Most people do not even know where a tailbone is located in their body. But once it starts to hurt, they can’t ignore it anymore. And the pain in this small area can actually be very severe. From leaning back to standing up, it can cause an interruption in every aspect of your life. That is exactly where exercises for tailbone pain come into play.

How To Relieve Tailbone Pain: An Overview

A tailbone is an arrangement of bones situated right at the bottom of your spine. It might contain three to five bones. Although there is no function of the tailbone, any kind of problem in this area can cause severe pain. The common name of this area is coccyx and hence tailbone exercises are also called coccyx exercises. There is no single cause of tailbone pain. Wear and tear caused by age, sudden jerk, sitting on a hard surface for long hours are often the common reasons for this condition. No matter what the cause of tailbone pain is, you can treat the pain with exercises. In fact, if you ask a physician how to relieve tailbone pain, they will suggest you do some exercises as tailbone pain treatment along with a medicinal prescription. In this article, we are going to talk about a number of exercises for tailbone pain. Along with that, we will also discuss some precautions and safety points you need to consider while performing the exercises. So, if you want to know everything about exercises for tailbone pain, read the article till the end. 

Best Exercises for Tailbone Pain

1. Glute Bridge

Glute bridge is a famous exercise people include in their workout at home. And since it stretches your back muscles, the glute bridge is also great for tailbone pain relief. The workout also strengthens your abdominal muscles and improves body posture. To perform a glute bridge, lie down on the floor with your back flat. Then, bend your knees and lift up your torso starting at your hips. Your body will resemble a bridge from the shoulder to the hips. Hold the position for a few breaths and release.

2. Supine Spinal Twist

Moving to stretches for tailbone pain, this workout has to be on the top of the list. A supine spinal twist releases the tension through your entire back, including the tailbone, and alleviates any existing pain. To do this workout for tailbone pain treatment, you have to lie down on your back and then bring your left knee towards the chest. As you do so, extend your right leg with toes pointing away. You can also place your right hand on the knee to increase the stretch. Turn your head to the left and hold the stretch.

3. Cobra Pose

One of the best stretches for tailbone pain, the cobra pose can be easily done at home. Also known as Bhujangasana, this is a yoga asana that opens up the chest and stretches your whole back, including the tail bone. This way, it also relieves any tension or stiffness through the spine and the lower back. To do this workout for tailbone pain relief, you have to lie on your stomach. Keep your hands beside your shoulders and your toes together. Now, squeeze your lower back and lift the torso upwards. Support it with your palms on the floor. Hold the pose as you look upwards and return to the initial position after a few seconds.

Some other yoga poses and exercises for tailbone pain you can perform include:

  • Cobra pose
  • Root Lock
  • Piriformis and glute cross leg stretch 
  • Kneeling Psoas Stretch
  • Single-Leg Knee Hug

Benefits Of Tailbone Exercises

The above-mentioned coccydynia exercises don’t just help you in relieving the pain but also offer you multiple benefits for improving overall health. Some of these benefits are:

1. A tailbone injury exercise also helps in relieving pain in other areas such as the back and neck.
2. It also improves your digestion.
3. You can also improve your body’s flexibility with exercises such as cobra pose and glute bridge.
4. It can also improve spine mobility and stretch the piriformis and iliopsoas muscles in the buttocks and hips.
5. Tailbone exercises can also improve your body posture by alleviating pain and stretching muscles.
6.Tailbone exercises also increase the quality of your life as you can perform the day-to-day tasks with much each and without pain.

Exercises For Tailbone Pain: Precautions And Safety Measures

When you learn how to reduce tailbone pain, also make sure you get proper guidance on how to perform them in the perfect way. For this, it is best to seek guidance from an expert. Other than that, keep the following measures and tips in mind:

  • Do not start any tailbone injury exercise without a warm-up. It may lead to unexpected stretch and lead to a sprain.
  • If you feel any sharp pain or unusual discomfort while performing exercises for tailbone pain, stop the workout and seek consultation from the doctor.
  • Avoid heavy meals before the workout.
  • Always wear comfortable clothes to ensure free movements of the body.
  • Do not perform any high-intensity workout as it can aggravate the pain and inflammation. 
  • Always follow the right techniques and forms for yoga poses and do not forget to focus on the breathing part. Breathing helps in better blood circulation and that again helps in relieving pain and stress in the tailbone area. 


Coccydynia exercises are quite easy to perform when compared with a typical weight loss exercise or cardio exercise. However, just like every other type of exercise, these exercises also come with their own sets of dos and don’ts. If you do these exercises with the right techniques and follow the precautions, you will surely end up reducing your tailbone pain to a large extent. From knowing how to reduce tailbone pain with exercises to safety points, now you know almost everything about reducing your pain. What remains pending is making a workout plan and sticking to it.

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