Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling. This condition changes the body of the woman. A woman carrying a baby in her womb undergoes many physiological and psychological changes that leave an impact on her body. She has to make many adjustments to ensure carrying a happy baby safely through the next nine months. If planning to embrace motherhood, check out some important pregnancy facts that will help you prepare for this exciting journey.

Pregnancy Facts Every Woman Must Know

Knowing about a few pregnancy interesting facts will help you prepare for this beautiful and exciting journey.

Fact 1- Uterus Size Increases

Before a woman gets pregnant, her uterus is the size of an orange, but as she gets pregnant, her uterus size starts increasing. By the third trimester. The uterus size increases to the size of a watermelon. As per the random pregnancy facts, the uterus will expand during pregnancy up to 500 times.

Fact 2- Pregnancy Length

Did you know facts about pregnancy that the longest pregnancy recorded was 375 days long? Normal pregnancies last up to 280 days, but Penny Diana Hunter experienced 375 days long pregnancy. Many women are unaware of the fact that longer pregnancies are very common. Some women have reported pregnancy as long as 10-11 months rather than the usual nine months.

Fact 3- Shortest Pregnancy 21 weeks Long

Another one of the pregnancy interesting facts is the shortest pregnancy duration recorded to be 21 weeks long. The baby survived and showed no developmental or health problems even when born prematurely as per the pregnancy facts.

Fact 4- Increased Blood Volume

In pregnancy, the blood volume of the pregnant lady increases by 50 per cent. It helps in providing enough oxygenated blood supply to the foetus. It is a must-know pregnancy fact.

Fact 5- Heart Grows in Size

One of the most important pregnancy facts and information a pregnant woman must know is that her heart increases in size as soon as she carries a baby in her womb.

Fact 6-  Feet Size Increases

As per some pregnancy information facts, pregnant women also experience an increase in their feet' size. During this time, a lot of swelling is seen in the ankles and feet. As per the pregnancy facts, women find it difficult to wear their regular slippers.

Fact 7- Checkups During Pregnancy

According to pertinent pregnancy facts and information, a pregnant woman has to undergo many checkups during nine months of pregnancy. In the initial consultation, the gynaecologist will give a full body checkup to the pregnant woman. Post that, she will have to undergo one prenatal visit a month from week 4 to 28. After that, the doctor may ask pregnant women to get regular and weekly checkups until they deliver their baby.

Fact 8- Women's Health Checkup

The pregnant facts also focus on Women's Health Checkup. As part of this checkup, women need to undergo many tests that include thyroid, bone health, lipid profile, breast examination, pap test, etc.

Fact 9- How Early a Pregnancy Test Delivers Accurate Results?

According to the pregnancy facts, a pregnancy test can be carried out as early after a week of missed period. It gives accurate results. Later, the woman can undergo this test any time after she misses her period.

Fact 10- Can PCOD Hamper a woman's chances to get pregnant

The pregnancy facts tell us that women with PCOD have three times higher chances of miscarriage. The chances of women suffering from complications like gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, chances of premature delivery, and larger baby size. As per the pregnancy facts, if a woman is suffering from PCOD, she should meet her doctor and get herself treated before planning a pregnancy.

Fact 11- Haemogram Test

As per the random pregnancy facts, a pregnant woman must undergo a haemogram test that evaluates complete blood count, which completely evaluates cells circulating in the bloodstream. It also indicates if the woman is suffering from a serious health issue. Getting this test done and a clean bill of fitness help in planning pregnancy as per the pregnancy facts.

Fact 12- Pregnancy tips that you should know

Women planning to get pregnant must have detailed knowledge on pregnancy facts and tips like taking proper vitamins, minerals, write a birth plan, regular exercise, eating folate-rich foods, keep a tab on weight gain, etc. Talk to other pregnant women and ask them for some pregnancy interesting facts to help you through this journey.

Fact 13- Week by week pregnancy Facts

Pregnant women must visit their doctors and know about pregnancy facts week by week so that they are completely prepared for what changes will happen in their bodies. This way, they will adapt to these changes faster and stay comfortable. It will keep their stress levels in check. Talk to your doctor and ask her if there is something you should anticipate the next week. It will give you time to prepare for the change, and you will adapt to it gracefully.

Fact 14- Month by Month Pregnancy Facts

Every month sees a change in the pregnant woman's body. Her feet may feel swollen. She may notice broader girth. She may experience her baby kicking in the womb and more. Knowing the pregnancy facts month by month will give her knowledge about what to expect in every month of pregnancy. She can ask her doctor about month-wise changes in her body so that she can get acclimatized to these changes.

Fact 15- Babies can listen to you

As per the pregnancy facts, the baby can listen to external voices. The baby hears cooing noises made by mom, and it reacts to these sounds by kicking inside the womb. It is an out-of-the-world experience to feel the baby kicking, responding to the mother's voice. It creates a lovely connection with the baby, which is further strengthened once it is born. Knowing about these pregnancy facts helps a woman get ready for this roller-coaster ride known as motherhood. She will sometimes feel stressed and on top of the world, depending on her body's hormonal changes as per the pregnancy facts and tips. It is a beautiful journey worth enjoying.

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