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DR. GEETIKA SRIVASTAVAMD (Dermatology and Venereology), AIIMSConsultant Dermatologist, Hair Transplant Surgeon & Aesthetic Physician

Skin Fasting

+ What is Skin Fasting?

Skin Fasting is a new Skin Care trend propagated by a Japanese skin and body care brand in the last that has emerged during the lockdown starting in early 2020. They say Skin fasting is helpful in -

  • Strengthening the skin’s natural protective barrier that is weakened by excessive nourishing
  • Normalizing the secretion of natural oils
  • Supporting the natural rejuvenation process

In the recent past the trend has gathered momentum and has become incredibly popular on social media, with many influencers and journalists trying out this unusual trend and sharing their experiences online.

+ Does Skin Fasting work?

The Skin is the largest organ of the body and has an inherent ability to take care of itself, when given the chance to do so. Fasting can be looked at as giving your skin a break as a preventive measure to increase overall health, vitality and resistance to disease. Fasting is not a proven process or something that can miraculously transform your skin in a snap, so stopping all skin care products including face washes and moisturizers is an extreme and not recommended. However Fasting does have a few good things that we can learn and follow like skipping your regime for a day or two letting your skin breathe and allowing it to 'Reset' itself, thus striking a balance.

+ Should you do a Skin Fast?

Skin fasting might not dramatically change your complexion, but it can give your skin a break and encourage it to take care of itself without the use of any active ingredients. However, giving up on your entire routine is NOT the best option for your skin. It’s best to have a discussion with your Dermatologist who can assess your complexion and its needs to decide if this would be beneficial to you.One easy way to try skin fasting is by streamlining your routine and doing away with any unnecessary steps that your skin doesn’t really need. It could be as simple as sleeping without a moisturizer for one night in a week.Some other ways to initiate a Skin Fast are -1. Make-up FastingIn my opinion, this is the first step towards skin fasting. Let’s fast from all the makeup that we subject our skin by practicing a week of 'No Makeup' to detoxify your skin.2. New Skin Care Regime FastingNot all products suit every skin type. Sometimes a new product might irritate your skin. That makes it quite logical to “fast “from one or all of the skin care products till the time your skin becomes normal.3. Withdrawal FastingSimilar to the new skin products, an original bad skin care regime should also be fasted from. It is best to consult a Dermatologist who would understand your skin type, your concerns and your activities and formulate a customized skin care plan.

+ What are the skin care products I should not be fasting from?

As a Dermatologist, there are a few skin care products that I advise one should never fast from.1. Sunscreen Lotion/Creams2. Moisturizers3. Face Cleansers and/or Face Washes4. Anti-Acne Skin Care Regime/Treatment prescribed by your DermatologistIt is important to note that during a skin fast, you should drink plenty of water, to stay hydrated from the inside, and, in the morning, wash your face using only water, so that you’re not stripping the natural oils from your face.Becoming dependent on products that give hydration, oils etc. lessens the natural maintenance system of your skin. Overuse of makeup and moisturizers also interrupts normal skin cell renewal that occurs naturally and averaging once every 28 days.To conclude, you can follow Skin Fasting, but not blindly. You should understand that our skin continues to function even when we are using lot of skin care products. If you are using a lot of new products on your skin, I recommend that you introduce start with just 1 or 2 new skin care products at a time to see how your skin responds.

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