Most people don’t think about the fact that there is blood running in their bodies 24*7 and the circulatory system is critical for their well being. However, when symptoms like numbness in the body and lack of energy show up, our doctors tell us that our blood circulatory system is not running well. 

Once you detect a problem in the blood circulation, you should take the problem seriously. If you have a heart condition, it becomes even more imperative to ensure proper blood circulation. Thankfully, you can do exercise to improve blood circulation.

Yes, there are a number of exercises that can increase blood circulation in various parts of your body. In this article, we are going to talk about exercises that will aid in improving blood circulation from head to toe. You can try every exercise and decide for yourself which one is the best exercise for blood circulation.

Blood Circulation Exercises: From Head to Toe

Sometimes, only a single organ or body part doesn’t get enough blood. In such a case, you will have to do an exercise that works specifically for that part. Here is a list of exercises that cover the major circulatory areas in the human body:

The Best Exercise For Blood Circulation In Head And Brain 

If blood doesn’t reach your brain, you will start feeling dizzy within seconds. But you can do brain blood circulation exercises to ensure that enough blood and oxygen reach your brain and head. Here is the best brain blood circulation exercise workout:

  • Standing Toe reach

This is a simple exercise for head blood circulation that does not require any special piece of equipment or space. All you have to do is just stand straight and try to touch your toe without bending the knee. Do not try standing toe touch if you have severe pain in back muscles. 

  • Repeated Squat Stands

It is considered the best exercise for brain blood circulation as it is quite efficient at swinging the blood up and down from the head. The exercise aids in targeting brain adaptation if you have a medical condition that is causing cognitive decline. It is also considered a good exercise for blood circulation for the legs as it engages your major leg muscles too. 

Blood Circulation In Legs Exercises 

  • Walking

Physiotherapists often hail it as the best exercise for blood circulation as it does not even require you to take out extra time. All you have to do is walk where you otherwise would have used a vehicle. 

  • Hamstring Curls

Another efficient exercise for blood circulation in legs, hamstring curls helps you in building leg muscles too. As its name suggests, exercise to increase blood flow targets your hamstrings. 

 Blood Circulation Exercise For Hands 

  • Fist Clench

Just like the best exercise for blood circulation in the legs, the best exercise for blood circulation in arms is also the easiest one. All you need to do to practice fist clench is take a stress ball and clench your fist tightly. 

  • Fist Push

This exercise for blood circulation in arms is easy to perform yet offers efficient results. Apart from improving blood circulation in your hand, this exercise is also known to divert your mind when you are feeling anxious. 

Tips For Exercise To Increase Blood Flow

Here is a list of some tips that will help you get the best out of every exercise to improve blood circulation:

  • Do not have a heavy meal for at least 3-4 hours before you do any intense exercise for better blood circulation.
  • Compliment the exercise for better blood circulation with healthy food that can support the health of your blood circulatory system. 
  • If you are a total beginner and getting overwhelmed with blood circulation exercise for hands, legs, and body, you can join online yoga classes to get guidance from expert gym trainers. 
  • There is no single best exercise for blood circulation so you might have to try various exercises to see which one works best for you. 
  • Once your body cools down after doing an exercise to increase blood circulation, you can take a hot shower to increase the blood flow further. 
  • If you have a high BP problem, do exercise for blood circulation in brain only after consulting your doctor. 
  • Never repeat the same exercise to increase blood circulation again and again as it can put a strain on one group of muscles. 
  • If exercises to improve blood circulation in legs and arms feel too intense, you can try yoga for beginners which gives almost the same results. 

Benefits Of Doing blood circulation exercise for body

Here is a list of some health benefits that you get by practising exercise for blood circulation daily:

  • For aged people exercise for head blood circulation reduces the chances of disorders that lead to cognitive decline. 
  • Exercise for blood circulation in legs helps athletes to run faster as their legs get more oxygen. 
  • The best exercise for blood circulation in head will send more blood to your face skin making you look healthy and beautiful. 
  • If you do exercises to improve blood circulation in legs, you decrease the risk of developing diabetes complications since diabetes causes poor blood flow to the limbs. 
  • When you do exercise for blood circulation in head and other body parts, your heart needs to pump at a lower rate which results in heart muscle relaxation. 
  • By doing exercise for blood circulation in brain, arms, legs, and other body parts, you remove more waste from your body. 
  • You ward off health problems such as leg ulcers and numbers by improving blood circulation in legs exercises.
  • When you do exercise for blood circulation in head and other body parts, more white blood cells reach your body organs. This increases your immunity and helps you in fighting against various diseases. 

Exercise For Blood Circulation: Summing It Up

From the best exercise for brain blood circulation to the best exercise for blood circulation in legs, now you know every type of blood circulation exercise for body. Compliment these exercises with healthy food and lifestyle, and you will experience the results soon. 

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February 4, 2022

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