Quinoa is an annual plant, and its edible whole grains are rich in protein, fibre, Vitamin B and few other dietary minerals. The different varieties of quinoa are white, red and black. Quinoa recipes have a lot of antioxidants preventing all kinds of cancers. Furthermore, it is a good source of iron, manganese, magnesium and folate. Owing to its health benefits, people have started creating a lot of healthy recipes with quinoa, and listed below are some of the quinoa recipes that everyone in their home can easily make. The only disadvantage with quinoa is that its availability is limited in most retail stores and supermarkets.In order to make quinoa recipes Indian, almost all the dishes should be done in a way that vegans consume it, and there are various vegan quinoa recipes also available widely on the net. Fitness freaks also follow quinoa recipes for weight loss and people who are targeting to combat obesity. It is also seen to boost the body's metabolism and burn belly fat faster than most other ingredients. Another significant fact about quinoa is that it yields lesser calories than oatmeal and brown rice. Some of the weight loss recipes are mostly baked quinoa recipes that reduce the calorie by baking procedures. All the recipes below start with rinsing the quinoa grains as it helps to remove saponin, natural coasting which imparts a bitter taste.

Quinoa Salad

•  These quinoa salad recipes are effortless to make and less time-consuming. The stepwise instruction on how to make it is given below.
•  While preparing this salad, the quinoa must be cooked the previous day and chilled in the refrigerator. This is because while storing in the cold temperature, the excess moisture wears off, and the consistency of the quinoa is perfect.
•  Dice bell peppers and English cucumbers and have them aside.
•  Slice red onions, carrots and cherry tomatoes into small pieces.
•  To makes these quinoa recipes pre-cook the chickpeas and leave them in a small bowl.
•  Roast the bell peppers and toss all the remaining ingredients into them.
•  Finally, incorporate the cooked quinoa and serve these quinoa salad recipes.
•  To make quinoa recipes vegetarian, make use of all vegetables.

Quinoa Khichdi

•  In order to make quinoa recipes Indian, it is elementary to use all Indian spices and ingredients. These are quinoa breakfast recipes that one can prepare effortlessly.
•  Take a pressure cooker and add oil or ghee to it.
•  Then drop-in bay leaves and cumin seeds. Once it starts to sizzle, add a pinch of hing.
•  Then put in sliced onions and ginger garlic paste.
•  Cook until the onions turn soft and transparent.
•  Add moong dal, masoor dal, and quinoa with turmeric powder and salt to make these quinoa recipes.
•  Pour two and a half times of water into the above contents and stir everything together.
•  Cook on high pressure for 5 minutes and then cook on low flame for 5 more minutes.
•  Finally, once the pressure gets released, garnish with chopped cilantro and squeeze small quantities of lemon juice.
•  Serve these simple quinoa recipes hot with either pickle or yoghurt.

Quinoa Fried Rice

•  These quinoa dinner recipes are exactly like any other fried rice except that the quinoa is prepared and used, substituting the rice compound.
•  Prepare the quinoa first by washing it in water by placing it in a sieve.
•  Then drain the water and dry quinoa by frying it in a dry pan, taking care that it does not turn brown.
•  Add water or broth to cook it in a closed container in the ratio of 1:2.
•  After the water or broth boils, reduce the flame and simmer it for 10 minutes.
•  Once the quinoa absorbs all the water or broth, leave it aside.
•  Take a pan and add oil to it.
•  Saut sliced and diced veggies like carrot, onions and peas to prepare these quinoa recipes.
•  Drop-in minced garlic at the final stage to prevent charring and yield a good flavour.
•  Then add eggs and scramble it along with the veggies.
•  Finally, add the quinoa and sprinkle soy sauce, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Toss them all well.
•  Garnish with parsley and sweet chilli sauce.
•  Serve these easy quinoa recipes hot.
•  These quinoa recipes with chicken are also possible by shredding pieces of chicken to the cooked quinoa.

Quinoa Upma

•  These best quinoa recipes are made by rinsing the quinoa in running water and then leaving it for future use.
•  Heat oil in a pan and allow mustard seeds to splutter.
•  When the mustard starts to crackle, add cumin seeds, urad dal and moong dal.
•  As they turn brown on low flame, drop in finely chopped ginger, green chillies, some curry leaves, a pinch of hing and onions.
•  Once the onions become translucent, add the other veggies like carrots, French beans and peas after dicing them into small pieces.
•  One must steam peas in prior if it is going to be incorporated in quinoa upma.
•  Saut them on low well and blend them.
•  Add the quinoa and mix them well again.
•  Then add water to the above contents and wait until the dish turns soft and fluffy.
•  Stir well and add salt as per requirement.
•  Cover the pan and simmer for some time on low flame till the dish is well cooked.
•  Once all the water gets absorbed, please remove it from the flame and garnish the quinoa upma with coriander leaves.
•  Serve these healthy quinoa recipes with either lemon wedges or pickle. It goes well with coconut chutney too.

Mexican Spiced Veg Quinoa

These quinoa recipes are very yummy and can be done quickly at home.

•  Heat olive oil in a large skillet and place it on medium flame.
•  Add garlic and red onions to it. Stir continuously until a good fragrance arises.
•  Then drop in quinoa, jalapeno, zucchini, black beans, tomato broth, chilli powder, bell pepper, corn and salt. One must dice all the above veggies into small pieces.
•  They should be stirred together, and once the broth starts boiling, it must be covered and simmered until all the liquids get absorbed.
•  In this dish, the quinoa does not require stirring.
•  Then one must turn off the flame, and the recipe should be allowed to cool for a few minutes.
•  Garnish these quinoa recipes with green onions, finally.

Garlic Mushroom Quinoa

•  These quinoa recipes are made by initially cooking the quinoa with 2 cups of water and leaving it aside.
•  Olive oil is taken in a large skillet, and diced mushrooms, garlic, and thyme are dropped. The skillet is heated with a medium flame.
•  With occasional stirring, salt and pepper are added to taste.
•  Once the mushroom turns tender, the dish is incorporated with the cooked quinoa.
•  It is well combined and garnished with parmesan cheese as per requirement.
•  Serve these quinoa recipes hot for better taste.

Final Words

‍It is seen quinoa contains twice the amount of protein and more fibre than white rice. This makes it ideal for weight loss with fewer calories that is contributed by the carbohydrates from rice. Quinoa is also seen to lower cholesterol and control blood sugar levels, making it preferable by most of the population. Most important of all, it is tagged as one of the healthy ingredients as it contains all nine amino acids, thereby making it highly nutritious. One can have this every day with no potential side effects associated with it.

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