What are Seizures?Changes in the brain’s electrical activity are known as seizures. These changes can often cause noticeable and dramatic symptoms. In some cases, there might be no symptoms at all. There are two major different types of Seizures that experts essentially know of:

  • Focal Onset Seizures – these are partial onset seizures
  • Generalized Onset Seizures – the different types within this are tonic-clonic, atonic and absence.

There is also a third rare type known as unknown onset seizures. This is what the experts know about types of seizure till now.Seizures Symptoms The Seizures symptoms occur depending on the different kinds of seizures that are there. The symptoms of different types may also occur in an individual at the same time. The common symptoms related to seizures across the different types have been listed below for your reference and knowledge:

  • Suddenly Feeling anxiousness or fear
  • Experiencing sickness in the stomach
  • Sudden Dizziness
  • Having a change in vision
  • Feeling a jerky moment or sensation in the arms and legs which may cause the individual to drop things
  • Experiencing an out of body sensation
  • Suffering from headaches
  • Losing consciousness along with confusion
  • Biting tongue
  • Grunting and other unusual noises

These are some of the common reasons for Seizures that people often experience. Who is at Risk? There are different Seizures risk factors that happen across the different types. However, experts have been able to identify certain possible risk factors related to the different types. We have mentioned them below for your understanding of the same:

  • Age is a factor as children and older people are more prone to this.
  • A family history of seizures also increases the risk factors in individuals.
  • Having strokes and other vascular diseases may lead to brain damage which causes a seizure
  • Certain infections in the brain increases the risk.
  • Someone who has experienced it as a child

Seizures Causes Seizures causes are very common and can happen from a plethora of different health issues. Anything that affects the body is also known to have an effect on the brain which might lead to seizure. We have discussed below for your understanding some of these causes in details:

  • Brain infection such as meningitis
  • Alcohol withdrawal
  • A brain defect which happens during childbirth
  • A brain injury that has happened during childbirth
  • Electric shock
  • Drug withdrawal
  • Fever
  • Head trauma
  • Having extremely high blood pressure
  • Choking
  • Drug abuse
  • An electrolyte imbalance
  • Epilepsy
  • Brain tumour
  • A stroke
  • Vascular abnormality in the brain

How is Seizures diagnosed? For Seizures diagnosis, a Seizures doctor will need to perform a certain number of Seizures tests to understand what are the reasons that are causing Seizure to happen in the first place. Due to this nature of the condition, there is no way for a doctor to know through any one test only. The doctor will first consider family history and if there are any events that may have led to seizure.Certain lab tests that will help a doctor rule out some other conditions that can cause a seizure-like activity:

  • A spinal tap which will help rule out infection
  • A toxicology screening to test for poisons, drugs and toxins
  • A blood test for electrolyte imbalances

How is Seizures treated? The cure for Seizures treatment depends on the cause behind it. Once the cause has been treated, we may be able to prevent seizures from happening in the future. The various treatments include:

  • Surgery to cure brain abnormalities
  • A nerve stimulation
  • A special diet which is also known as a ketogenic diet
  • The doctor may also prescribe some medicine for seizures.

Care.Fit, your friendly health care provider offering a variety of services for various health conditions. They some of the best neurologist from all over India to attend to any and all medical requirements. Their services are listed on their app and website. You should consider them if you are looking for a good Seizures cure.How can Seizures be prevented? Seizures prevention is not always preventable. But there are certain simple things that can be done by keeping some simple things in mind. Some of these have been mentioned below for your understanding and consideration:

  • Ensure that you get plenty of sleep
  • Make exercise a part of your daily routine
  • Ensure that you stay away from illegal drugs
  • Engage yourself in techniques which help in reduction of stress
  • Drink plenty of water and make sure that you eat only a healthy diet. Take the help of nutritionists if needed to help you devise a plan.

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