Step up exercise is one of the best all-round exercises as it helps in achieving plenty of benefits. Being an aerobic exercise, the step up workout not only helps with weight loss but also boosts stamina. Besides, step up exercise benefits your body too and makes sure it stays in the right shape. 

If you are a beginner, chances are you would want to know more about how to do step up workout and what are step up exercise benefits. If your answer is yes, then this guide is for you. We will tell you about different types of step up exercise for beginners and the precautions you should take to do them safely. Let’s begin.

What is step up exercise?

Before you start power step up exercise, you might wonder what is step up exercise exactly. In simple words, it is an aerobic exercise that enhances the strength and endurance of the legs. That being said, it is an umbrella term and has several variations. 

Each of its variations has a slight difference in terms of the steps. For example, you need a dumbbell for doing dumbbell step up exercise. Its steps are slightly different from that of step up leg workout or any other form of step up exercise.

No doubt, lunges, and squats enhance the strength and stamina of legs due to which some individuals believe each of them to be the best step up workout alternative. But it may not be true practically. Despite showing results over time, squats and lunges may not be the best step up exercise alternative for all as they put the body under strain.

So, unless you have high endurance, you might find it challenging to do more sets of lunges or squats in a session. Besides, an injury while doing these workouts can alter your daily workout schedule altogether. 

Talking about alternatives, step up workouts have several simple variations, including a home step up exercise using steps. Read on to get detailed information about how to perform them.

How to do step up exercise?

Step up exercises, such as step up leg exercise and other variations, involve some simple steps. And for that, you need to make some arrangements whether you need to do step up exercise at home or at the gym.

For instance, make sure you arrange either a step box or stairs before proceeding with the steps for step up exercise at home. After arranging a higher platform, follow the steps given

below to perform step up exercise.

  • Relax both hands and stand straight. Raise your right leg and position it on the elevated platform (either step box or stair). Bring your right down after maintaining the position for a second.
  • Next, follow the previous step with the left foot.
  • Continue the steps with both feet and pick up speed as you get used to it. Make certain that you do not exceed one second in keeping both feet on the ground.
  • At the initial stages, try to perform the above steps at least 20 times. You can keep increasing their numbers as you get accustomed to the steps of step up exercise.

These are the general steps for step up leg exercise.  The pattern of these steps may vary slightly depending on the type of setup exercise you choose.

Step Up Workout Benefits

Step up workout benefits an individual in several ways. Being a weight loss workout, it primarily helps manage the body weight and maintain its shape. By providing a good workout to the muscles of the legs, it strengthens them alongside boosting their endurance.

Regular step-up workout at home will help you tone the leg muscles by pacing them up. Because it has similar benefits to running or jumping, it will enable you to lose fat in the leg region.

Different Variations Of Step Up Exercise

The best part about step-up exercises is that they provide something for everyone. Just like there is step up exercise for beginners, there are also workouts for pros. No matter to which category you belong, you can pick and choose your options based on your convenience.

Step up exercise has a long list of variations. From step up leg workout and power step up exercise  to low step up exercise and high step up exercise, you can categorize its variations under the following heads:

  • Aerobic Step ups
  • Dumbbell Step Up exercise
  • Goblet Step ups
  • Lateral Step ups
  • Explosive Step ups

Despite a long list of step up exercise alternative and variations, the steps of all these workouts are more or less similar. By prioritizing convenience, you can pick an option that meets your requirements in the best possible manner. Irrespective of whether you choose a high step up exercise or a low step up exercise, you can do all these workouts either at a gym or at home.


Sure, step up exercise involves a lesser risk in comparison to squats and lunges. But you can still suffer an injury if you do not remain careful while performing the step-up workouts. Make certain that you take the following precautions for your safety:

  • Never shift the full body weight on your toes when you put your leg on the step box.
  • Maintain a proper distance between both legs to avoid the possibility of a collision between them.
  • Choose a step box with the right height to prevent the chances of over-flexing. Also, do not stretch your knees at an angle higher than 90 degrees with the ground.
  • Maintain an erect posture at the time of performing the workouts to achieve desired results.

Final thoughts

Knowing the different variations of a step up exercise helps you in choosing the right option and making the workout fun. Just make sure you adhere to the steps and take the necessary preparation to get the best outcomes and stay safe from an injury. Consider professional assistance if you are not sure how to go about it.


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