What is a Christmas without delicious cakes and puddings? All of us would love to enjoy the festival with carols, presents and a big fat feast. Christmas cake on the table takes the celebration to the next level. It is always fun to have relatives at home for the Christmas dinner. Bake a Christmas cake to surprise your family and friends for the festival. Don't forget to leave a slice for our very own Santa Claus. Make sure your cake grabs everyone's attention and is the showstopper. Christmas cake can be made at home itself and gives a sense of enjoyment during the baking process. There are plenty of flavours and varieties to look into while choosing to bake a Christmas cake. Check online for the banana cake recipe to get rid of the leftover bananas at home. Pick a recipe that is easy and at the same time loved by both kids and adults.

Christmas Cake Ideas

1. Christmas Cake Trifle

Take the stress out of the festival by prepping in advance. Christmas cake trifle can be done in just thirty minutes. Unlike most cakes, this Christmas cake recipe is not too tricky and can be easily done at home. The main ingredients are just leftover cakes like Christmas plum cakes, mixed fruit cakes, fruits, rum, Christmas cookies, or even a Christmas pudding. With this, you can present a wonderful Christmas cake trifle on Christmas eve. Use whipped cream along with roasted almonds, cherries and caramel to decorate the Christmas cake giving it a personal touch. You can also grate chocolate over the cake to add to the flavour.

2. Gluten-free Christmas Pudding

This gluten-free cake is mainly for people on a strict diet and who don't want to gain calories by eating a Christmas cake or Christmas candy. You could make these in huge double layer cakes or into small Christmas cupcakes as many might not want to diet on a Christmas eve. If you are finding it difficult to get gluten-free suet, you can get them online easily. This cake can be made about 2 to 3 days before the festival, and nothing will happen to it. Its main ingredients are rice flour, bread crumbs, cornflour, sugar, almonds etc. This recipe takes thirty minutes to form the cake and requires 8 hours of setting time. So plan your time wisely while baking this cake. It is usually served along with brandy cream, custard or ice cream. Form a Christmas theme cake to surprise your guests. There are many options like Christmas tree cakes, Santa Claus cakes, snowman Christmas pudding, reindeer Christmas cookies etc. Check the Christmas cake recipe online before you plan to bake a Christmas theme cake. Go for a sugar free mango cake in case you want something new.

3. Microwave Mug Chocolate Cake

If you don't have the time to bake a Christmas cake, you can always opt for Christmas cupcakes which will be equally exciting and liked by all. If you have kids arguing over who should eat the bigger slice, then mug cakes are the best option. These are mini cakes baked in mugs. Their overall baking time is only 8 minutes. Add your favourite toppings like chocolate sauce, nuts, choco chips, dry fruits, whipped cream etc ., to make your Christmas cake mouth-watering. Bake a cake of your favourite flavour and give your family a holiday treat to start the celebration right. It could be a minted chocolate torte, red velvet cake, black forest cake, maple walnut cake or any other rich flavoured healthy mug cake. Pick a Christmas cake recipe that you will be able to do for many people.

4. Vegan Chocolate Pots

The vegan chocolate pots are Christmas cakes in cups or the regular chocolate mousse. This recipe is super easy and takes only 8 minutes to bake in the oven. Since it is a vegan chocolate pot, buy a 200g dairy-free dark chocolate with about 75% of cocoa solids in it. The main ingredients are vanilla bean paste, silken tofu, maple syrup and dark rum. To make it look more attractive, use a mixture of espresso cups or tiny little glasses that look fancy on the dining table. Keep it in the refrigerator until it's chill, and then serve. Also, try serving your chocolate pots with dairy-free chocolate chips or dairy-free dark chocolate shavings. Finally, try decorating your cake with already available Christmas candy to avoid unnecessary buys. You can also crush your favourite cookies, nuts and biscuits to sprinkle on the top.

5. Retro Arctic Roll

This retro arctic roll is a Christmas cake that gives a sweet, sour and crunchy taste all in one bite. This type of Christmas cake is very famous in retro desserts. It takes about 40 minutes to bake, and its process is super easy. The main ingredients are plain flour, butter, eggs, sugar, cocoa powder etc. It is slightly tacky and sour at times, depending on the ratio of ingredients. The retro artic roll Christmas cake feels like a homemade sponge with quality jam, ice cream and wafers along with the chocolate sauce. It is easy and fun to roll up. Refrigerate for a few hours to allow it to settle down. Then, use a chocolate sponge to fill in the gaps of the tray until the Christmas cake looks beautiful and marbles. Christmas cake ideas may also include Christmas sugar cookies used to decorate the cake and different types of topping. Many other easy cake recipes feel like a chocolate dream; you can check online also for different and latest cake recipes to please your family. You can try some of them before Christmas as a trial and prepare the perfect one for Christmas eve. It can be a chocolate fudge filling, a vegan cheesecake, salted caramel pound cake, peach dump cake etc. All Christmas cakes have their special flavours and additives. Choose the one that feels like heaven in the mouth. You can try the traditional fruit cakes with any of your favourite fruits. There is no harm in trying a new flavour because many people in the house may be wanting a special flavour. Christmas is the right time to eat yummy cakes, so go ahead and try different and unique cakes to please your family and friends.

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