12 Ways to Prevent Cancer

According to the WHO, 30-50% of all cancer cases in the world are preventable. Prevention is undoubtedly the most cost-effective long-term strategy for the control of cancer. This makes the need to raise awareness about avoiding the risk factors and causes a very critical component in cancer prevention.Apart from having an active lifestyle and eating nutritious food, a healthy lifestyle also means you need to maintain a healthy weight, avoid tobacco, limit the amount of alcohol consumed, and make sure your skin is protected from the harsh cancer causing UV rays.

+ Steps & Lifestyle Changes that help in reducing the Risk of Cancer

1. Do not Smoke or use any form of Tobacco.  2. Avoid Passive Smoking.  3. Maintain a Healthy Body Weight.  4. Be Physically Active.  5. Eat a Healthy Diet.  6. Limit Alcohol Intake.  7. Avoid Excessive Exposure to Sun and Ultraviolet Radiation.  8. Avoid Cancer-causing substances in the Workplace. 9. Reduce Exposure to High Radon Levels.  10. Favour Breastfeeding and Limit the use of Hormone Replacement Therapy. 11. Vaccinate Newborn babies against Hepatitis B and Girls against Human Papilloma Virus. 12. Take part in organized Cancer Screening Programs for Bowel, Breast and Cervical Cancer.

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