We all love chocolates. We love chocolates so much that we often buy them for others but end up eating them ourselves. After all, love never takes age into account, especially when it is for chocolates. Talking about love for chocolates, most people prefer dark chocolates over other types of chocolates. Thankfully, there are many ways to get dark chocolate - candies, bars, squares, cookies, and whatnot. And just like sources of dark chocolate, there are myriad health benefits of dark chocolates. Wait what? Did we just say that there are health benefits of eating dark chocolates? Well, its a little more complicated than that but you read that right. If you eat dark chocolate (in controlled amounts), you will get several health benefits. In short, you have all the right to put dark chocolate in your cart the next time you visit a shopping mart. That said, you dont have to shout out to the world that everyone can eat dark chocolate guilt-free. First, you need to know the benefits of these chocolates. And the exact science behind them.In this article, we are going to talk about seven major health benefits of eating dark chocolate. Keep a Cadbury dark chocolate in hand so that you can eat it once you finish reading the article.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

1. It Lowers Your Body Mass Index

First, lets know what exactly BMI or body mass index is. It is a way to estimate the fat present in your body based on your weight and height. It doesnt tell you the exact fat but it can give an approximate number. According to WHO, BMI between 18.5 to 24.9 is healthy while anything above or lesser than that is not ideal. Now lets come to our favorite part. If your BMI is more than what it ideally should be, you can have small quantities of black chocolate frequently and it will reduce your BMI. And its not just us. There are scientific studies done on the effect of frequent dark chocolate consumption on a persons BMI. Scientists have found a correlation between low BMI and dark chocolate consumption. So, the next time someone stops you from eating Amul dark chocolate, you can say that you are doing it to lower your BMI. And guess what? You wont be lying by saying that.

2. It Boosts Your Brain Power

If playing chess or bridge isnt working for you, you can have Cadbury dark chocolate to boost your brainpower. It has been found in a scientific study that eating dark chocolate in small amounts can boost your brain on a short-term basis. In the study, it was noticed that the alertness of subjects increased for about two to three hours after eating dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains flavanols which hold the capacity to dilate your blood vessels and allow more blood and oxygen to reach your brain. Once your brain gets more resources, it gets more alert. Other than that, high oxygen reach to the brain also helps in fighting against fatigue and many effects of aging. So, the next time you have a big meeting or an important exam, you can have a Chocolate Mug Cake or a few pieces of dark chocolate and you will be ready with your sharp brain.

3. It Can Improve Your Eyesight

From early childhood, we have been told that eating carrots can help improve our eyesight. But those who told us this fact should also realize that it is a little tough to eat carrots every day. Well, thanks again to science that we now know the effects of dark chocolate on eyesight. The flavonols present in dark chocolate can enhance your visual performance. Basically, after having a Dark Chocolate Orange Pot, you can better detect motion and even read low contrast letters. We just mentioned above that flavonols can increase the amount of oxygen that is delivered to your brain. Thankfully, it is not just the brain that gets the extra dose of blood and oxygen. Your eyes also get a little extra supply when you eat dark chocolates. So, get the best dark chocolate right now if you want to improve your eyesight.

4. It May Reduce Inflammation

By now, you might already be thinking that why is the world trying to keep so many secrets around dark chocolates. Well, we dont know about that but what we conclusively know is that eating dark chocolates can also help you in reducing inflammation. When you eat dark chocolates, several good microbes present in your gut start eating them. They ferment the chocolate into certain anti-inflammatory compounds that can reduce inflammation. Cocoa powder contains a high amount of antioxidants. But the powder is fully digested until it reaches your colon where your body absorbs antioxidants from it. These antioxidants can lessen the inflammation within cardiovascular tissue. This reduced inflammation by eating the best dark chocolate directly translates to a lesser risk of stroke and several other heart conditions. So, the next time you visit the market to get brookside chocolate or vegan dark chocolate, you can tell yourself that it is for the greater good.

5. It Protects Your Skin

Everyone knows that sunscreen is quite effective in protecting your skin from harmful UV rays coming from the sun. But what everyone does not know is that eating dark chocolate every day can also aid your skin in fighting against UV rays. But remember, you cant eat any chocolate to get such results. You will need black chocolate with high flavanol levels. Lindt dark chocolate might be the right choice here for you.

6. It Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a condition that most aged people are prone to developing. While there are several good medications to fight against it, you can also have dark chocolate in a small amount to lower blood pressure. If your blood pressure is slightly elevated, take a bite of brookside chocolate or you can have a dish made with chocolate such as 3 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse. You will find that your elevated blood pressure levels are coming back to normal. Some people also like to have American Mocha Latte regularly to keep their blood pressure levels in control.

7. It Raises Good Cholesterol

Not every cholesterol harms your body. There is a certain type of cholesterol that is bad for your bodyalso called LDLand there is also a type of cholesterol that delivers health benefits. The latter is called High-density lipoprotein or HDL. Now, it is found that polyphenols present in dark chocolate can reduce the level of LDL and raise the level of HDL. By doing so, dark chocolate reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. If you were planning to get Lindt dark chocolate, raising good cholesterol would be a good reason for that. Thankfully, there are a lot of options for dark chocolate in the market. You can have Amul dark chocolate if you want a rich creamy taste. Or you can get vegan dark chocolate if you don't eat dairy products.

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