How to get a lean body often becomes a difficult question to answer. However, fitness experts have highlighted the importance of exercises and diet to get a lean body. Any physical activity performed with consistency will help in boosting up stamina. To increase stamina, cardiovascular exercises such as running, jogging, cycling, aerobics, dancing and biking increases the efficiency with which oxygen is pumped into the lean body. A perfect lean body can be developed through regular exercising and some of the workouts include HIIT, cardio work out, weight loss exercises etc. The following are the easiest exercises to get a lean muscle body -

7 Exercise for Lean Muscle Body

1. Walking

Walking is a lean body workout and one of the simplest ways of increasing stamina and brings consistency to your fitness regime. There are hosannas of options available for walking such as parks, tracks, forests, gardens, treadmill, malls and office spaces. The intensity level of walking can vary according to the fitness level. Apart from walking shoes, this exercise does not require any equipment and logistically its very convenient and feasible. It is especially recommended for people who suffer from joint pains. This is one of the basic forms of exercise for people to get strong before they jump into something more intense so as to advance their fitness routines. Get the best lean body by walking regularly.

2. Cycling

Investing in a cycle has the biggest returns in terms of good health. People with varied fitness levels can benefit from cycling as it helps in building endurance. It is the best exercise to increase stamina and a great alternative to walking or running, which some people avoid due to joint pains. For older people who may be scared to ride a bike on roads, stationary bikes can be set up at home or the ones in gyms can be used. It is a lean body exercise that contributes immensely towards weight loss.

3. Swimming

A 30-60 minutes swimming session is extremely helpful to build a lean body.

4. Running

This is an exercise to reduce belly fat. Running and jogging are the most testing kind of endurance workouts. While going for a run, the reason why treadmills are preferred more versus overground running is that treadmills grant different physiological measures to be recorded inside a closed and controllable space. Running not just increase stamina but is also considered to be a great warm-up exercise before playing a sport or indulging in a hardcore muscle training program. Nowadays, many people like to participate in marathons which involve running 5K or 10K. For example, Mumbai Marathon, Airtel Marathon etc. are running programs and a lot of the times these are conducted for a social cause. This completes a lean body workout.

5. Aerobic Dance or Zumba

How to become lean is best answered by Zumba instructors who make their students work hard during classes. Like running and jogging, this high-impact move is an incredible action for exceptionally fit individuals.  It is only in the recent 10-15 years that Zumba, which is a form of dance, has gained extreme popularity and more and more people like to practice this dance form. It is not just useful for increasing stamina but also a group activity which makes it a lot of fun. This is a way to get the best lean body.

6. Side Plank and Push-Ups

Side planks are practised for strengthening and balancing lower and side abdomens to get an overall lean body. It involved lying down on your side and keeping the elbow as support and lifting the entire body. The position is to be maintained for 15-20 seconds and gradually, the time duration can be increased depending on the level of practice. Push-ups again are for strengthening the upper body and core muscles and it is a lean body workout. It uses a wide range of muscles such as the chest, shoulder, triceps, biceps and back and legs. It requires lifting the body up and putting all the pressure on the palms and coming back on the floor. It is a lean body exercise to be practised repeatedly in the right posture.  Learn head-stand and push-ups through online tutorials. While most people use machines while training in the gym, home workouts can also be conducted using bodyweight to perform exercises.

7. Yoga

Physical benefits of yoga include, not limited to, increasing flexibility, increasing muscle strength, improving respiration, maintaining metabolism, weight reduction, improved cardio and circulatory health, improved athletics performance and protection from injury. It provides a lean aesthetic body. Build your stamina by indulging in different asanas (postures) and pranayams (breathing exercises) for a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is also practised to improve mental health. Starting your day with yoga reduces stress and anxiety for the whole day.

Best lean body diet

A no deprivation diet requires consuming three meals and two snacks in a day. It should be able to meet the energy levels of the body. Here is a diet plan for lean body:

  • Monday: Breakfast should include white egg scrambled, wholegrain toast, fruits (berries), and skim milk. For lunch, salad comprising of chicken breast or paneer (for vegetarians) grilled veggies such as zucchini, cilantro, and bell pepper. Snacks may include greek yoghurt, hummus, and baby carrots. Dinner options include fresh salmon, toasted almonds, and boiled spinach. Consuming this diet helps in developing a lean muscle body.
  • Tuesday: Oatmeal prepared in water, turkey sausages, and blueberries for breakfast. For snacks, ricotta cheese, raspberries, and pecans. For dinner, a turkey burger, florets of broccoli and cauliflower. Healthy desserts include a granola bar. Adopt this diet and a lean ripped body.
  • Wednesday: A filling breakfast can contain an omelette made up of 4 egg whites and 1 whole egg with broccoli, onions, mushrooms, and bell peppers. A bowl of fruits with blueberries, watermelons, and apples. For snacks, yoghurt with apple and chopped walnuts. For lunch, a salad made up of grilled chicken, celery, mushrooms, cheddar, and caesar dressing with medium nectarine and skimmed milk. For dinner, shrimp made in ginger paste, steamed artichoke, and wheat couscous with bell pepper, cilantro in a honey mustard dressing. Get a lean shredded body with this diet.
  • Thursday: Include a lean body diet and breakfast could include an English muffin, wedge, and Canadian bacon. For snacks, yoghurt, and strawberries with a granola bar. For lunch, a veg wrap containing whole wheat tortilla, shredded lettuce, tomato slices, and mustard sauce. Snacks can contain corn chips with guacamole. For dinner, grilled halibut, sauted mushrooms, a salad made up of arugula, and cherry tomatoes. For those with a sweet tooth, chopped pecans and dash cinnamon is the best dessert and can be included in the diet chart for weight loss. This diet ensures a lean muscle body and helps in overall toning.
  • Friday: Burrito made with whole wheat tortilla, scrambled egg white, black beans, and salsa can be consumed for breakfast. Afternoon snack can comprise lean ham and a medium apple. For lunch, a turkey burger and salad made of spinach, cherry tomatoes, half-cooked lentils, and a light salad. For an evening snack, mozzarella cheese string stick and a cup of red grapes. For dinner, grilled wild salmon, brown rice, baby greens, and a sliced pear. This is a complete lean body diet.
  • Saturday: Frittata made up of egg whites, bell peppers, spinach, pesto, and fresh raspberries for breakfast. A small muffin can be added to the best weight loss program. For lunch, turkey breast and tomato-cucumber salad. Dinner may have whole wheat pasta with vegetables with some steamed green beans. This is the ideal diet after a lean body workout.
  • Sunday: Canadian bacon for brekky with waffle and a fruit spread. Some berries and milk to be added. For lunch, salad with spinach, avocado, walnuts, and dried cranberries. Greek yoghurt is one of the healthiest options for snacks. For dinner, lean pork made in garlic, broccoli, and bell pepper with some brown rice. This helps to have a lean muscle body.

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