Exam stress is a pressure faced by everyone at some point in time. Irrespective of age, exam pressure gives fear and anxiety. Stress and exams are directly proportional to each other. To handle exam stress, one can use the most potent tool, which is mindfulness meditation.However, one has to understand that the tension for exams is only a part of life and that everybody has to go through it. The meditation practice to handle exam stress also teaches an individual how to control anger. It can also help people deal with different emotions effectively by dealing with difficult situations. How to control emotions? Meditation for mindfulness allows a person to gear up and face the various emotional quotients in life by staying calm and analyzing the situations.

When Does One Experience Exam Stress?

The various causes of exam stress are mentioned below, and tension for exams occurs because of certain factors that rage in the mind. They are:

•  The primary worry of how they will perform in the examination.
•  When the person is not sufficiently prepared to take up the exam.
•  No ample time to study or prepare.
•  Difficulty in understanding the subject properly.
•  The need to learn and memorize a particular context or a set of information by heart.
•  When other stress factors combine together with the examination stress.
•  The pressure of the family to see them get success.
•  The uncertain elements that come on the person prior to the examination.
•  Need to obtain a spectacular mark so that they have more chances to apply for courses or career in their life.
•  As the examination date nears.

How to Study and Manage Exam Stress?

There are various techniques to manage exam stress. And there are specific tips to reduce stress during exams at ease. They are:

•  The study space must be quiet so that the individual can concentrate adequately and perform better.
•  Have the studying place clean and tidy. Keep all your things and materials appropriately organised.
•  Make systematic study a practice instead of learning towards the end and near the examination date.
•  Make a thorough preparation with the past examination papers to prepare with what to expect and how to understand the subject.
•  Read the whole book completely one time in the morning before taking up the examination.
•  Create a mind map or visual diagram of all the information to learn everything from a single picture. Make a note of the essential points separately and highlight them with bright colours. This helps them while revising.
•  Revise twice or thrice for coping with exam pressure in an effective way.
•  Make a timetable on what a person has already studied and the portions yet to be covered.
•  Take breaks and study to prevent exhaustion and fatigue.
•  Drink enough water and eat healthy to stay hydrated and active.
•  One must necessarily take intervals to eat and refresh, and a person must avoid continuous study.
•  Segregate the portions to study and start one by one.
•  Declutter the mind to regain mental balance.
•  Seek help from parents, friends and teachers for valuable learning tips in times of difficulty.

How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation?

Meditation to cope with exam stress is the need of the hour and the stepwise procedure discussed below. Performing this regularly for a few weeks will give better results, and this will benefit an individual visibly. With consistency and regular practice, a person will increase concentration and lower the exam pressure within just two weeks of training. These are seen to create magic to overcome exam stress and the method to perform is mentioned below.

•  Seek a comfortable position either on a chair or any place and sit with your eyes closed.
•  Ensure to have the mind blank without thinking or focusing on anything.
•  Take deep breaths and inhale through the nose.
•  Exhale through the mouth gently.
•  Focus on the body muscles and take care of breathing correctly.
•  Please pay attention to the body. Realise how the various parts of the body touch the different portions of the objects around them.
•  Concentrate on the various noises in the room.
•  Keep focusing on the breathing and then by counting from one to ten, keep going further.
•  Take some more deep breaths and feel the body one more time.

How To Meditate Quickly Before Exam And Cope-Up With Stress?

One can do a quick meditation for exam stress by just pausing for a moment. This is well performed with much concentration on five things present around you at that moment. Then listen to the sounds and pay attention to five things in contact with the body. Try performing this one more time.

Symptoms of Exam Stress

The symptoms of exam stress are mostly seen to interfere with the way a person leads a life. Some of the most common examination stress symptoms are:

•  Trouble in taking decisions in different aspects of life.
•  Losing interest in activities that the person enjoyed previously.
•  Feeling low and overwhelmed without any reason.
•  Experiencing muscle tensions and headaches.
•  Losing contact with friends.
•  Feeling upset, not interested in performing any activity.
•  Lack of sleep.
•  Having the struggle to start the day in the morning and to get out of bed.
•  Feeling disappointed and in a bad mood most of the time.
•  Loss of appetite or overeating.
•  Races the heartbeat and creates a sick feeling.
•  Develops a butterfly-like feeling in the stomach.
•  Get into irrelevant habits like fidgeting and meddling with things or biting nails.
•  Feeling confused.
•  Having difficulty studying.
•  The mind feels blank when appearing for tests.

Handling exam stress can be done by either changing the studying pattern, following exam stress tips or the preparation methods. Tips to beat exam stress are mentioned above, and one can also do it by practising exam stress meditation consistently to see effective results. Incorporating both makes it easy to face any situation effortlessly without going through any exam stress symptoms. But one must do meditation by paying attention to breathing. This is a mandatory hack that is effective against examination stress.

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