What are Stretch Marks?

Parallel lines on your skin that appear in groups or bands are known as Stretch Marks. They are different in texture and in colour from your normal skin and usually range from bright pink, to purple to light grey. They can appear anywhere on the body but are most commonly found on the stomach, buttocks, breasts, thighs and upper arms. The different types of Stretch Marks that experts know of are:

  • Striae Atrophica
  • Striae Gravidarum
  • Striae Distensae
  • Vergetures

These are some common types that experts know.

Stretch Marks Symptoms

The Stretch Marks symptoms occur depending on the different kinds of Stretch Marks that are there. The symptoms of different types may also differ from individual to individual along with their skin type. The common symptoms related to Stretch Marks across the different types have been listed below for your reference and knowledge:

  • Experiencing the skin becoming thin and pink
  • Skin might start feeling itchy and irritated in the area where the marks will be forming
  • Wrinkly and raised streaks in the initial stage that can vary from purple, red, pink, dark brown and reddish-brown depending on the skin colour of the individual

These are some of the common reasons for Stretch Marks that people often experience.

Who is at Risk?

There are different Stretch Marks risk factors that have been associated with this condition, the evidence of which varies till today. However, experts have been able to identify certain possible risk factors related to the different types. We have mentioned them below for your understanding of the same:  

  • A family history of this condition increases the chances of developing it
  • Suffering from one or more different types of chronic disease
  • The Body Mass Index of an individual before pregnancy
  • Women who have given birth

There is still more research that is needed to confirm the above.

Stretch Marks Causes

Stretch Marks causes are very common and can happen from a plethora of different reasons. The main broad cause that is known are a shrinkage in skin or an extreme growth in skin. We have discussed below for your understanding some of these causes in details:

  • Putting on an excessive amount of weight in a short period of time causes the skin to stretch and the marks appear
  • Losing a lot of weight causes the skin to shrink which also causes stretch marks to appear
  • Individuals going through puberty
  • Pregnancy and certain medical conditions like marfan syndrome.  

How is Stretch Marks diagnosed?

For Stretch Marks diagnosis, a Stretch Marks doctor will not really need to perform different Stretch Marks tests to actually diagnose this condition. However, there are certain things that a doctor will do in almost all cases to better understand the problem.

  • A skin examination is done to understand and inspect where the marks have appeared
  • A person’s medical history will also be evaluated to understand if there has been any rapid weight gain, rapid weight loss, if they are suffering from any medical condition that might have caused this or if they might be pregnant.
  • The doctor will ask multiple questions based on the signs and symptoms that he can see or may understand.

How is Stretch Marks treated?

The cure for Stretch Marks treatment is most often very expensive and not always effective at the same time. In the beauty world there are various tools for treatment which claim to reduce appearance:

  • Certain lotions, body butters, creams and gels
  • Cosmetic surgery

There is no such medicine for Stretch Marks that is known to effectively treat the condition. Care.Fit, your friendly health care provider offering a variety of services for various health conditions. They some of the best dermatologist from all over India to attend to any and all medical requirements. Their services are listed on their app and website. You should consider them if you are looking for a good Stretch Marks cure.

How can Stretch Marks  be prevented?

Stretch Marks prevention is not always possible. But there are certain simple things that can be done to help prevent the same. Some of these have been mentioned below for your understanding and consideration:

  • Ensure that you maintain a healthy weight at all times and that there are not too many extreme fluctuations in your weight in terms of it going up or down
  • Avoid going on a yo-yo dieting
  • Eat a balanced diet that is rich in vitamin E and other important such minerals.
  • Ensure that you drink adequate water throughout the day.

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