When it comes to fitness, nothing is better than the best. So, look for a premium fitness studio that takes care of all your needs and let you access some of the best and exclusive equipment. That being said, how do you decide if the gym is good? What are the things you must consider when finding premium gyms? To help you out, we have jotted below key factors that you should keep in mind when looking for a premium fitness center. Take a look!


The obvious yet most important thing to consider when looking at the premium gyms is the cost. Just going for a premium fitness center does not mean you have to throw away your money. Even though the premium gyms have high-cost memberships and personal training fees, there are some ways you can lower the overall costs. Here are some tips for you to get the best training at elite gyms while saving your bucks!

  • Check for Discounts: There are some seasons when the gyms offer thunder deals and discounts to attract as many customers as they can. You can take advantage of such discounts and get yourself a membership in a premium fitness center. Some of the seasons when deals are great are New Year and September. Other than that, you can also keep a tab on the ongoing deals to see what suits you the most.
  • Avoid the Extras: Just like you end up paying for the extra cheese in your pizza when you don't even want it in the first place, you may find yourself stuck with the plethora of options and add-ons the gyms offer. So, do not fall into the pressure and purchase only what you truly need and can afford. For this, we suggest you to first determine what are your fitness goals and check the prices of the membership and adds beforehand. This will help you in spending recklessly.
  • Take The Demo: Do not buy a year-long membership unless you are completely sure about the decision. Various premium gyms offer free demo classes where you can access the gym and try the experience to decide if you want to take the membership or not. Free demo classes help you in investing your money at the right place and leaves no room for regret of putting your money in a gym you don't like to go after a week.

Fitness Equipment

Don't just buy a gym membership going by the fact that it is a premium fitness center. Instead, visit the gym and look at the equipment available. You must be sure that whatever the gym is offering is worth spending your money and time. Here are some equipment to look for:

  • Free Weights: As the name suggests free weights are the equipment that are not connected to any apparatus or any other equipment. Two main free weights to look for are dumbbells and barbells. But since it is a premium gym, you should expect other free weights such as kettlebells, medicine balls, sand bags, heck and even tires.
  • Weight Machines: The next level of the gym equipment is the weight machines. They are best for S&C workouts and help in building muscles. So, check if they are present and have been maintained properly. Make sure they are latest and safe and do not look like they may fall anytime soon.
  • Cardio Machines: If you are looking for cardio workout, you must take a good look at the cardio machines available. Also check if they are good in number so that you don't have to wait for your turn. See if the machines are in good condition and have latest features. Bikes must also have straps on the pedals as missing straps are common issue at gyms. But since it is a premium fitness center, do not ignore this.


Just as cost and equipment are important factors, accessibility too plays a vital role in the final decision of selecting from the list of premium gyms. After all, you would not want to spend most of your travelling rather than being in the gym itself. So, search for gym nearby me and find one. To get better results, try searching for premium gyms near me and you will find the best ones located near you. Other than this, if you want the gym to be near your workplace or college, just try gym near my location and add the required address. Now select amongst the premium gyms and get started. Tip: In case you don't find any result for premium gym near me, see that the other premium gyms that may be a bit far have parking areas. You can at least save yourself from the trouble of finding a place to park your vehicle.

Workouts Offered by Experts

One workout is never enough for a perfect fitness plan. So, make sure that the premium fitness gym that you pick has plenty of workout options available by trained professionals. Nowadays, premium gyms also have boxing and other sports related workouts to give you a holistic fitness training. To bring fun, dance workouts such as Zumba and yoga classes are also becoming a trend in premium gyms. So, also jot that down in the checklist. When you are visiting the gym, take a look at the yoga areas and the dance studio to see if the areas are spacious enough or not. Some premium gyms also offer exclusive workouts by celebrity stars such as the HRX workout at Cult by Hrithik Roshan. Online workouts are also available for people who can't join gym and want fitness training from the comfort of their homes.

Extra Facilities

Done with the workout and equipment? It is time to look for the bonus stuff the extra facilities that actually make a gym become a premium one. So, see what are the extra perks offered the gym. Some of the most coveted services and facilities you can expect at premium gyms are as follows:

  • Spacious workout areas
  • Personal lockers and changing rooms
  • Shower areas and Sauna
  • Cafe or snack bar
  • Massage and spa
  • Nutritionists
  • Online personal trainer
  • Personal apps to monitor progress and suggest healthy recipes
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene

Though last in the list, but this is of utmost important looking at how covid has brought no less than a catastrophe on the world. Check if the gym is following all the necessary precautions to keep its members and staff safe from covid spread. You should also keep in mind the cleanliness and hygiene of the equipment, workout areas and the shower areas. Things like towels and water bottles must also be clean. Here are some basic things all the premium gyms follow to maintain the hygiene and safety:

  • Contactless attendance
  • Regular checkup of body temperature and blood oxygen level
  • Mandatory masks
  • Social distancing maintained
  • Sanitization of each equipment before and after use
  • Sanitization of the important touch point areas across the gym

Purchasing a membership of premium gyms is no less than investing in your health. Thus, make sure you consider all these steps when looking for the best fitness center for you. The gym's cost, location, equipment, and gym trainers are key things you need to look out for if you want a premium fitness experience.

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