Bench dips are pretty tricky to perform, right? Well, they are a bit difficult but an excellent upper body workout that improves body mass by increasing strength and building muscles. It is time to challenge your overall fitness and increase it. You can make this move more challenging by adding weights to your hips or upper quads with a weight plate resting on the lap. Therefore, this is commonly referred to as the weighted bench dip.

Either way, you will be able to target your tricep muscles effectively. So, make it a point to incorporate it into your routine with any bench dip alternative listed below. However, you might be wondering how to do bench dips. Read on to know-how and more exciting details about the modifications of triceps dips.

All You Need To Know About Bench Dips

The triceps consist of three parts, and if you aim to increase the size of your upper arms, bear in mind that you have to work all three. Luckily, it is possible with just one exercise, i.e. the bench dips workout. So let us dig deep into the variations and the benefits of bench dips so that you can start today and make the transformation happen.

How To Do Bench Dips?

Bench dips are an easy workout at home option as you don't need special gym equipment to do it. The central aspect of this exercise is to focus on your arm position and work those muscles in your arm region.

  1. Keep your arms straight with your hands on the dipping platform as wide as your shoulders. Do not forget to squeeze your glutes and core at the same time. 
  2. Then raise both your chest and chin and keep your entire body firm. Then start doing the bench dips for chest workout by bending your elbows.
  3. Take a dip downwards until the arms make a 90-degrees angle and then pause at the bottom-most position for two counts. 
  4. Then, go back to the top position with a mighty push, ensuring that your core and glutes are still held tight. Do not swing your legs here while performing the tricep on bench exercise, and try locking the arm on top. 
  5. To work your tricep muscles better, a simple hack is lowering the body as slowly as possible without stressing the shoulders.
  6. Try to perform this bench dips exercise for 8 to 10 sets with three sets such that your upper arms burn or feel tatters for a day or two.

If you are in a gym, you can do tricep dips on a parallel bar, but please use a bench or chair at home or elsewhere. The only restriction is that the surface should be stationery with sufficient robustness to take the entire body weight.

What Are The Bench Dips Form Tips To Follow?

The bench dips exercise is the best workout to increase the tricep strength and size. If you are a beginner, you can start with a band-assisted move. The resistance bands will help you perform the bench dips at home correctly and master the activity effectively.

1. Abs – The tricep bench dips involve a press-up motion requiring entirely engaged abs throughout the exercise. So, to perform it effectively, you must improve your ability to engage the abs with more bodyweight exercise like a plank.

2. Grip – When using a parallel bar to perform a tricep dip, take care to place your hands such that it syncs with the length of your forearm. Parallel bars are used effectively in most weight loss exercise sessions. To perform it in proper form, do not go beyond this length or else you will feel tension away from the biceps. It might injure your shoulder joints, so take care of the grip and hand placement.

3. Shoulders – While performing the bench dips workout, make sure to have the shoulder fixed the whole time in a slightly forward bent posture. Take care to have the head back with the chin up. While performing the lowering motion, the shoulders must be in level with the elbows. If you go beyond this point, you will strain the shoulder joint, and sufficient tension will not be applied to the triceps. Take care of all the form tips even if you perform bench dips at home to prevent unnecessary mishaps.

What Are The Effective Bench Dip Alternative Forms?

Master each of these alternative moves to work your tricep muscles differently. The most popular and effective tricep on bench workout is elaborated below:

‍1. Triceps Seated Dips

‍Start performing these tricep chair dips by placing your hands on the supporting surface behind you. Put your feet together and maintain the knees at ninety degrees throughout the move. Make sure that the heels are flat on the ground and gently lower the body as far as possible close to the ground. With a powerful push, get back up and repeat the same. The triceps seated dips are an excellent beginner's exercise but very effective at the same time. It will make you lift your entire body weight with the leg's support, so it is not very challenging for people with advanced fitness levels. But you can increase the difficulty level by converting it into a weighted bench dip using weights.

‍2. Reverse Bench Dips

‍This bench dips workout is performed with the legs straight and the hands placed behind on the bench. Take care to have your feet together with the heels on the ground. Then gently lower the body as close to the floor and bounce back up forcefully. The reverse bench dips are more challenging than the previous variation as the stretched-out leg posture puts the entire body weight on the arms. 

It would be best to understand that fitness and health go hand in hand, which is further supported with a proper diet to gain holistic well-being. But if you are more into developing your upper body mass, all you need is the bench dips for chest workouts. You might be thinking why to concentrate on the triceps and focus more on the biceps. But the benefits of bench dips are to target the more extensive group of muscles at the back of your arms which needs to be developed simultaneously to achieve those glamourous arms.

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