No matter what you do or who you are, stress is always a part of life. You may feel stressed out by having a bad conversation with your loved one or when you are reaching the work deadline. Even simple everyday hassles like traffic jams can put your mind in misery. Now, while a little bit of stress is like a salt in life, too much tension can ruin your well-being. Stress wreaks havoc on your productivity and also affects your physical health. This is why it is essential to know how to deal with stress. Effective stress management can work wonders in letting go of negative feelings and getting a better, happier, and healthier life. In case you have no idea how to handle stress, you have reached the right spot. The following tips on stress management can help you in this tough task. Read on and follow!

Different Ways to Deal With Stress

1) Find the Stress Source

One of the first steps to reduce stress is to identify where it is coming from. This may sound simple but pinpointing the exact source of your stress can be a complicated process. For instance, you may be getting constantly stressed out due to late assignments but it may also be because you have parental issues at home. To identify the true source, take a closer look at your attitude, excuses, and habits. You can also use a stress journey and track the patterns. You can write the following things in it:

  1. What caused the stress?
  2. What did you feel during stress? (both physically and emotionally)
  3. What was your response?
  4. What made you feel better?

When you have finally circled the real reason, you try suitable strategies to cope with stress.

2) Adopt 4 As of Stress Management

Stress is usually an automatic response from your nervous system when something unpredictable impacts your daily routine. How to deal with stress in such a situation then decides how the stress will affect you. In any given scenario, you can take help of the popular 4-A approach under stress management, i.e, - avoid, alter, adapt, or accept. Below is what they mean and how you can learn managing stress strategies.

1. Avoid

Under this strategy, you should just avoid unnecessary stress. You can do this by saying no to stressful situations and avoiding people who cause stress in your life persistently. Also, try to take control of your environment and eliminate elements that lead to stress. For instance, if you do not like to shop in a crowded market, turn to online shopping.

2. Alter

When avoidance is not possible, try to alter the situation that causes stress. If something is bothering you, take the step ahead and communicate your issues. You can also balance your work and play life to ensure you finish your work on deadline without feeling stressed.

3. Adapt

Not every time you will be able to alter the stressor. Thus, in such a situation, it is better to change yourself and adapt. Regain your sense of control and try to change your perspective. For example, if traffic gives you stress, instead of letting stress drown you, take this opportunity to listen to some music for mindfulness or talk to someone you like.

4. Accept

There are some stress sources that you can only accept; it can be the death of a loved one or an economic recession. In such a situation, try to focus on strategies to cope with stress. Learn to forgive and move on with life. You can also share your feelings with others and learn how to cope with stress through techniques like meditation for better life. Read on to know about such activities and steps.

3) Try Stress-Busting Activity

Managing stress strategies is easy when they are associated with fun and happiness. Stress-busting activities relieve your stress naturally and help you let go of negative emotions. From talking to your friends to going for paragliding, these activities can be anything that you love to do. Some of the easy yet effective activities that may work for you are:

  1. Painting or drawing
  2. Learn to play an instrument such as piano or guitar
  3. Read a book
  4. Indulge in sports activities
  5. Meditation
  6. Listen to good music
  7. Play with your pet
  8. Exercise regularly
  9. Ride a bike
  10. Pick a new hobby like knitting, pottery or even making jewellery
  11. Plant a garden

The key is to find the activities that help you know how to reduce stress and make it a practice. Once you are regular, you will be amazed by the results.

Top 10 Emergency Stress Stoppers

What we talked about above is practical when you are learning how to deal with stress in the long term. But what should you do in emergency stressful situations? How to reduce stress when it attacks you unpredictably? Well, in such time, you can turn to some simple techniques. The top 10 of these emergency stress management tips are:

  1. Count to 10 before reacting to the stressful condition.
  2. Take a deep breath and listen to meditation music. There are various online videos on meditation for kids and adults as well.
  3. Go for a walk nearby as it helps to break the tension and give you time to think about the situation.
  4. Sleep on it. If this situation is not urgent, try to sleep by listening for sleep stories for kids or adults.
  5. Turn on some chill music and relax. You can also pick some motivation podcast or video to feel better.
  6. Take a break with your dog and play with him.
  7. Call your loved one and talk to them about it.
  8. Exercise is also a good way to burst stress fast.
  9. Sniff some lavender as it is believed it can reduce stress significantly.
  10. Write your stress away and find an emotional outlet.

Now that you know the best tips to reduce stress, it is time to start practising them. Knowing how to  reduce stress will work magically in your life and help you cherish the moments of your life.

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