What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is the swelling or inflammation of the paranasal sinuses on the face that is leading to the nose. A healthy paranasal sinus is filled with air whereas when they get blocked, fluid accumulation occurs which can become a breeding ground for germs that causes infection. There are mainly 2 types of sinusitis. They are acute and chronic sinusitis. Read on to understand the different types of sinusitis:

  • Acute Sinusitis: It is also called acute rhinosinusitis and is caused by inflammation to the inner lining of the nose and sinus cavity that blocks the ability to drain mucous from your nose. It is short-term and resolves on its own.
  • Subacute Sinusitis: This condition lasts for one to three months. It results from an incomplete treatment of acute sinusitis.
  • Chronic Sinusitis: It occurs when the spaces inside the nose and head are inflamed for more than 3 months and blocks the normal drainage of mucus from the nose despite taking treatment. This leads to a stuffy nose and requires antibiotic treatment to resolve.
  • Recurrent Sinusitis: It has several sinusitis attacks in a year.
  • Infected Sinusitis: This is caused by uncomplicated viral infection, less frequent bacterial growth, or fungal infection.
  • Non Infectious Sinusitis: This is caused by allergy or irritants that affect the easy drain of mucous from the nasal cavity.

Sinusitis Symptoms

Sinusitis is a condition that can be self-diagnosed. You can check for various sinusitis symptoms as follows.

  • Facial tenderness
  • Sinus headache
  • Cold
  • Fever
  • Stuffy nose
  • Bad breath
  • Experience pain in the nose, and ears
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Cloudy and discoloured and pus-like nasal discharge
  • Swelling in the face

Who is at Risk?

Certain health conditions can put you at a high risk of sinusitis. They are as follows:

  • Those who suffer from allergy
  • Hay fever
  • Those who have nasal abnormalities like deviated nasal septum, nasal polyp or tumours
  • Those with low immunity
  • Those who are HIV positive
  • Those who develop cold frequently

Sinusitis Causes

Sinusitis can be caused by an obstruction in the airflow to the sinus that interferes with mucus drainage from sinuses. The sinus opening will be blocked by allergies, cold, and tissue irritants like cigarette smoke, cocaine, and nasal spray. Other sinusitis causes include underlying disease conditions, tumours, dehydration, and lack of humidity, dry medications, and bacterial infection. The stagnated mucous serves as an optimal environment for bacteria, viruses, and fungi to grow in the sinus cavities. These microbes exacerbate sinus blockage and affect ethmoid and maxillary sinuses. All these are considered as sinusitis risk factors. Immunosuppressed and trauma victims may breathe in fungi from soil water during disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, or tornados. Eventually, this will grow and cut off blood supply to nose and eyes which can be fatal and require immediate surgical treatment.

How is Sinusitis diagnosed?

The sinusitis doctor will check for the different symptoms you have while examining your nose with an otoscope. It’ll help in the diagnosis of swelling, congestion, and infection. To confirm the sinusitis diagnosis, the doctor will recommend the following tests.

  • Nasal endoscopy
  • Nasal X-ray
  • CT Scan
  • Swab Test
  • Allergy Test

Based on the above-mentioned sinusitis test results, the doctor can prescribe medicines for sinusitis that will relieve your symptoms and even can stop the recurrent attack of sinusitis.

How is Sinusitis treated?

You can start Sinusitis treatment by consulting with a well-qualified and experienced ENT. An ENT will physically examine you and go through the afore-mentioned tests to prescribe the medicines based on the exact cause. You can check with your friends and relatives for any ENT nearby to your place. If you don’t have any such resource you can take help from Cure.fit, one of the leading health providers. They have their branches in all the main cities making it easy for access. You can simply log on to their website and search for the ENT specialist for a sinusitis cure. They have a broad panel of doctors specialized in different streams of medicine. Once chosen the right doctor in your locality you can book an appointment according to your convenience by sending a WhatsApp message. They will check for the concerned doctor's availability and revert for confirmation. In care. fit you can be assured to get a secure and appropriate treatment without spending even a penny extra unnecessarily.

How can Sinusitis be Prevented?

Currently, there are no vaccines developed for sinusitis prevention. However, as precautionary measure influenza and pneumococci vaccinations can be taken to prevent infectious sinusitis. If you are prone to recurrent sinusitis attack, an allergy test to identify the real cause of bacterial infection can be recognized and effective treatment can prevent the onset of sinusitis repeatedly.

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