What Is Acroyoga?

Acroyoga is the perfect blend of Thai massage, acrobatics, and yoga. Acroyoga, as the name suggests, is a blend of two forms of exercise: acrobatics and yoga. It is one of those yogas where you need a partner. 

There are mainly two types of Acroyoga practices: solar practices and lunar practices. Solar practices mean that the flyer will be the most active while the base will be somewhat passive. Lunar practices, on the other hand, involve movements that contain elements of Thai massage in which the flyer remains somewhat inactive, and gets massage and support from the base. 

The most important thing in Acroyoga is communication between the two partners. To perform acro yoga poses with safety, you need to make sure that there is a deep bonding between the two partners. And for that, they have to be very communicative. 

Benefits of Acroyoga

Acroyoga is becoming popular in both offline and online yoga classes for one reason: its benefits. From mind to body, Acroyoga training offers you many benefits. Here is a list of the main benefits of performing acrobatic yoga for beginners:

  • Enhances Your Concentration: To ensure the safety of both you and your partner, you have to stay focused all the time. Whether you are a flyer or a base, you have to be conscious of every little movement. This helps you improve your concentration. 
  • Deepens Your Relationship With Your Partner: There is no doubt that you will already have a good relationship with the person whom you choose as your Acroyoga partner. It deepens your bond even further when you trust your safety in the hands of the partner while doing Acroyoga. 
  • Helps You Solve Conflict: In most other areas of life, you tend to get into explosive arguments whenever there is a minor conflict. But Acroyoga teaches you how to either solve a conflict or live calmly with it because you can not do yoga acrobatics with your partner while the conflict is still there in your mind. 
  • Improves Your Flexibility: Probably the most important benefit of doing acrobatic yoga for beginners is improvement in flexibility. Just like aerial yoga, Acroyoga also engages almost all joints and muscles. While doing various Acroyoga positions, you get the chance to work on every major part from head to toe. If your muscles are not flexible at the start, you can do acro yoga for beginners and start stretching them. 
  • Teaches you to take decisions quickly: When the whole of your partner is on you or vice versa, you tend to notice every movement closely. And once you sense that something might knock you off the center, you take a quick decision so that things do not get derailed. Over time, you learn how to make decisions quickly. 

How To Do Acroyoga Positions

Now comes the practical part where you will learn how to exactly do various yoga poses. We have jotted down step-by-step guides of 3 easy acro yoga poses. Give it a thorough read:

Reverse Hand-to-Hand Push-Ups

  • The flyer and the base will hold each other’s hands with the flyer’s fingers pointing toward the base’s head. 
  • The base will make a 45-degree angle to the ground with flyers’ hands clasped. 
  • The two will maintain this pose for a full breath cycle and then get back to the position where they started. 
  • Remember that in the hand-to-hand push-ups pose, the hands of the partners should make a straight line from one partner’s shoulders to the other partner’s shoulders. 

Plank on Plank

  • The base will take the plank position and the flyer will grab either base’s calves or the ankles. 
  • Now, the flyer will step onto the base’s shoulders, one foot at a time. 
  • If the flyer can not hook around the shoulder, they can tuck their toes to balance their body on the base’s shoulder blades. 

Plank Press

  • The base will lie on the ground, with feet touching the ground and bent knees. 
  • The flyer will stand just in front of the base’s feet. 
  • The base will lift the leg to press into the flyer’s hips and arms straight up. 
  • The flyer will engage their core and extend out arms to create a T shape with their body. 
  • The base will bend their knees in a way that they can support the flyer’s chest while they lean forward. 
  • The flyer will bend down but their feet should remain attached to the ground and their stance should remain firm and straight. 
  • The flyer will then gradually get back to the starting position and this will be considered as one rep. 
  • Repeat the reps to experience how it feels to support your partner’s weight. 

Precautions and Safety Points

When you are learning acro yoga for beginners, it is important to keep the following precautions and safety points in mind:

  • Whether you are a total beginner or a pro, there is always a chance of falling on the ground when you are practicing acro yoga poses. So, make sure that you choose the landing surface appropriately. Usually, people choose spring floors, flat grassy areas, foam mats, and puzzle mats as they are soft and safe for a fall. 
  • When doing Acroyoga training, always give your partner and yourself proper space to fall. Ensure that there are no objects in your ‘fall zone.’
  • Stay away from things like too bright lights, pets, and loud noises as they act as obstacles when you do yoga acrobatics
  • Always assess your performance with honesty. It is okay to learn easy acro yoga poses at a slower pace than the others. 


From knowing what is Acroyoga to how to do various yoga poses, you now know all the basics about Acroyoga. It is also important to realize at this point that if you do Acroyoga keeping all the safety points in mind, there is no downside to Acroyoga. And that is exactly why you should add it to your workout right away. 

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December 30, 2021

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