Indian food, unlike most cuisines, is a blast of flavours and spices. It is a large combination of culinary practices and tradition from around the Asian Continent. With dishes ranging from curries to flatbreads to rice, Indian food is known not only to be tasty but also healthy. One dish that is very dear to Indians from all regions in the country is their gravy sabji. Originally from the Indian subcontinent, they can be found in many forms throughout the country and add an exciting spark to all meals. They could be dry, semi-dry or filled with gravy. Gravy Sabji Recipes are amongst the easiest dishes anyone could make. Looking to make a quick and easy dish to prepare from your home? Your search ends here as we have curated 10 of the best Indian Gravy Sabji Recipes from around the country just for you! This gravy sabji list includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

1. Tawa Chicken

For all those who love non-veg and are looking for a high protein meal, tawa chicken is the perfect option. Usually, tawa chicken can be found cooking in dhabas on the roadside. The chicken is roasted on the tawa with the perfect blend of masalas and crunchy onions and capsicum. Although it could take up a little of your time, this semi-dry sabji gravy chicken dish is definitely worth a try.

2. Chettinad Chicken curry

Probably one of Keralas most enjoyed dishes, Chettinad chicken curry has a thick coconut flavour to it. It is mostly cooked in an earthen clay kadai which undoubtedly adds to its flavour. Traditionally eaten with the famous Kerala parotta, this aromatic chicken gravy recipe will leave you wanting for more once you try it.

3. Paneer Bhurji

 One of the easiest dishes to make, Paneer Bhurji can top anyones sabji list. Fried with sauted onions and tomatoes, this gravy wali sabji is the perfect combination of spicy and tangy. This semi-dry gravy recipe can be prepared for breakfast with toast or rotis or just as it is.

4. Masala Egg Curry

Ran out vegetables and dont want to spend money ordering from outside? Dont worry, we got you. With no need for any sort of elaborate cooking, this egg curry can be deliciously flavourful. To top that off, you can have it with roti, naan or even some leftover rice!

5. Paneer Butter Masala

This smooth blend of butter paneer gravy can have any foodies mouth watering in no time. The paneer gravy is made with a mix of cashews, fresh cream, fresh tomato puree and a myriad of spices, it is one of North India's most famous dishes enjoyed throughout our country. A killer amongst the vegetarians, it is also one of the most liked Indian gravy recipes. What makes it so special is the smooth creamy texture of the paneer gravy.

6.Parsi Chicken Curry

Yet another chicken gravy recipe, popularly known as Salli Murgh, is a traditional delicacy of the Parsis. It is a thick and flavour some chicken gravy topped with thin strips of crunchy potatoes. So if you are feeling a little extravagant today or want to feel like royalty, make yourself some Parsi chicken curry. 

7. Kasundi Egg Curry Rice Bowl

Made from the perfect blend of mustard, masalas and mangoes, this egg curry flawlessly amalgamated with rice, all in one bowl is sheer beauty. This dish is popularly from the state of West Bengal and the natives swear by it. 

8. Dhania Murgh

This delightful chicken gravy recipe is prepared with fresh coriander paste, yoghurt and mint. As the name suggests, the strong flavour of the dhania comes from the chicken being marinated with thick coriander paste. This Indian Gravy Recipe can be combined with steamed rice or rotis.

9. Butter Chicken

You can never go wrong with a bowl of butter chicken. This dish screams comfort in all languages. It is surprising how easy it is to make this aromatic and creamy chicken gravy in the comfort of your own home. Paired most popularly with Punjabi flatbreads such as naan or kulcha, butter chicken can be found in all regions in India.

10. Avial

A dish that will bring a smile to every Malayalee's face, though it is not as popular as it should be. This gravy recipe from Gods Own Country is filled with vegetables and fried grated coconut.  It is a burst of flavor in your mouth and is loaded with nutrients.

All types of gravy sabji recipes can be enjoyed for any meal of the day along with some rotis or rice. Moreover, since Indian Gravy Sabji recipes do not require much oil or any sort of preservatives, they are wholesome and filled with nutrients. It is delicious, healthy and easy to make. Gravy Sabji recipes are easy to prepare, need only a handful of ingredients and are quite filling. Perked up with all kinds of special Indian masalas, these gravy sabjis and curries are unique and can be a delight to all. So go ahead, we are sure this article has got your mouth watering for some tasty gravy sabji!

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