Fitness is something everyone should aim for. No matter what your age or gender is, physical fitness has to be one of the top priorities in life. But when you are a beginner, it may be difficult to choose which exercise or workout is great for you. In such a case, the best thing to do is create a beginner workout routine that you can follow. Below we have created 7 exercise routines you can try. Whether you wish to do Pilates, beginner ab workout or HIIT workouts for beginners, this list tries to incorporate various exercises to give you a great session.

1. Full-Body Workout (Only Stretching Exercises For Beginners)

Regular stretching is one of the foremost things you do during a beginner workout routine. You can also use the stretching exercise for beginners to warm up a little before intense workout sessions. A full-body stretching workout makes sure that each muscle in your body gets at least one stretch. Below are some of the easiest yet effective stretching exercises for beginners you can begin with: Top stretching exercises for beginners to include:

•  Calf stretch
•  Leg swings
•  Hamstring stretch
•  Quadriceps stretch
•  Glute stretch
•  Upper back stretch
•  Chest stretch
•  Neck circles

2. HIIT Workouts For Beginners

When you talk about workout by format, HIIT workouts for beginners is probably one of the best ones you can perform to burn higher calories in less time. Also known as High-intensity Interval training, this workout involves short bursts of intense exercises with alternate periods of rest. This beginner workout also helps in boosting stamina and endurance when done on a regular basis. Top exercises to include in HIIT workouts for beginners:

Circuit 1:

•  Squats
•  Commando
•  Heel taps

Circuit 2:

•  Alternating lunges
•  Glute bridge
•  Bent-leg raise

Circuit 3:

•  Sumo squat
•  High knees
•  In-and-out plank

If you want to change or add any exercise for beginners in the routine, it is best to talk to your instructor for advice. Other than that, you can always watch online videos to learn any exercise for beginners.

3. Cardio Workout

Cardio workout focuses on the large muscles of your body and helps in maintaining a stronger cardiovascular system. It is one of the most popular workout routines for beginners as some of the exercises are extremely easy to do. To make sure that every cardio exercise for beginners works for you, stay consistent. Top exercises to include in your cardio beginner workout:

•  Jump rope
•  Burpee
•  Bear crawl
•  Dumbbell Curl-To-Press or Double Kettlebell Swing

These exercises are best in case you want to do a beginner ab workout with cardio exercises. You can also try any of the outdoor cardio exercise for beginners such as walking, brisk walking, cycling, swimming, running, and skiing.

4. Strength Training Workout

If simple exercise for beginners seems too easy, you can turn to strength training. Strength training includes various types of exercises in which your body moves against the resistance or added weights. Depending on your requirement, you can pick whether you want to do the strength exercise for beginners using your body weight or the added weights like dumbbells. Top exercises to include in strength training for beginners:

•  Squats (you can add a dumbbell to make this exercise for beginners a bit challenging)
•  Push-ups
•  Plank
•  Deadlifts
•  Rows

While you can do any exercise for beginners on your own at home, it is suggested you seek experts guidance even when doing strength training for beginners to avoid any mistakes that can lead to muscle injury.

5. Weight Training Workout

Weight training workout is a type of strength training as it also focuses on building and strengthening muscles. It is quite popular among bodybuilders and athletes. People who wish to lose the extra fat and want to try beginner ab workout also opt for weight training to get toned and lean muscles. The main feature of weight training for beginners or experts is that it involves the usage of free weights like barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and weight machines.Top exercises to include in the weight training for beginners:

•  Dumbbell chest fly
•  Dumbbell overhead triceps extension
•  Dumbbell shoulder press
•  Weighted glute bridge
•  Lunge
•  Floor press

Each weight exercise for beginners listed above must be done with proper care and precautions. If not handled well, weight training can cause muscle sprain and injury.

6. Yoga Workout

A beginner workout need not to stick to the traditional gym exercises. You can mix them and try different types of workout routines for beginners such as yoga. Yoga brings to you diverse poses and stretching exercises for beginners that not only offer you physical wellness but also boosts mental and spiritual health. Top poses to include in your yoga workout:

•  The Mountain Pose
•  The Cat and Cow Pose
•  The Child Pose
•  The Bridge Pose
•  The Cobra Pose
•  The Fish Pose
•  The Tree Pose
•  Surya Namaskar

You can either join yoga classes or watch professional videos offered by fitness brands to know how to perform a yoga exercise for beginners.

7. Dance Workout Routine

Nowadays, people are also turning to new ways to make workouts a fun activity. This is why dance workouts are becoming more popular, especially among the beginners. Such workout routines for beginners not only improve your health but also boost your mood. You can also use dance as a beginner ab workout and lose belly fat while grooving on your favourite songs. Top dance workouts beginners can try:

•  Zumba
•  Cardio dance workout
•  Pole dancing
•  Barre workout
•  Bollywood dance workout

Note: Before performing any workout or exercise for beginners, consult your doctor or gym instructor especially if you have a medical condition or have been through a recent surgery.

The Takeaway

Usually, every exercise for beginner is simple and easy so that the person does not get demotivated or hurt while performing the workout routines for beginners. You can also create a customized beginner workout depending on your needs and expertise by contacting your gym instructor. Just make sure you remain consistent and you will definitely reap better results.

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August 3, 2022

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