina for longer durations.
  • Stay hydrated as you will be sweating a lot with any high-intensity workout session.
  • Cross-train and add more strength training with core work to your routine. This will gain better results in the long run.
  • Listen to your body and act. Do not overdo and push yourself over the limit. When your body signals any discomfort or pain, stop your workout and give sufficient time for the system to recover.
  • Rest between workouts is very important to prevent any injury.

The Bottomline

Workout at home with the best anaerobic exercise for weight loss as it will eventually push your body to use energy sources stored in your muscles. If you feel it is hard, you can also take up simple anaerobic exercises like HIIT and heavyweight training to reap the best benefits from this powerful workout. Just be consistent! Thereby you will achieve the body of your dreams in a short duration.

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