Strawberries! How delicious are those little red fruits? So sweet, so irresistible- you’d binge on it any given time of the day. But there is more to it. Packed with loads of vitamin C better than orange, it blends nicely into your smoothie or oatmeal perfectly. Strawberries have a potent effect on your health in fighting a lot of diseases. Another interesting fact that will make you awestruck is that it is a natural aesthetic weapon to remove your skin imperfection. Read on to know more about the other wonders it creates in our system. You will thank yourself later after adding these ruby-hued elements to your plate.

Are you convinced to add strawberries to your diet? The benefits of strawberries outweigh the disadvantages of pesticides, and you need not be concerned about purchasing only organic ones. Most studies state that conventional strawberry fruits are dirt free and become devoid of pesticide residues when easily washed under running water. Slice them and place them on your yoghurt, oatmeal, salad or any snack. If they are not in season, add balsamic vinegar on top to boost their sweetness.

How Many Strawberries Should You Eat Every Day?

Every day, the ideal serving quantity for a human being will be one cup of sliced strawberries or eight whole ones. One service approximately contains 50 calories. Therefore, this will be a perfect snack for your day with lesser calories and is one of the best strawberry benefits for weight loss. Even if you have four portions a day, you will be recording only 200 calories per day.

Bear in mind that eating whole strawberries is entirely different from consuming them as juice. In a juice, the fibre is extracted and has a different effect on the body. Without fibres, strawberry fruit juice benefits are capable of spiking the blood sugar levels in your body instead of stabilising it.

10 Health Benefits Of Strawberries

The advantages of strawberry are many. Strawberries will make your teeth whiter. Instead of going to a dentist and wasting your money, consider enjoying strawberries as a routine.

  • The vitamin C in strawberries breakdown the plaque and combats the yellow staining problem. Make a thick paste of strawberry by blending with a small quantity of water. Apply this periodically on the teeth to visibly see results.
  • Consuming strawberries reduce the risk of various heart diseases. Heart problems are the most common cause of death in recent times. There it has to be prevented by taking the right action. Eat right, and you will be able to deal with it. The ellagic acid in strawberries controls the LDL, whereas vitamin C strengthens the blood vessels and arteries.
  • Strawberry benefits the system by slowing down the ageing process effectively. Constant exposure to the sun and pollution are the causes to make our skin look old and age fast. The cells in our body are responsible for ageing, and this can be effectively slowed down with the proper diet. Strawberries have lots of antioxidants that fight against the free radicals and prevent ageing happen fast.
  • Strawberries are helpful to treat acne problems and also treat wrinkles. Again, antioxidants are responsible for this and act even when applied directly on the skin as a face mask. Hence strawberry benefits are widely witnessed during summers as sun exposures are more during this period.
  • One of the benefits of eating strawberry for the skin is that freckles fade away gradually with regular consumption of strawberries. Instead of investing in expensive creams and treatments, make use of strawberries to make them disappear completely. Furthermore, it can be combined with lemon juice, papaya, sour cream, or buttermilk to lighten the skin and give it a perfect complexion.
  • Eat strawberries to fight both asthma and allergies. Various studies state that these have a better effect on both allergies and asthma than medications. The anti-inflammatory effect is an added advantage to treating runny noses, watery eyes and hives. Change your diet today and witness strawberry benefits within a short duration for yourself.
  • Strawberries are effectively proven to produce happy hormones in the body. Depression is a mental condition and can be eased out with the proper intake of natural ingredients. Strawberries are one such foodstuff that prevents homocysteine from forming in unhealthy amounts in the body. Homocysteine will prevent the body's glands from producing serotonin and dopamine, which are responsible for keeping you happy. Furthermore, strawberry benefits from the suitable delivery of nutrients to the brain through the bloodstream and develops a refreshing feel throughout the day.
  • Strawberries are an excellent ingredient in most delicious desserts. They have a fantastic anti-cancer effect and decrease tumour growth effectively. So, include this tasty fruit the next time you make any dessert at home. Top and garnish the desserts to imbibe their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • This red fruit has a good effect on eyesight and gets rid of eye bags instantly; besides fighting severe body conditions like heart diseases, asthma, and cancer, strawberry benefits aesthetic purposes. If you are facing a problem with dark eye bags, consider strawberries to get rid of them. They can lighten skin tone and treat inflammations. This perfect combination treats the eye bag and dark circles problem. The concentration of vitamin C is an excellent source to treat cataract problems and lower its risk.
  • Strawberry benefits the women during their maternity. It is essential during the pregnancy period in women for healthy baby development. The nutrients from the strawberries are passed on to the growing foetus and also help with fast growth. The baby will receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals to become healthy and are more potent than prenatal supplements.

How To Include Strawberries in Diet?

Commercially strawberries are available in fresh, dried strawberry that has lots of benefits, syrups, jams and jelly forms. If you are particular to consume strawberries to be benefitted, check the labels of processed strawberries. Always make use of these handy tips to incorporate strawberries into your diet easily. You can either dice them and add them to your vegetable or fruit salads. A fruit cocktail with fresh strawberries will be ideal for people who love sweets. Adding sliced strawberries to plain yoghurt is another easy way to have them in your daily diet. Strawberry leaves also have lots of benefits.


I bet you are craving strawberry right now after reading a lot about it and how it can be added to delicious recipes and desserts. Make sure to put your strawberries to good use the next time you plan on buying them. We hope you found it helpful knowing the benefits of eating strawberries and will make a healthy lifestyle change.

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