Eye examinations are crucial to ensure the health and wellness of the eye. An ophthalmologist conducts an eye check up to diagnose conditions like cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinal detachment. An eye check up also shows the eyes' internal structures and helps the doctor find the underlying problem. In addition, an eye check up for kids is essential to rule out problems and treat them early.

Why Should We Check The Eyes?

The importance of a regular eye check up is mentioned below. They are:

•  An eye check up helps to check the proximal vision and the distant vision with the visual acuity screenings to find whether a person needs to use glasses.
•  Ophthalmic check up helps with offering corrections to prevent further deterioration and improve visual functionality for years.
•  The primary diagnosis is far-sightedness,, and near-sightedness with a regular eye check up to help in determining other ocular symptoms in the eye.
•  Astigmatism is a prevalent eye disorder, and an eye check up for kids will help solve it with cylindrical glasses. This condition is identified with an eyesight check up at an early stage.
•  75% of the blindness in the world can be prevented if identified on time, and for this ophthalmic check up from time to time must be done correctly.
•  Late diagnosis of ocular eye conditions is irreversible, and this makes the need for a thorough, complete eye check up of the lens, retina and optic nerve compulsory.
•  A cataract is a widespread condition that causes the lens to clog and turn opaque if untreated. Identifying cataracts on time and by replacing the lens, it is possible to restore normal vision.
•  Retinal detachment is a medical emergency that can cause complete blindness and has to treated with early spotting and an ophthalmic check up. A retina check up is therefore very crucial.
•  Strabismus, amblyopia and age-related macular degenerations are other conditions that are found through complete eyesight check up.

How Does A Regular Eye Check-Up Help?

A regular eye check up has certain advantages, and they are:

•  Good vision is the basis to perform well in academics, and with interrupted vision, it is highly impossible to show good results. Therefore, to succeed in school and its various activities, it is essential to perform an eyesight check up and accordingly allot the screen time for kids. It also ensures that the eye check up for kids helps them to see clearly in the classroom and actively participate in sports and other extracurriculars.
•  Myopia is increasingly becoming a common complaint among children. Being myopic keeps worsening the eye throughout childhood as the eye grows and requires a constant check as it is a progressive condition. Hence a complete eye check up helps to slow the progression and reduce the risk of eye damage.
•  Vision screenings are primary and are no substitute for a comprehensive eye examination by an ophthalmologist to rule out other severe eye problems like eye cancer.
•  Serious eye diseases like glaucoma exhibit no symptoms most of the time. Failing to have a routine eye exam and a retina check up may cause permanent vision loss because of the disease, and controlling it will become problematic later. Glaucoma is the silent thief for vision, and high eye pressure can lead to permanent blindness. An annual check-up is sufficient to find this and treat it with effective measures and regular visits to the doctor.
•  Besides eye problems, other issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and even cancer can be detected with a routine eye doctor check up.
•  The retina's health is analysed through a comprehensive retina check up that will help evaluate the blood vessels' condition. For example, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia are diagnosed with the changes in the retinal blood vessels' appearance and the blood supply to it with a retina check up.
•  Diabetes is another risk of obesity, and hence annual eye exams are required to detect early stages of diabetic eye disease.
•  Research states that a vision check up also helps to identify Alzheimer's diseases.

What Are The Eye Check-Ups That Are Conducted?

The eye doctor will first check all these factors while examining the eyes and then check the health of the cornea and iris with a slit lamp microscope.

1. Visual sharpness:

This eye check up is used to check the lack of clarity in vision and determine the eye's precision rate. If the eye cannot recognise small details, there are possibilities of fault in the interpretative functioning of the brain and neural defects.

2. Colour vision:

This vision check up measures the ability of the eye to differentiate between colours, and if one does not pass this, it means they have poor colour vision and won't be able to distinguish shades of green from red. Colour vision is affected by ageing, genetics, exposure to chemicals, and certain medicines or other diseases.

3. Eye muscle balance:

This eye check up evaluates the weakness or the defect in the extraocular muscles that leads to uncontrolled eye movements. This test involves moving the eye in different directions to assess the proper functioning of the eyes.

4. Gross visual fields:

This eye check up is a way to check both the central and peripheral vision with the help of testing maps that detects blind spots as well as subtle areas of poor vision.

5. Refractive error:

This eye check up is done as a routine part of eye examination to test whether a person requires glasses or contacts. Refractive error occurs when the light does not bend and it goes along the lens of the eyes.

6. Eye pressure:

Eye pressure is measured with tonometry to check the pressure in the eyes. This eye check up is a rapid and simple test to check for the risk of glaucoma. This is because the nerve in the eyes is gradually damaged over time, resulting in a loss of vision.

An eye check up is the window to health, and one can also consult doctor online to keep track of eye wellness. There are various online eye consultation sites to provide the best eye specialist near me option to do routine examinations at ease.

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